Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 687

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Chapter 687: Hua Yue's Suspicion

"Yes, she is my bride."

"The only queen of the kingdom."

In fact, what Yun Xi wanted to say was "the immortal queen of the kingdom".

However, this secret can't be told to others. In the entire kingdom, only the kings, the augurs in charge of the ceremony, and the prince who would inherit the kingdom could know this secret.

The criteria for choosing the prince was not strength or bloodline, but the "faith" to perform Knight duties and the determination to marry the young queen under the blood moon.

"Why it would be such a small child..." Hua Yue had never been so shaken in her heart.

Everyone knew that the kings needed to marry a mysterious queen.

However, the mysterious queen would only appear in front of the nobles and people at the wedding.

In addition to the wedding day, the queen, it was as if she didn't exist at all. No one knew where the queen came from, why she must marry the king, and why she would disappear after the marriage.

There were too many unknowns, but after thousands of years, people were gradually accustomed to this strange custom.

People even imagined that there may be some special agreement between the tribe where the queen came from and the kings.

The so-called marriage ceremony, after thousands of years of evolution, had become a kind of sacrifice for the kingdom.

No one had ever seen the true face of the mysterious queen. After the wedding, the queen would never fulfill any of the queen's duties or show her power nor have any opinion on the king's numerous lovers.

Except for the day when his majesty ascended the throne, people almost didn't realize that there was always a queen in this kingdom.

The nonexistent queen - this was the common name for the mysterious queen, because the queen's sense of existence was too low.

Including Hua Yue, everyone also regarded the queen who would only appear at the wedding for one day as a story, just like the jewel on the king's crown.

In the recorded history, no matter which wedding, the mysterious queen will only appear on the wedding day, and then disappear without a trace.

Many people doubted whether the queen was just a mascot, or was whether her existence really existed?

Now, Hua Yue knew that no matter what happened to the previous kings, the girl the current king, Yun Xi was going to marry, was not something that didn't exist nor was a mascot.

Here she was, chasing butterflies and running in the sun, showing a happy smile.

It seems that just chasing the butterflies in this way, could make her feel satisfied from the bottom of her heart.

Why would it be her?

Never heard that the prince had known such a girl, who is obviously underage!

No! I came first! Hua Yue bite her teeth and a feeling of pain nibbled at her heart little by little.

It's so cunning. She's never been around the prince, but is going to occupy the nearest position beside the prince and surpass everyone.

She surpassed everyone of the Starwing Knights!

They all joined the Starwing Knights with some special expectations.

Everyone knew that the life of the king was not long, and the prince would soon ascend the throne.

Anyway, the queen was just a mascot. Even if she would appear at the wedding, she would soon disappear.

In this way, everyone has a chance. Even if they can't become the "queen", but the king can have many lovers. It's acceptable to everyone in the Starwing Knights.

The king would have a queen, but he would only have babies with his lovers. This already became a tradition of the kingdom after thousands of years.

Why? Why did the queen really appear this time?!

She wasn't being tightly wrapped in a black wedding dress and maintained silence.

She walked in the sun, wearing a lovely and light black princess skirt, chasing colorful butterflies, pure as a child who knows nothing about the world.

Considering her age, could the kings marry...

No, her height is obviously lower than that of the recorded queens!

Hua Yue shook her head and drove this ridiculous idea out of her mind.

The queens who appeared in the Moonlight Sacrifice had amazing similarities.

Silence, reticence, and never show their true faces. Hua Yue couldn't connect any of them to the lively and lovely young girl in front of her at all.

"Prince, is she really the legendary queen?" Even though he had previously explained it, Hua Yue still had great doubts, or jealousy, "Do you like her?"

This issue was very important, not only for Hua Yue, but also for the whole group of the Starwing Knights.

"Well, she's the queen indeed, though we haven't finished the wedding yet."

"Do I like her... well..." This time, Yun Xi couldn't give a simple and clear answer.

After all, it was really difficult to say that he liked such a little girl!

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