Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Hippo Must Die

Damn it, where did this enemy come from? The confused hippo scratched its head. Soon after, it saw the familiar figure appear from the end of the downhill path.

The enemy still held his novice sword awkwardly. However, the hippo felt something was different this time.

Of course, if anyone still had the courage to return to the battlefield after being killed 99 times, such as being killed by a slap 50 times, killed by trampling 40 times, and killed by being rolled 9 times, then he would inevitably remold himself.

"The 100th time..." After being killed by the green hippo 99 times, Yun Xi's eyes were set aflame.

This was the first time in his life that he fell into such a hopeless situation.

He was born in an ordinary village, had kind parents and a fervent, lively, and jealous childhood sweetheart. He never knew what "war" was. He hoped he could lead an ordinary life, but now, he tasted the meaning of "the terror of death".

And it wasn't once or twice, but a full 99 times!

With his stiff body holding onto the rusty iron sword, on a long slope not more than 100 meters long, was the first monster of the newbie trial - The damn green Hippo. It killed him so many times that he started to doubt the meaning of his life.

He didn't even get to see the view behind the slope, not to mention the sleeping beauty in the dark forest.

Yun Xi was getting angry!

He had never wanted to win so much in his life.

Especially the green hippo. It must die!

"Adjust... begin..." He relaxed his body, then started running.

Every time he stepped out, he felt his body becoming filled with energy.

It was the feeling of being alive, his heartbeat in time's clutches.

"Sniff sniff!" The green hippo who had killed Yun Xi 99 times opened its mouth and showed its sharp teeth. Taking the chance, it rushed over and slapped at Yun Xi.

"You have used the same move 99 times! Don't you feel bored?" Yun Xi shouted. He changed his movements as he knew the green hippo's actions, narrowly rolling to the side of the green hippo.

"Hoo!" The green hippo's big palm made a great sound as it cut through the air, sweeping above Yun Xi's head.

"A good chance!" It was the first time that Yun Xi escaped the green hippo's slap, as he directly moved to the hippo's back.

In front of his eyes was the green hippo's big ass and its small wiggling tail!

Without any hesitation, he brandished his sword. With his anger, the sharp blade slashed the green hippo's big ass.

"Hiss!" A red bloodstain appeared on the green hippo's big ass. It was the first time Yun Xi hurt the green hippo since their 100 battles.

As a 3rd-ranked creature, the green hippo was a giant monster with thick skin, but it could still be hurt by sharp weapons. It was still a creature in the normal range of attacks.

However, the sword wound was only half a finger deep. It was just a small wound and was still far away from seriously injuring the green hippo.

"Boom!" This time, Yun Xi saw the green hippo's third attacking method. As its fat ass sat down and hit him, he already got knocked away while holding his sword. He then fell down on the ground while vomiting blood.

His hundredth challenge failed.


Beside the bonfire, Yun Xi has revived again. He laughed as he gasped.

"Master, are you alright?"

"Shouldn’t you rest for a while?" Mei'er looked at Yun Xi worriedly, who she thought was a little out of mind.

"No. I just find living itself is already a luxury." Yun Xi stretched out his hands and looked at his stiff body, which was so similar to his true body.

Perhaps, to use such an uncoordinated body to challenge the 3rd-ranked green hippo would indeed be painful. However, the battle before was already the greatest battle achievement Yun Xi had ever gotten and now, he had proved that this seemingly 3rd-ranked green hippo wasn't an unbeatable enemy.

Even with this stiff body and this iron sword, he could still challenge this monster.

Human beings after all had instinct, and while this monster had a different kind of intelligence, it was nothing like a human's.

As long as the bonfire and sword existed, Yun Xi had a chance. He was certain that he would defeat this green hippo.

Again! The hippo must die!


The 121st try!

Yun Xi's courage increased as the combat progressed. He continually rolled and brandished his sword, as stabbed the green hippo's back twelve times.

The green hippo's skills included continuously slapping, suddenly rolling, and ass attacking when it found him behind itself. He knew all of these skills.

Now, once the green hippo shrugged its shoulders, he would know the next was its slapping; once it wriggled its waist, the next was its deathful rolling; once it stuck up its ass, the next was its ass attack.

"I'm not afraid of you!" After dodging towards the hippo's blind side and stabbing the hippo's body for the thirteenth time, Yun Xi was very sure that the goddess of victory had smiled upon him.

*Sniff sniff!* The green hippo couldn't image how such a weak enemy could suddenly have learned a series of combat skills such as continuous roll and backstab.

It could only be explained as "Between life and death, there is great terror." Anyone would naturally burst forth with his potential when he came face to face with death.

Moreover, it wasn't one or two times that Yun Xi had to meet with death. It was over 120 times.

Death was the best teacher. Everytime Yun Xi died, he would also learn something about the attack method of the monster hippo.

Finally, at the 120th time the changes of quantity caused a change in quality. From the 120 deaths, at the 121st try, Yun Xi saw through all the attack methods of the ferocious green hippo.

Not only that. When the hippo used its triple attack with its ass again, he smoothly lured the stupid hippo to the side of the big tree beside the slope and planted his deadly sword three times into the hippo's body while it continuously knocked the big tree.

Neck, waist, back... this was Yun Xi's trial. Three quick slashes toward the three respective weak spots... every time it hit, the sword left behind a cut that went deep to the bone.

This was the decisive blow, the strike that would bring Yun Xi victory.


Sword marks covered the green hippo's body, as it toppled over and dyed the slope in red.

"It's dead?"

After seeing the green hippo's body bleed out and topple over, Yun Xi realized that the battle was over.

He won... Had he really won?

After escaping the slap of the green hippo ten times, the rolling of the hippo three times, the ass attack fifteen times, and giving it twenty backstabs; the seemingly unbeatable green hippo was finally killed by Yun Xi.

A hand-sized green light flew out from its giant broken body and went into Yun Xi's body.

After absorbing the green light point, Yun Xi's body became more flexible and was not as stiff as a zombie.

The first mission of the novice trial accomplished!

The hippo had been killed!

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