Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 609

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Chapter 609: Widespread Reputation

"I have died in the past, who will know my name and life story?"

"I was lost in the unknown, who will know my place?"

"My heart has gone to nirvana, who can seek for its trace?"

"My disappearance is already doomed, but I shall never stop."

"The disaster hasn't been ended, and will last forever in eternity."

"My fear, my tears, and my heart is empty."

"I am nothing, I am void, I am ash, I am desolation."

"The gods have died, the twilight is coming. As the light is still shining on the ground, I return from eternity!"

"Code Name, Alpha, the supreme god of the Mechanus God's Domain!"

When Alpha appeared, the girls around Hua Yue were all shocked. They watched the silver-haired god's appearance and listened to her affecting song, but couldn't find any appropriate words to describe their feelings.

The alchemist's crystal ball perfectly sealed the god's voice inside it, and anyone who heard the song could feel the charm it contained.

"This crystal ball is so perfect! The song sealed in other duplicates is also good, but they can't be compared with the original version."

"No matter how many times I listen to it, I couldn't feel bored. It's amazing!"

"That god named Alpha is also very powerful. Most devices of the Mechanus God's Domain will lose efficacy after being taken into other god's domains, but she created this crystal ball by combining the power of magic and science to spread Qian's singing."

"I never expected that someone could sing such a miraculous song. When I first heard it, my whole body couldn't stop trembling."

Ah, I'm sorry, it was used to save the world, so it's really not a normal song. Yun Xi helplessly looked at the girls who were still intoxicated from the song.

When he stepped onto the stage, he never expected that this scene would be recorded and spread all over the endless god's domains.

But it wasn't his fault! He just accidentally entered the Mechanus God's Domain, he was a quantum ghost!

After singing the song, Alpha's figure appeared again. Her eyes seemed to cross the endless stars, staring at the far away void.

"I'll find you."

"Wherever you are."

The two short sentences represented the determination of a supreme god.

"The creations of the Mechanus God's Domain can't work outside the Mechanus God's Domain" was originally an iron law of that Domain, but now, Alpha's god power had changed it.

The mass-produced crystal balls were made by Alpha, they were the crystallization of wisdom, science and mystery.

Alpha manufactured thousands of crystal balls and used her god power to seal Qian's singing into them. After that, she also made millions of duplicates by inputting the song into cheaper crystal balls (of course, the quality of the sound would slightly reduce in these cheaper crystal balls) and sold them to the endless god's domains.

Anyone who heard the song would be attracted and buy one.

As a result, the Mechanus God's Domain had received innumerable additional orders. Even with all the alchemists in that Domain starting to make crystal balls from dawn to dusk, they would need three years to complete all the additional orders.

The crystal balls that held the recorded song of Qian's, had become the largest foreign trade order of the entire Mechanus God's Domain. It also made more people know Alpha's name, not limited only to the people who paid attention to Star Go.

The Mechanus God's Domain always maintained a semi-closed state in the past, now, because the birth of their supreme god, Cyber Elf Alpha, the entire god's domain began to enter a new era.

These crystal balls spread from the Mechanus God's Domain were the opportunities for change brought by Alpha.

Of course, she didn't care at all about it. She made these crystal balls just for a simple reason.

She wanted to find "Qian", in other words, "the Master of Star Go".

As for why the crystal balls used to find Qian eventually became the most popular products in the endless god's domains... it was just an accident that even Alpha herself didn't expect.

At first, she sent out the crystal balls for free, but soon, the Mechanus God's Domain received a bunch of invitations from other gods, all of which were about the trade requirements of these crystal balls that recorded the singing of "Qian".

In this way, the crystal balls became a kind of super-hot product, the scene happened in this classroom had appeared everywhere in the endless god's domains countless times.

No... I'm done!... After discovering the origin and development of these crystal balls, Yun Xi could only sigh with regret.

Even in this remote White Lotus Sword Domain, people could buy the crystal balls that recorded Qian's singing... it was too shameful!

When he imagined how many people had bought and watched the crystal balls, Yun Xi only wanted to cry.

Alpha, you're going to make me die! Whoooooooh.

"Mei, don't you think this girl named Qian is somewhat similar to you?" Hua Yue said and looked at the figure in the crystal ball with a smile on her lips.

If it wasn't for this reason, she wouldn't’ve bought this limited edition crystal ball.

"2012" was the serial number for this crystal ball, representing that it was the "2012th limited edition" made by alchemists.

Now collecting these numbered crystal balls had become a fashion in the endless god's domains. It was said that even some gods were looking for them.

This was the charm of "Qian" and the miracle created by the three Water God's priestesses.

"No, not at all!" Yun Xi resolutely denied Hua Yue's question.

The girl in the crystal ball has nothing to do with me!

Let this black history forever be a black history!

The truth should be buried in history forever!

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