Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Lucky Black Hair

"Hello, what perfume are you using? It smells good. Tell me, no matter how expensive it is, I will save money to buy it!"

No, that thing doesn't exist. I have never used any perfume in my life.

"Who made this maid's uniform for you? Is he an artistic master in the Western God's Domain? Why can't I identify the uniform's materials? Tell me who, Mei."

Unfortunately, I don't know whose masterpiece it is. Hua Huo said that it was the greatsword maid's legacy, perhaps it really has an unusual origin.

"Your skin is so soft. How did you nourish your skin? Look, my skin is so rough. Sigh, why is the gap between different people so wide?!"

Sorry. I don't know why my skin suddenly become snow-white. I remember when I practiced the limit practice, my skin had been left with many scars.


"Oh, Mei!"

"Little Mei!"

Girls really easily got familiar with one another. As long as they accepted you, they would treat you well with all their hearts. At first, as an outsider from the Western God's Domain, they wouldn't accept him so easily. However, it looked like the Killing Princess's maid's uniform had a natural glamour. No matter what your race, gender, or identity was, no one could resist it.

At first, the female candidates were also divided into two camps just like the male candidates. However, "Mei" was like a panacea. After she came, the two female camps naturally combined into one.

Every female liked beautiful things. After seeing the shy and nervous Yun Xi, their maternal instinct was aroused. Therefore, after Yun Xi joined them, the two female camps stopped opposing each other and he also naturally became the center of their attention.

He did nothing, but naturally attracted everyone's attention. After wearing the Killing Princess maid's black uniform, he had become so cute and eye catching.

Oh, gosh, were girls really such noisy creatures?

Yun xi was in a daze as he looked at the several female swordsmen surrounding him and being as noisy as thousands of ducks.

It wasn't at all as he had imagined. He had thought that girls would be more gentle, soft, and sweet like white sugar. Well, that was excluding Hua Huo. After all, she was his childhood sweetheart that could slay a dragon alone.

"Mei, which nearby town were you born in? You must be tired after travelling from the Western God's Domain."

"Come here. There is a chair."

Yun Xi felt dizzy. He hadn't said anything, the girls had clustered around him and let him sit on a green flower chair, which was wrapped in beautiful roses.

"Mei, how old are you?"

"Sixteen years old." After sitting down, Yun Xi finally made some time to reorganize his thoughts. It looked like he was welcomed by both the noble girls and civilian girls?

"How about the test? Do you think you will be admitted to the Sword Palace?"

"Even if you can't pass through the Sword Palace's test, that's not a problem. My family is related to the Heaven's Road Palace. How about going to join their entrance test?"

"Compared to males, we female swordsmen are naturally less favoured towards practicing sword skills. If you can't get into the Sword Palace, then the Heaven's Road Palace is also a good choice."

Yes, this was a fact in the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, especially for mortals where males had a natural advantage in practicing sword skills. Whether it was strength, speed, or explosiveness, in most cases, males were better than females. Female swordsmen could only focus on practicing their speed and flexibility.

In the past, Yun Xi felt that Hua Huo was the perfect sample of female swordsmen. She could even defeat the five Tiger Generals by using her Flying Swallow Sword! That was perfect proof. Of course, Yun Xi had known that Hua Huo couldn't be simply described as "a girl who has amazing flexibility". She had gone far beyond the realm a mortal could reach! She slayed the male fiery dragon and fought against the Red Lotus Holy Virgin face to face, so that couldn't be...

"I... I should have no problems," Yun Xi took a deep breath then organized his thoughts, trying to pick suitable words, "Because I have reached the 2nd rank now."

The female swordsmen lapsed into silence for a while, then they exclaimed at the same time.

"The 2nd rank? Mei, are you joking?"

"You're already a 2nd ranked swordsman? The world really has another genius like Hua Huo!"

"Oh, gosh! Mei, how did you do that? You're even stronger than some generals!"

"You're so strong, yet you have such delicate skin and a slender body... Wu wu wu, I also practiced very hard, but why do I only have more muscles?!"

Their exclamation wasn't without reason. A 2nd ranked swordsman was already able to be an army's general. Even the strongest girl amongst them had just reached the peak of the first rank. It was not easy for females to improve themselves. Only a few female swordsmen could reach the 2nd rank before eighteen years old.

Hua Huo had already reached the 3rd rank and received the Sword Palace's invitation, but she was simply a monster-like genius in these girls' eyes! Monster-like... Hua Huo... As these girls opened their eyes wide and gazed at Yun Xi, Yun Xi also smiled bitterly and looked at them.

Hua Huo wasn't even simply a 3rd ranked female swordsman.

If a person reached the 1st rank, that person was already able to be regarded as a genius. It was already very lucky if a small town produced a 1st ranked swordsman every few decades.

If a person reached the 2nd rank, that person was able to be a core member of the army and would be regarded as a prospective general.

If a person reached the 3rd rank, for example, the five Tiger Generals, they were the top-level commanders in the army. They were also the top-level martial masters that ordinary people could see.

There were higher ranks, but to the people who lived in the sword handle area of the Sword Domain, that was beyond the limit they could reach. Therefore, as a 2nd ranked swordsman, he had been regarded as a monster-like genius in their eyes.

"Mei, please do me a favor."

"Oh, me too!"

"Oh, right. Mei, please grant my request!"

After realizing that Yun Xi was probably the strongest person in the female swordsmen camp, the noble girls and the civilian girls all put their palms together devoutly, praying to Yun Xi.

"What?" Yun Xi was at a loss what to do after seeing their behavior.

Was this some satanic ritual?

"Please, give me a lock of your hair!"

"Me too!"

"One! I just need a lock of your hair! I will make it into a lucky charm!"

There was a tale in the whole Sky Sword God's Domain. Before you took part in an exam, if you could obtain a black strand of hair from the strongest and most beautiful girl, then you could successfully pass through the exam. However, as mortals, most of the female swordsmen were not that strong and were still at the first rank when they took the test. Therefore, most of the time, they couldn't find any people who fit the bill.

However, now, Yun Xi was the person who fit the bill in their eyes.

The strongest 2nd ranked female swordsman.

The most beautiful girl.

Besides, she had the most beautiful black, straight hair!

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