Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 791

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Chapter 791: Culture


In the morning sun, Red Dragon Zaka and Yun Xi run hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, in the empty desert at full speed.

Unlike yesterday's run, which was completely dominated by Red Dragon Zaka, this time she was working with Yun Xi's speed to slightly reduce her non-human explosive power.

Compared with Red Dragon Zaka's unreasonable running speed, Yun Xi's running has both the steadiness of the Hard Body and the elegant feeling of the Soft Body.

Maybe it can't be compared with Red Dragon Zaka in simple speed, but it is better in turning skills and grasping the center of gravity.

Yun Xi is excellent, and this is what Red Dragon Zaka, who started trying to keep pace with Yun Xi, discovered.

That "excellent" does not mean physical fitness. No human can compare with the dragon in physical fitness.

What's great about Yun Xi is that he can move at anyone's pace.

At first, Yun Xi caught up with Red Dragon Zaka when she broke out in an unreasonable sprint.

When Red Dragon Zaka began to try to cooperate with him, he began to guide Red Dragon Zaka's steps so that both of them could make full use of their advantages.

After running together for about an hour, he guided Red Dragon Zaka to learn how to stop, turn, and even retreat at high speed.

Because of her extraordinary physical fitness, Red Dragon Zaka has never thought that running alone has so many advanced skills, and never thought that one day she would be taught these seemingly ordinary but useful skills.

It's really an excellent learning ability. Yun Xi is very pleased to see that Red Dragon Zaka, who started to cooperate with him, learned these skills very fast.

The dragon clan is indeed the ultimate creature.

How could he know so many things? Red Dragon Zaka looks at Yun Xi with unbelievable eyes. When she really puts down her prejudice and looks at him, she could discover that he has many secrets.

The god weapon she saw only once when she was dying.

The talent that can learn Dragon Roar Wave at a glance.

And these running skills that she didn't even think about.

He must be a monster amongst human beings, right?

"Well, let's start the rehearsal of the battle." It took about half a day for both of them to find the most suitable running rhythm.

When sprinting in a straight line, with the help of Red Dragon Zaka's unreasonable explosive power, Yun Xi will give the leading power to Red Dragon Zaka, and let her drive to run with him.

For the jump that needs turning or complex steps, it is handed over to Yun Xi.

This kind of practice greatly deepened the tacit understanding between the two people.

Later, as long as Yun Xi's fingertips tremble, Red Dragon Zaka will know when to run and when to stop. Yun Xi only needs to feel the look of Red Dragon Zaka, and he will take over the leading power and launch his multiple turning skills.

Last night's intimate contact let the two people grow up, whether it is their relationship, or synchronization rate.

"What kind of attack are you good at in your human posture?" Yun Xi asks Red Dragon Zaka.

"Claws, lunges, blows, and bites." Red Dragon Zaka answers without hesitation.

This is really the answer to the character of red dragon. It is all the moves of tearing the opponent. Yun Xi thinks about how to cooperate with Red Dragon Zaka. This is also a test of the skills he learned from Casina the Battle God.

The Hard Body is in line with Red Dragon Zaka's appetite.

Well, try it.

"Next, let's move in this way..." Yun Xi did not consider the result of teaching the secret of the Hard Body and began to teach Red Dragon Zaka the Hard Body's fighting skills.

"Hum, humans also have good fighting skills." Red Dragon Zaka is very satisfied with the fighting style of the Hard Body.

That's right. No matter what the situation is, her fighting style is just two words - critical strike!

Red Dragon Zaka does not have the word "defense" in her dictionary, whether it is dragon claw, dragon roar, or bite.

The skills of the Hard Body is very situated for Red Dragon Zaka.

This kind of fighting skill, which transcends the limits of human flesh and blood is very suited with Red Dragon Zaka's taste.

She learned the three secret skills of the Red Steel Genre, "Lava Breathing", "Lava Skin" and "Red Steel Blood" in an instant.

Yun Xi looked at Red Dragon Zaka who learned the three secret skills in only a quarter of an hour, he couldn't help sighing for the masters of the Red Steel Genre.

The difference between humans and dragons is incomparable.

The physical quality of the Dragon is really foul.

"Good, good, my hands are burning!" Red Dragon Zaka raises her arm, which shows the red lines representing the highest level of Lava Skin.

This secret skill was originally used to simulate the talent of the giants, so that they can have strong skin that will not be hurt even if they go deep into the lava zone. It is the basic secret skill for the Red Steel Genre to cultivate all the life.

For Red Dragon Zaka, who is born to swim in lava, she learned this secret skill effortlessly and directly entered the highest level.

With three perfect secret skills, the following culture is naturally completed in one go.

"Inflamed!" What Yun Xi exerts is a thunder explosion that compresses the force of Qi and blood, while Red Dragon Zaka exerts a red flame explosion from the blood of the red dragon!

"Thunderbolt!" Yun Xi was not idle. Almost at the moment when Red Dragon Zaka released the crimson fireball, the Thunderbolt that compressed the force of Qi and blood also blew out.

The power of the secret skill that the two people jointly perform is not as simple as one plus one, but is integrated with each other, and the power is increased to more than ten times of the normal secret skills!

Flaming Thunderbolt, this is the name of the first combined move developed by the two people.

"Good. Human skills are not bad." The move that satisfies Red Dragon Zaka is enough to prove the power of this combination skill.

Maybe it's not as good as the Lava Breathing, but it costs less. She and Yun Xi can blow out hundreds of Flaming Thunderbolt at once!

The energy of the dragon is really foul!

Seeing the effect of this secret skill, Yun Xi also had to admire it. With the support of Red Dragon Zaka's essence, it turned into a common skill.

Thunderbolt is a forbidden skill that can be released only after the huge force of Qi and blood is extracted and compressed.

However, the dragon people don't even have to blink their eyelids when they used this secret skill.

The combination of the dragon's terrible body talent and various forbidden skills developed by human beings is more terrifying than Yun Xi imagined.

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