Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 758

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Chapter 758: The Wedding of the Blood Moon (12)

It is also the battle of the dragons, however, the battle between Desert Dragon Zaka and White Moon is quite different.

Ice Dragon Zaka and the Queen of Assyria are more like wizards, the Frost Dragon Teeth and the Blood Moon Blade are typical long-range attack weapons.

But the battle between Desert Dragon Zaka and the black flame demon bug is like diamond cutting diamond.

White Moon stepped her barefoot onto the body of the black flame demon bug, dominating the sixty-nine most dangerous demon bug in the starry sky. Two black tentacles turned into huge black flaming whips, which severely bombarded the huge body of Desert Dragon Zaka.

"Roooaaarrrrr!" The dragon scales, which are invulnerable to fire and water, are burned with two black marks. Desert Dragon Zaka lowers her head and directly hits the head of the black demon bug.

Compared with the nearly 50-meter body of Desert Dragon Zaka, the black flame demon bug, which is only about 10 meters long, looks small and exquisite.

However, the power of the bug doesn't depend on body shape.

In other people's eyes, ants that seem to be able to trample to death with one foot can easily lift objects more than 400 times their own weight, while it's far from the strongest amongst all insects. Some beetles can lift objects thousands of times their own weight.

The appearance of the black flame demon bug seems to be more inclined to longicorn. This is a kind of insect known for its absolute strength and super strong crustacean. After countless times of evolution, its power has become more terrifying.

Even the Desert Dragon Impact, which was strong enough to smash the towering mountains, didn't make the black flame demon bug retreat. Instead, it took the initiative to rush up without fear. It used its hard head and the extremely different body size of Desert Dragon Zaka to fight head-on.

The forces of both sides collided with each other, and then fought, making the ground emit a huge wail, forming a large-scale earthquake.

Numerous spider-web-like cracks spread from the place where the two giants collide. Visible shock waves swept the land, and countless gravel even flew to the sky, forming small mushroom clouds.

All the hot sand burst out and even formed a storm!

This is a natural disaster. It is created by the giant dragon and demon bug. It is enough to make the human species extinct.

If the battlefield had deviated from the Royal City, the whole city would have been buried in this spreading earthquake.

"Trachoma, storm!" Desert dragon Zaka has never felt that she is in such a good state that the magic in her body almost forms a huge wave.

Stepping on the desert land, she did not step back, even if she was facing the black demon bug, whose strength was stronger than her own. Instead, she turned all the strength of the desert into a part of herself.

Four sand eyes are suspended at the same time. This strange magical creation turns this land into a landscape of endless yellow sand. As long as the battlefield is located in this desert area, Desert Dragon Zaka has no reason to lose.

In contrast, the black flame demon bug is not supported by any external forces, but the Zerg creatures are natural invaders, and they are used to any harsh environment when they fight.

The worse the environment is, the more it can stimulate the evolution factors of Zerg.

Two long black whiskers transformed into an antenna-like structure and began to absorb the force of the blood moon from White Moon's body.

The dark black compound eyes of the black demon bug also brought a trace of crazy blood color.

Evolution starts!

Direction: fury, bloodthirsty, crush!

Even the power of the abyss can be used by it. This is a kind of fighting race that can be consumed and used by any power in order to conquer, kill, and become the strongest race.

There is no such thing as depravity because this black flame demon bug is a complete fighting machine, the king of destruction!

After absorbing the power of the blood moon, the body of the black flame demon bug became more and more huge, and the blood-colored lines similar to the curse of the Queen of Assyria appeared on the exoskeleton tissue.

Pollution, start!

The ground on which the black flame demon bug trod began to twist and transform, and countless strange runes spread out.

Without thousands of years of wisdom and skill accumulated by her mother, the Queen of Assyria, the tactic White Moon chose was to fight with more strength than her opponent.

It's immature, but it works directly.

After getting the power of the blood moon, the black tentacles turned into a bloody whip, which pounded on the back of Desert Dragon Zaka.

Being attacked by black flames, the dragon scales of Desert Dragon Zaka were eroded, and the bloody lines immediately began to invade the body of Desert Dragon Zaka.

"Hey!" With a roar, Desert Dragon Zaka's four trachomas, which dominate the desert territory, rise at the same time.

Sandstorm, break out!

Innumerable gravel covered the sky and swept the body of the black demon bug. At this time, the chance to win depends on who is crueler to herself, who can bite teeth to hold on.

No one will retreat!

No one will let it!

You have black tentacles, and I have trachomas.

If you are afraid, you lose!

Look at me, Shaheen. This is my persistence!

"If it goes on like this, the world will be ruined." Standing at the boundary between the two battlefields and looking at the two earth-shaking battlefields, Yun Xi sighed.

Starwings, what should I do?

Sure enough, I have to fight. If they continue, not only the Royal City, but the kingdom will be doomed.

Even if I know that there will be unpredictable consequences, I can only use it.

Once again, open the door of taboo.

Yun Xi doesn't know what is behind the door, but he has an instinctive sense of crisis about the thing behind the door.

However, Yun Xi has no choice.

In order to save the world, to solve this huge crisis, the power of the Starwings is necessary.

"Cat, open the door for me." He closed his eyes and Yun Xi sees the elegant and mysterious cat again.

She exists and she doesn't exist.

She wasn't dead, she wasn't alive.

Numerous legend ranked strong beings hated the cat, but they were crazy looking for the existence of the cat, or the proof of its nonexistence.

Jumping in the infinite world line, the result is determined by observation, and the observer is determined by the result.

In Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword, it's the most magical and unpredictable factor.

The Starwings made a joyful sound of swords, and the door, once closed by Yun Xi, was opened again.

Yun Xi is ready to wait for the burning sun wings to come again.

However, after opening the door this time, it was not the pair of sacred golden and red wings, but the breath that Yun Xi had not touched.

Soft green wing gently stretched out, and then wrapped Yun Xi's body.

It's the breath of endless life.

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