Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 793

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Chapter 793: Heart to Heart

On this day, all the creatures in the desert were in a state of panic.

One giant scorpion after another, which live on the edge of the desert and only climb out of their nests at night, flee from their habitat in a panic before dawn and rush towards the edge of the desert.

Scorpions, large and small, fled to the desert periphery in a panic.

These powerful hero ranked demons seem to have sensed the coming of some kind of disaster, and they have gone mad.

Soon after, the ground began to rumble and vibrate. Sandworms, who appeared in the field of Desert Dragon Zaka, the underground overlords who caused great trouble to the Starwings Knights, also appeared.

These monsters are not different from the scorpions who love to live near the desert. A rare group of them rushed out of the desert and fled to the desert periphery.

Soon after the giant scorpions and the overlord sandworms escaped, there was an army of more small and medium-sized demons. Basically, all the creatures living in the desert began to migrate.

Finally, there were even figures of human desert tribes. They did not have the keen perception of the magical creatures in the desert, but when they saw the army of demons running away, everyone knew that things were wrong.

It was two people in the middle of the desert who caused all this.

"It's all your fault... I almost overslept. " Red Dragon Zaka, whose hair is still moist, has just taken a bath, and her snow-white skin is still flushed. She complains about Yun Xi, who made her unable to sleep well last night.

"Er... wasn't it you who did... last night..." Looking at the face of Red Dragon Zaka, Yun Xi showed a helpless expression.

Obviously, it was she who suddenly hugged him, and then licked him and finally made the situation out of control.

"It's all your fault, it's the root of human nature!" Red Dragon Zaka has her hands on her hips. It is absolutely impossible for her to do that! She has no memory of that kind of thing!

If I refuse to... cough, don't remember, of course, it doesn't exist!

When she came to her senses, Yun Xi had already done this thing and that thing to her, which she was so ashamed to remember.

Up to now, there is a taste in her mouth. The taste of Yun Xi.

"Ok, ok, I see. It's all my fault. " At this time, Yun Xi deeply felt the inequality between men and women, as well as the great difference in sensibility and rationality between the two sides.

With such a red dragon princess who always loves to attack at night, he can't sleep well in the future.

But he couldn't even escape. He couldn't watch Red Dragon Zaka die.

"Yes, it's your fault."

"So, come and cooperate with me." Tie up her long hair, and Red Dragon Zaka looks triumphant.

It's not bad to have such a sweet morning.

"The ultimate skill is a move that requires us to work as one and have the most perfect cooperation."

"I will fully cooperate with you, and you should fully cooperate with me, just treat us as one person." Stepping on the high heels, Red Dragon Zaka tries to stand on her tiptoes, trying to stand at the same height as Yun Xi.

Of course, she failed. She ground her teeth and began to regret why her height was so short that even the high heels can't save her.

"I see." Looking at her, Yun Xi's heart is melting, quietly lowering his body.

"Yes, that's it. Imagine." Red Dragon Zaka hits Yun Xi's forehead and falls into a strange state.

Yun Xi can feel at that moment, Red Dragon Zaka is totally open to him, without any precautions.

If he wanted to, now even pull out the Starwings and give her a fatal blow, she would not have any ability to fight back.

What an innocent child! Yun Xi sighed.

For two days and two nights, he had known everything about her body.

The shyness of kissing, the trembling of being touched, the smoothness of skin, and the passion of licking him.

She is a proud red dragon princess, but when she opens her heart, she becomes a sweet, soft and lovely dessert.

Sometimes he would think, if Hua Huo was raised by a princess since childhood, would she be the same as Red Dragon Zaka?

She loves to show off, and seems very difficult to approach, but as long as you really understand her, you will know that she is very afraid of loneliness, very want to be accompanied.

Once you get her heart, you will get her everything.

"Imagine that we are no longer two people, but one."

"Our will can change everything."

"Even if we are enemies of the world, we will not be separated."

"Let the enemy see our strongest ultimate skill!"

Red Dragon Zaka, clinging to Yun Xi's forehead, is full of self-confidence and full of love. Maybe only she doesn't realize this.

Is this ultimate skill to use force to hit the opponent, or to make the opponent envious and jealous to psychological disorder? Yun Xi, with Red Dragon Zaka's fingers clasped, suddenly had such an idea.

The Silver Spiral began to appear in Yun Xi's imagination. This time, with the full support of Red Dragon Zaka, he saw it more clearly and seriously.

The first line appears. The silver-white line extends from a point, but it is not a straight line, but moves backward in a fixed track, making a uniform circular motion.

So is the second, third, and fourth line that follows.

With a point as the tip, the four spiral lines continue to accelerate, and then accelerate, finally showing an incredible aesthetic feeling.

It's a structure that keeps moving forward and spinning, like the truth of the world.

Then a red ball appears, which is the Dragon Roar Wave core from Red Dragon Zaka.

The sacred crimson light, the Dragon Roar Wave that never appeared before, began to take shape.

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