Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 628

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Chapter 628: Information Errors

Magic is the embodiment of wisdom, it can not tolerate any mistakes. For the apprentice magicians, they need to give their whole attention to the release of any magic.

Once a magic model is wrong, magic regurgitation could easily kill them.

This kind of thing never happens to the witches.

Once they are born and have opened their eyes, they are naturally immersed in the sea of mana, naturally learn how to absorb the mana from the air, and naturally resonate with their Witch Bloodline.

Witches would never be exposed to "magic regurgitation". Even if their magic was forcibly interrupted by an enemy, it would only deplete their mana but wouldn't cause any damage to their bodies.

Not only that, when witches are in high spirits, the power of their magic would increase significantly because of the blood resonance effect.

If they were facing a desperate situation or if their emotions were in an extreme state, the magic they could release would even be far beyond the limit of their rank.

In the history of Witch God's Domain, there was a mortal ranked Witch who performed a legend ranked magic spell because of crushing despair. On the night of her marriage, a war broke out and she lost her lover, she opened the Door of the Taboo by offering herself as a sacrifice in despair.

Overnight, monsters emerged from that door and ruined the entire country.

This was the power of the Witch Bloodline.

That was why Lancelot, Mordred, and Alexander all cheered for Rose before they went hunting monsters.

As long as Rose was in high spirits, her magic power would rise sharply. Even if there were ten green hippos, she could easily handle them.

"Well, this green hippo is dead!" By looking at Rose's proud face, Lancelot knew that there wouldn't be an accident this time.

A mutant green hippo is nothing in front of Rose when she is in such an excited mood!

About three hours later, they arrived at their destination, a corner of the wilderness in the sword body area.

"Splash! Splash! " The seawater beat against the uneven rocks, stirring up froth all over.

Yun Xi sat alone on a coconut tree about ten meters tall, looking at the "Knights and Magic" team that had been ambushed hundreds of meters away.

Like the most standard formation in the textbook, the three Knights protected the little witch in a triangular formation. No attack from any direction could surpass the defense of the three.

As for Rose, she was meditating with her eyes closed. Only then could Yun Xi really feel that this little witch was not a spoiled young lady, but an excellent hunter who had experienced all kinds of battles with the three knights.

There were no wars in the White Lotus Sword Domain. Therefore, exploring the sword body area, hunting monsters in the wilderness, or searching for treasures were the most common tasks of the adventure teams in this remote sword domain.

When Yun Xi was a child, he also occasionally dreamed of such a free life, but the reality is, that the mortal world does not need such a strong adventure team. the people who had this strength usually went into the military or became the gatekeepers of big families.

Only in the sword tip area, did these teams with extraordinary strength have meaning for any existence.




From the sea, there was a sudden, unnatural noise of bombs.

"It's coming! Get ready, let's perform Plan One!" Lancelot took a deep breath and grabbed a white pebble up from the beach.

The huge figure of the green hippo emerged little by little from the sea.

The green hippo was taller and stronger than Lancelot's sketch. Its skin was covered with patterns that ordinary green hippos didn't have and the giant stone club in its hand was mosaiced with many strange crystal fragments.

"Strange. It's not the same as in the intelligence report?" Alexander frowned. The green hippo's information provided by the Hunter's Guild was very different from what the real green hippo was they saw with their own eyes.

"Looks like this guy's a little bigger than we thought." Mordred compared her two-handed sword with the height of the green hippo and affirmed that the green hippo was absolutely over four meters tall, much larger than what they were told.

"The situation has changed. Let's perform Plan Two." It was very common that problems arose during hunting, and Lancelot was naturally prepared for this.

Anything could happen in the wilderness. It wasn't surprising to meet a hero ranked monster when a team was hunting a common monster in the wildness.

At least, even though the green hippo's size got bigger and its weapon looked stronger, it was still a green hippo and hadn't become anything else.

As long as it was still a green hippo, Rose could kill it. Her attack power was far beyond the mortal rank and approached the hero rank.

The original plan was to lure the green hippo into the trap and then let Rose attack it with her Magic Missile. Now the plan has changed.

"I'm going to attract the green hippo's attention. You take Rose back." Lancelot rushed out without hesitation and threw the white pebble at the green hippo from a hundred meters away.

The effect of the white pebble was instant. The green hippo was provoked and burst into a rage and rushed towards Lancelot at a roaring pace.

"Combination." Lancelot used an incredible way to assemble her sword and shield into a strange hammer.

"Ha!" With flexible steps, Lancelot rushed to the angry green hippo and skipped around to the green hippo's back.

"Boom!" The green hippo hit the ground with the stone club, making a big hole in the ground and splashing numerous gravel about.

Lancelot firmly grasped the hammer in her hand, swung it and gave the green hippo's body a powerful hammer blow!

"Bang!" The hammer struck the green hippo's thick skin and made a muffled sound.

"No! The hammer can't hurt it" Lancelot dropped the hammer directly and pulled out a bayonet from her waist and rolled over on the ground.

The green hippo held its giant stone club in both hands and slashed at her.

Lancelot dodged the attack and held the bayonet specially made for armor-piercing, instantly piercing the green hippo's body like dozens of swords.

The attacks were still ineffective. There were only a few white spots on the green hippo's thick skin, which couldn't be found without careful observation.

"Roar!" The green hippo roared, and the sand around it was in an explosion, it rose and floated in a circle in the air.

"Mortal ranked physical attacks are invalid!"

"Rose, use your biggest Magic Missile!"

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