Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 592

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Chapter 592: Connections (2)

Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver's fingers crossed, they connected their threads with Yun Xi's body nervously.

Soon, their faces turned red and their feet were shaking slightly. Finally, they collapsed together on the ground and covered their skirts with their hands.

"This... This..."

"Very bad... Ah!"

Almost the same whimper came out of the two beautiful girls' mouths, as pink appeared quietly, touching on their snow-white skin.

So far, all Planet Quadrant Computers had fallen into the pleasant feeling of connecting.

Yun Xi found that it was hard to tell about his sufferings. He was not a Planet Quadrant Computer, how could he have the so-called "direct connection" ability?

But the truth was, Eternal Green, Eternal Blue, Eternal Red, Eternal Gold and Eternal Silver actually connected directly with him!

Therefore, Yun Xi saw their past and present lives.

The first was "Star River", the Planet Quadrant Computer that located in the central star field of the Mechanus God's Domain, who was also the first Planet Quadrant Computer Yun Xi had met, the confident young girl whose code name was Eternal Green.

Her birth symbolized the first contact of the Mechanus God's Domain to the realm named "quantum". After many upgrades, her computing power was always the strongest amongst all computers.

Her database recorded all the historical changes of the Mechanus God's Domain.

All kinds of intrigues, tricks, betrayals were faithfully recorded in her database. As the first Planet Quadrant Computer, she had seen too many ugly aspects of human beings, and naturally she didn't like humans.

General Lorton wasn't the first who tried to use nuclear weapons. Even looking at the numerous plans recorded in Eternal Green's database, It was hard to accept that the people in the Mechanus God's Domain had made so many plans to exterminate themselves.

Perhaps that was why Eternal Green was so cynical.

Compared with her, the second Planet Quadrant Computer, the "Garden" system in the northern star field was more stable.

After learning from the experience of building the first Planet Quadrant Computer, "Star River", humans built her in a militarized zone in the northern star field.

Yes, Eternal Blue was built by the military, most solar wing systems were under her control.

Her betrayal was a real lethal blow to humans. She controlled all the "Mech" in the Mechanus God's Domain, her betrayal directly cut off the sharpest blade in human's hands.

More than 90% of "Mech" were placed in the northern star field, fighting against the Star Beasts that occasionally invaded the Domain.

The strongest Mech may not be as destructive as nuclear weapons, but their speed and maneuverability were far stronger than nuclear weapons. The Mech carrying nuclear weapons were the strongest force in this Domain.

However, these complex war machines were all equipped with the subsystem of the Planet Quadrant Computers, otherwise, their own computing power wasn't strong enough to support them to fight alone in outer space.

After the awakening of the Planet Quadrant Computers, Eternal Blue took over the military's supreme force directly, which was one of the greatest factors for the Star River nobles to become desperate.

Without the help of the Planet Quadrant Computers, how could human drivers control their Mech’s alone? Eternal Blue looked mature and kind, but in fact, she was the absolute fatal blow to humans.

Compared to Eternal Blue, the planet Eternal Red was on was the center of arts and culture of the Mechanus God's Domain. Her Planet Quadrant Computer "Saya" recorded almost all cultural works of the southern star field.

Eternal Red was the perfect image in the minds of many artists and writers.

Pure, innocent, unaffected by the darkness of the society, like an angelic girl.

Finally, there were the Gemini Planet Quadrant Computers, code-named "Double Stars". They were the latest models established. Their respective computing power might be inferior to Eternal Green, but when they calculated together, they were the fastest computing system, carrying half of the computational complexity in the Domain.

Together, they dominated the entire quantum network and controlled the power, agriculture, water conservancy and logistics channels of the entire Mechanus God's Domain.

As long as humans dared to fight against Alpha, they would collapse the transportation, logistics and even agriculture of the Mechanus God's Domain.

In the highly developed society of the Mechanus God's Domain, no one still grew their own fields, people left all the work to the Planet Quadrant Computers, there were Planet Quadrant Computers who provided human beings with a variety of food and raw materials.

What human beings were good at was cooking, farming had long disappeared in the history of the Mechanus God's Domain.

Without the food provided by Planet Quadrant Computers, people couldn't even feed themselves. They were accustomed to being looked after by computers. If they lost their computers, they couldn't even survive, not to mention to fight against Alpha.

After browsing the database of all Planet Quadrant Computers, Yun Xi once again confirmed that his choice was correct.

There was no need to use weapons at all. As long as all Planet Quadrant Computers shut down, the social order of the humans would collapse within seven days, and half of them would die within a month.

This was the situation in the Mechanus God's Domain. People who relied too much on the power of Planet Quadrant Computers could no longer adapt to society without the support of Planet Quadrant Computers.

Is such a world normal?

In the Sky Sword God's Domain, people still lived a self-sufficient life. Most people didn't even leave their houses and go more than 100 kilometers away in their lives, only a few people would travel to other god's domains through star bridges.

Compared with the Mechanus God's Domain, the civilization in the Sky Sword God's Domain seemed too old.

However, in the ranking of "seven towers", the Sky Sword God's Domain was only inferior to the legendary Kunlun God's Domain amongst all god's domains.

There were seventeen legend ranked Sky Swords in the Sky Sword God's Domain, however, there was only one god in the Mechanus God's Domain, Cyber Elf Alpha, a new god who was just born not long ago.

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