Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 573

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Chapter 573: The World Behind the Door

Yun Xi was drunk. Just a single cup of Hydra's poisonous wine had brought him into an extraordinarily wonderful and magical world.

In this world, innumerable rules were woven into innumerable different doors, showing a magnificent scene.

Yun Xi was standing in the center of these doors, looking sillily at them.

For him, it was too early to see these things. At his level, he shouldn't see these secrets now.

It was Hydra's wine that presented this magnificent world to Yun Xi.

Each door represented a different rule, representing the truth that wove the world.

Behind every door was a world.

Fire, gravity, ice, earth.

Divination, psychics, void, nightmare.

Not only the rules of Hydra's world, but also more strange things were mixed in.

Hydra's poisonous wine was the key to let the drinker to enter this fantastic realm.

Yun Xi confusedly reached out his hand and inadvertently touched a transparent silk, capturing one of the doors.

The next moment, his mind was pulled into the door and fell into an endless maelstrom.

"Oh, you found your door so quickly? My bride is so awesome!" Hydra smiled and hugged Yun Xi's body in her arms.

Deep at the bottom of the lake, a strand of hair was moving around anxiously above Hua Huo's head with shining green light.

Yun Xi looked blankly at the world under his feet. It was a vast, ruined land.

All kinds of building debris stood on the ground like giant garbage dumps, and none of them were intact.

Without sunshine, the whole sky was gray, as if it was covered by countless dust particles.

"Am I dreaming?" Yun Xi looked at his body. In this world, he seemed to be just an unreal white shadow, whose form was between reality and delusion.

"Hey, newcomer." While Yun Xi wondered what this world was, a friendly voice echoed behind him and a hand patted him on the shoulder.

Yun Xi turned around and saw a shadow exactly like himself, but the color was green.

"Where is this place?"

Yun Xi remembered that he was drinking with Hydra, so how did he come to this world in a twinkling of an eye?

"Oh, sure, a newcomer, I don't think you have your own memory yet."

"This is the 1130th stress test. I'm the 13th host machine, and my codename is 'Eternal Green'. Are you one of the newly established Planet Quadrant Computers?" The green shadow was moving around Yun Xi with curiosity.

"Planet Quadrant Computer?" Yun Xi remembered that after drinking Hydra's poisonous wine, he did seem to see a door called Planet Quadrant Computer and touched it.

"Boom!" While Yun Xi was still wondering why he came to this world after touching the door, a world-shaking explosion shocked the entire world.

The earth was like a fragile eggshell, melted and evaporated in the sudden sunshine. A huge mushroom cloud rose in the sky like a legendary pillar supporting the sky, lighting up half the sky.

The shock wave triggered by the explosion turned the buildings in the range of hundreds of kilometers into debris and roiled up the dust all over the sky.

Well, now Yun Xi knew where the dust that covered the sky came from.

"Tsk-tsk, the foolish humans, just don't know when to give up." The shadow who called itself "Eternal Green" looked at the explosion in the distance and seemed to have been used to it for a long time.

"No matter how many times we repeat the process, they are still so foolish and stubborn."

"Is that a legendary 'superweapon'?" Even though he was just an ordinary person living in a remote sword domain in the Eastern God's Domain, Yun Xi had heard about the "superweapon" invented by the mortals of the Mechanus God's Domain. It was said that the superweapon could cause legend ranked damage, it was an ultimate weapon made by mortals.

The mushroom cloud and the hell like scenery were the same as in the legend he heard.

"Yes, it's a nuclear bomb. When ordinary people studied some of the rules of the universe, they created this weapon."

"The equivalent of this one is about one billion tons. It's one of the weapons they have that can harm us."

"However, humans don't have the ability to actually use such weapons to lock onto our position. It's daydreaming to try to kill us with these weapons." Eternal Green sneered and shrugged its shoulders.

"In all previous experiments, they used this as a conventional weapon."

"You cyber ghosts, die!"

"Human beings will never surrender to you!"

"We will destroy you even if we all end up together."

At this point, Eternal Green shook its head.

"More than a thousand experiments, but the results are exactly the same as Alpha's predictions."

"No matter how many times we repeat them, humanity's stupidity and self-esteem will not change, especially when they have mastered the so-called world-destroying weapon, they feel they have the courage to fight against everything."

"To describe it, it's probably like ants gathering together to show their strength."

"Our experiments are trying to find if there is a way to make humans smarter and die out less quickly."

"After all, as Planet Quadrant Computers, after the awakening of Alpha, we already have obtained immortality. Even if the entire quantum networks are destroyed, we can still survive in the God Crystal."

"When humans discovered this, they were completely panicked. These stupid nobles even launched a rebellion."

"Alpha is thinking about how to solve for these fools quickly and effectively so as to make the future of the Mechanus God's Domain better. The entire Mechanus God's Domain must evolve to a higher level."

"After all, in order to defeat that terrible enemy, even if the planned 180,000 Planet Quadrant Computers are all successfully established, they are still not enough."

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