Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: Huge Harvest

After returning to the palace of stars, Yun Xi lost himself in the warm, sweet taste of White Lotus's lips.

At the last moment when the starlight wrapped Yun Xi, it looked like White Lotus realized something. She kissed him fiercely and didn't part from him until the last second.

After that summer and meeting that big sister, it was the first time that Yun Xi was at a loss after being kissed. He was so puzzled.

"Master, you did well!" Before Yun XI returned to the earth, the cute star spirit Mei'er kissed him again. In the palace of stars, she kept her human form but didn't do anything special that was different from what she did when she was still in her golden, little dog form. She was always so ebullient regardless of where she was and what moment it was.

After his face was full of Mei'er's saliva, Yun Xi finally got a free moment to check what he had obtained in the trial.

The first were the souls. A great number of souls.

Taking the green hippo that Yun Xi had encountered before as a basic unit, the souls he obtained were about 16 units, which meant that they were equal to 16 hippos. Most of the souls were from the stone soldiers he had killed in the third district.

The next were his fighting spoils. Although he couldn't bring them out of the trial world, but the 3rd-ranked units Yun Xi had killed all offered him weapons.

The five tiger generals offered him five refined long lances,and the 3rd-ranked stone soldiers on the bridge also offered him a big heap of swords, lances, and halberds. However, his toughest enemy, the archer in red, only offered him a refined longbow - which made Yun Xi sigh for this strongest archer's poverty.

Finally, the most valuable part came.

Childe Si Nian offered his dark blue two-handed heavy sword. Unsurprisingly, it was made by the Thunder Army in the Western God's Domain and was obviously more advanced than the sword Yun Xi obtained in the first district.

Childe San Quan offered him his strange fan sword. It was made in the Satsuki Sword Domain and was called the "Spirit Bird Fan Sword". It was a high-level spirit weapon which could be used by a priest, swordsman, and alchemist, and if necessary, its five fan blades could combine into one and become a Taoist sword.

The last of the last, the famous swords which were handed down from age to age by Childe Si Nian's family, the Crane Wings Twin Swords. They were made the god-like craftsman successor Ou Ye Zi and had grown into super spirit weapons after thousands of years.

The first characteristic of the Crane Wings Twin Swords: The more talented their owner was, the more power the swords could display.

The second characteristic of the Crane Wings Twin Swords: Flying Crane Wings. When they were forged, they were mixed with some super materials from the Eastern God's Domain. They were as light as air and existed side by side. Even if you were a mortal, you could still use it to display some sword skills such as Flying Sword.

The third characteristic of the Crane Wings Twin Swords: The sword spirits. As time went by, two sword spirits had been born inside of the twin swords, and only the swordsman who could master his heart, could hear the twin swords' voices and master their power.

The extra characteristic of the Crane Wings Twin Swords: The twin swords could only be used by a man but not a woman.

The current state of the Crane Wings Twin Swords: A standard godly weapon.

It deserved Hua Huo's favour. Its characterizations had made it above the level of all the other weapons. It was the first godly weapon Yun Xi had ever seen.

The most valuable part was that the godly spirit weapon could even be used by mortals!

If it wasn't because Childe Yun He couldn't display the power of the twin swords fully and was too arrogant, Yun Xi wouldn't even have gotten through the third district.

Other than these weapons, the third district also offered Yun Xi dozens of green crystal fragments, which could be used to strengthen his weapons. However, what disappointed Yun Xi was that these green crystal fragments couldn't be used to strengthen the Crane Wings Twin Swords. It seemed that they needed more advanced gem fragments.

After obtaining the Crane Wings Twin Swords, Yun Xi didn't think that he needed any other low-level weapons and the equipment he obtained this time were all weapons. Therefore, it seemed that he didn't need to use these green crystal fragments temporarily.

The last reward was to choose one of the seeds that the stars offered, which was what Yun Xi was eager for. Unlike the weapons, these seeds could be used to strengthen Yun Xi himself and provide a high growth rate.

Hua Huo's seed, which Yun Xi had obtained in the newbie trial, had allowed his combat power to go through a great change within a few days. This time, there were three seeds waiting for him to pick from. Except for Hua Huo's seed, they were the strongest three seeds Yun Xi had ever seen.

The first seed was from Childe San Quan. Childe San Quan's seed could let him master Taoist skills, alchemy, the Five-animal Sword Skill, and a skill called Quick Thinking which allowed him to think three times faster than ordinary people. It was quite a good seed. Compared to the green hippo's seed which could only offer him strong power, this seed was more comprehensive, and the skill "Quick Thinking" was incredibly strong.

If you could think three times faster than ordinary people, it was the equivalent of giving you three times the usual study time. No wonder that Childe San Quan could learn the knowledge of a priest, chemist, and swordsman at the same time.

The difficulty to merge the seed: Normal.

The affinity of the seed: Normal.

The predicted merging time: three months.

It was quite a mediocre seed and could be regarded as a typical representative of 3rd-ranked elites. If Yun Xi was in a situation that needed power immediately, it would be a good choice.

The second seed was from the mysterious archer in red. The archer's seed was named "The Eidolon Archer's Seed'. It specialized in Act Alone and Snipe. It could let its owner to master Spiral Arrow Skill, Double Arrows Skill, Seeker Arrow Skill, and Shocking Arrow Skill.

Special Ability One: Eagle Eye, which allows the user to snipe his enemies from four miles away by using a tailored longbow.

Special Ability Two: Heart Eye, which was learned from practice and actual combat, and could let the user master the current situation. Even if there was only 1% possibility that could turn the tide in a battle, this ability could let its user grasp that opportunity.

Special Ability Three: ??? Not awakened. It was an extremely strong and mysterious ability and could be provoked in some special situation.

Bloodline Godly Weapon: ??? Not awakened. It is supposed to be a bow, but still unknown.

The difficulty to merge the seed: High.

The affinity of the seed: Excellent.

The predicted merging time: Three years.

"Whoa. This is... terrifying..." At first, Yun Xi thought that Childe San Quan's seed was already very great, but if he compared it with this seed, it was just waste. This was also the first time that Yun Xi saw two "???" in the description of seeds - except for Hua Huo's seed.

If referring to Hua Huo's power when she fought with Red Lotus in the ultimate tall tower, this archer in red had great potential. However, why did he have excellent affinity with an archery career? It was the first time that he had seen this seed, but the stars told him that he had excellent affinity with it.

Finally, Yun Xi moved his eyes to the last seed, which had made his heart palpitate with excitement. This wasn't the first time that Yun Xi had seen this seed. However, compared to the last time he had seen it, the description of the seed contained more information this time.

It was the seed of the strongest genius in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, the twin witches.

White Lotus and Red Lotus's seed.

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