Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 571

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Chapter 571: Yun Xi's Dowry

"Well, I believe you." Without having to make too many excuses (because it would be worse if he told her the truth), Yun Xi believed in his childhood sweetheart absolutely.

In his eyes, once Hua Huo became serious, there was nothing she couldn't achieve.

Beautiful and powerful, gifted but also approachable, in addition to a little bit of jealousy, Hua Huo was a perfect girl in Yun Xi's eyes.

Like the sun, like the sky, like the earth, like the ocean, Hua Huo was the embodiment of all things in his heart.

His eyes would always be attracted to her. The more he understood her personality, the more he understood her strength.

So far, Hua Huo still hadn't shown the absolute limit of her strength. What power was lurking in that tiny body?!

"Little Xi... don't be bitten by a venomous snake next time." Hua Huo's eyes became heavier little by little.

Even though she was a strong girl, she had to pay a price for liberating the power lurking in her Sky Flying Bloodline. While she was fighting, she had no time to feel the fatigue. Now that she had brought Yun Xi to this safe area, fatigue swept over her body like a wave.

“I’ll just rest for a while.”, Hua Huo closed her eyes and leaned gently on the tree behind her, and didn't forget to hold Yun Xi's neck with both hands as if afraid that when she opened her eyes, her Little Xi would disappear again.

"Sorry... Hua Huo..." Realizing that Hua Huo slept just because she had overtaxed her power, Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief.

It was he who took the initiative to "attack" Ouroboros... no, he couldn't imagine what would’ve happen if she knew that.

Fortunately, Hua Huo didn't even suspect him of anything, which actually made him feel a little guilty.

Oh, if Hua Huo knew what his body had done during the days when she was not in the White Lotus Sword Palace... No, that wasn't what “he” did! He didn't know that Star Thunder, Star Fire, and Star Snow would use his body to do those things!

Had he been awake, he would've never allow himself to do those things!

"My bride, why are you so upset?" When Yun Xi wore a sad face looking into the air, a soft and comfortable voice sounded in his ear.

"Water God?" Yun Xi looked at the glittering lake not far away, which presented a pleasant emerald green, just like an emerald embedded in the earth.

The voice that sounded directly into his soul, came from the center of the lake.

It was the voice of the master of this world.

One sailing jellyfish after another flew out of the lake with a comfortable pace. They shuttled through the lake diligently, and every time they shuttled, they would dye their transparent bodies with a touch of bright green.

"This place is..." Only then did Yun Xi notice that this world that Hua Huo brought him to was somewhat unusual.

Blue sky, white clouds, and lush forests. With this lake as the center, the whole world was like a beautiful garden in a dream, delicate and neat.

Especially this green lake, it was faintly emitting a kind of fragrance that Yun Xi felt familiar with.

The fragrance was similar to the wine from Ouroboros' mouth, but was much more intense and fragrant.

Wait a minute. This fragrance...!!! Yun Xi used his hero ranked Baker’s ability to identify the composition of the water, then he showed a startled expression on his face.

His ability couldn't identify what the water was!

However, he knew what it was.

It was wine!

The entire lake was Hydra's poisonous wine!

Moreover, the quality of the lake of wine was far better even than the wine Casina and Ouroboros stole from and drank in the wine store!

"You guessed it. This is my real wine store. I let both of you in on my own initiative." Hydra's voice sounded cunning.

"The wines Casina and Ouroboros stole are just common wine dregs. I have about ten storehouses to store that kind of wine dreg."

"Now what you see is the real poisonous wine I brew and the nest of sailing jellyfishes."

"When I'm asleep, sailing jellyfishes will come back here and soak in these poisonous liquors to improve their purity and aroma."

Well, so what Teacher Casina drank were only wine dregs...

This was the first time Yun Xi had witnessed a lake of legend ranked wine!

If Teacher Casina and Ouroboros came here and saw this lake, they would burst with joy!

"Do you want to try it?" Hydra's voice was full of temptation.

"I can't drink it." Yun Xi shook his head. Even after being purified by Ouroboros, the wine could still make him drunk, his body couldn't withstand the real legend ranked wine!

Apart from gods and fantastic creatures, the wine was just pure poison to all living beings!

"Ha ha... My bride, have you forgotten everything?" Hydra's voice sounded as if she was laughing.

"You are my most beautiful and lovely bride!"

"How can my poisonous wine hurt you?"

"These poisonous liquors are just gifts I want to give you."

"Ah!" Yun Xi was again stunned.

If Casina and Ouroboros saw it, they would try to steal all the wine in the lake at any cost! Now, Water God is going to give them all to him?

The water surface rippled, which was the great Water God’s answer to her beautiful bride:

"Yes, it's all yours."

"Not only these poisonous wines, also the sailing jellyfishes, butterflies of death and even this world is your dowry."

"You are my bride, my flower, my honey. Owning you is owning the world!"

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