Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 692

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Chapter 692: Second Zaka

"That damned prince broke my defense with only one blow."

"The Starwing Knights didn't follow the rule of single combat and attacked me together!"

"Humans are too outrageous!"

Zaka transformed into a human form and cried about what she experienced when she ran to the human world, and despised those who didn't obey the rules.

The fight between dragons is always one-on-one. It's a shame for dragons to fight in groups.

Powerful dragons never need to rely on numbers to fight. They basically crush their enemies all the way.

What? Desert Dragon Zaka also summoned desert worms in the battle? They were similar to the parasites on the scales of giant dragons. In Zaka's eyes, they couldn't be counted as help.

"Ha ha, elder sister, you are too weak."

"In this way, the great mother will cry."

"You bring disgrace to the name of Zaka."

The eggs of different colors laughed at Zaka together.

Their names are all "Zaka". In the Dragon language, it means "the shadow of the dragon". They are the descendant of the great emerald dragon, and each of them had the power of different dragon attributes.

The firstborn was Desert Dragon Zaka, who has the power of "dust".

The second was Ice Dragon Zaka, who has not yet come out of the egg and has the power of "ice and snow".

The third Fire Dragon Zaka has the power of "flame".

The fourth and the last one was Black Dragon Zaka, who has the dual attributes of "darkness" and "corrosion"!

They are the four kings of the world, and the stronger they are, the longer they will stay in the egg before being born.

Desert Dragon Zaka was the first in birth order and she had been raging on the mainland for a long time, and she was responsible for most of the bad reputation of dragons.

And the second Zaka, Ice Dragon Zaka was about to be born, therefore, the dragon camp would soon have two real dragons.

As for the third, Fire Dragon's birth time was still uncertain, and the fourth dragon, Black Dragon Zaka's birth was far from certain.

Even so, human beings had almost been defeated by the evil dragon camp. If not for the prince Yun Xi and the Starwing Knights, this continent would have been the territory of the giant dragon.

As the first sister, Desert Dragon Zaka had always been the most enthusiastic about invading the world. Unfortunately, the attack on the capital failed, and she had to flee back to the dragon's nest and be laughed at by her unborn sisters.

"I didn't lose, it's just a strategic retreat, retreat!"

"I can recover from such little wounds after a few days!"

"Then, I will go back and kill them all immediately!" As the eldest sister, Desert Dragon Zaka never admitted that she lost and fled.

"Don't explain, sister, that's all right."

"I'll break my shell and replace you as the strongest of the four heavenly kings!"

"Without Little Red and Little Black, I can solve the problem alone!" The dragon egg, the second "Zaka", the incarnation of ice and snow sent out a sharp declaration of War, "Human beings are not worthy to be the opponents of dragons."

"This world belongs to us dragons."

"Even the proud queen has become the gatekeeper of our dragon family now."

"Only us dragons can rule the world!"

As the "Zaka" bred by the Original Giant Dragon, she had strong confidence and ability.

Compared with Desert Dragon Zaka, as an ice dragon, she had a more terrible control ability. Her ice field can completely turn the world into a world of ice and snow. All the creatures entering this field will be frozen.

It seemed that the Original Giant Dragon, the emerald dragon was very satisfied with the announcement of Ice Dragon Zaka. The knife-shaped green light hanging on the emerald dragon's head fell down and touched the blue dragon egg. That was the grace and blessing from the Original Giant Dragon.

"Whoa... my elder sister's dignity... " Desert Dragon Zaka drew a circle on the ground with an aggrieved look.

I'm the first Zaka! I'm the one who attacked human cities and let them understand the stateliness of the dragon race.

Why was she born the earliest, thus becoming the weaker one? She was clearly the elder sister, but she was destined to be outdone by her younger sisters.

How could it be!

It's not fair!

It's all the fault of that damn prince!

My injury will be cured in about two days. Then I will go to the city again and kill everyone in the city!

Anyway, human beings are just insects. They all should die!

In the palace, the young Queen of Assyria looked curiously at the female officials around her.

What do they want to do?

Why does everyone look at her pitifully and sympathetically, but dare not say anything?

I'm so happy, why do you look at me with such an expression?

This body can move freely, enjoying the warm sunshine and fresh color. She was not even willing to sleep, she just wanted to look at the world more times.

"Cough... Princess... Princess White Moon... " The head of the female officials looked at the little princess who did not know what fate she would have.

There are some things we can't do without telling her.

There are some fates that she has to bear.

Even at the age of 12, as the protagonist of the wedding after three days, those things are inevitable.

"Well, the prince asked me to come to class. What class is it?" The queen looked at the officials with innocent eyes.

I don't know what class it is, but I was asked by everyone - Yun Xi.

"Yes... the class for the common sense of the wedding night." The female official's expression was complex, but she had to fulfill her mission.

This mission had never been fulfilled by the female officials of all kings, because they had no chance to contact the mysterious queen at all.

Only in this generation, they had to teach the 12-year-old Princess White Moon about things that would never be taught in textbooks.

About the responsibilities of the queen on the wedding night.

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