Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 556

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Chapter 556: Two Colors

Yun Xi sniffed and analyzed the bouquet in the air.

As a hero ranked baker, he could judge all kinds of food, including wine. After all, there was also wine bread such as Red Wine Bread and Rum Toast.

However, because people in the White Lotus Sword Domain didn't like to eat bread mixed with wine, Yun Xi hadn't really made this kind of bread before.

Ingredients: Wine brewed from an unknown liquid, highly poisonous!

Level: Unknown.

Brewing time: Unknown.

Effectiveness: Very horrible poisonous wine, no hero ranked beings can drink. Not for humans.

He couldn't analyze out too many things. The only thing he knew was that this kind of wine was extremely poisonous and could poison millions of people with a single drop.

If you made bread with this poisonous wine, he could easily kill any hero ranked person.

After drinking such a poisonous wine, Ouroboros could still struggle to look for water. Are all fantastic creatures' bodies so strong?

"Gu... Ah... " Ouroboros uttered a tearful groan and still murmured, "Again... one more drink!"

"Good... one more drink!" It seemed that Casina was jubilantly pouring wine for the dying Ouroboros.

Yun Xi curiously controlled the mist, flying to the end of the mountain, which was actually the location of Ouroboros' head. Not surprisingly, he saw Teacher Casina and an unknown woman there.

Although he had never seen this mature woman, who wore only a transparent robe on her body, Yun Xi subconsciously knew that she was one of Hydra's best friends, the real body of the mountains under their feet: Ouroboros.

Her whole body was wet and under the wet robe, her beautiful body was clear and distinct. The wet hair sticking on the skin made her look more charming.

Her eyes looked as if there were broken stars flashing in her pupils. Although her face looked feeble, her appearance showed a decadent beauty.

In her hand, she was holding a glass of bloody wine, and she was trying to drink it.

At this moment, she was so drunk that she couldn't even hold the glass of wine. She splashed most of the wine on her fragrant, smooth, round, firm, snow-white and delicate peaks.

The bright red poisonous wine dropped on her snow-white skin, it looked like a magic painting that Yun Xi could barely break his eyes away from.

"Whoop... What a waste..." Ouroboros looked at the poisonous wine falling onto her breasts, she directly pulled open her robe and gently stretched out her tongue, licking the liquor that hadn't yet completely fallen down from her skin.

The poisonous wine that could kill millions of people shone brilliantly under Ouroboros' fragrant tongue, the "beautiful scene" was so seductive that Yun Xi didn't know where to look at at this time.

On the opposite side of Ouroboros, Casina was also drunk. Although she was not as drunk as Ouroboros, her flushed cheeks revealed her hazy state.

Her brown slender legs had long been free from the hindrance of shoes and socks. On the round and beautiful toes and the bows of the feet, there were full of bright red wine.

A few drops of bright red wine fell from Casina's lips to the instep of her feet, attracting Ouroboros' eyes.

"Wine..." Ouroboros licked her lips and kissed Casina's smooth ankle.

Casina's beautiful toes, soles, foot arch... as long as they were stained with wine beads, Ouroboros licked them all clean and didn't let go of a drop of wine.

Looking at the beautiful bare feet, Yun Xi's heart suddenly beat faster.

"You're too drunk... Ouroboros..." Casina drank another glass of poisonous wine without batting an eyelid, then kicked Ouroboros with her toes.

"Let me... die..." Ouroboros sank down beside Casina's ankle with a lifeless look.

Even with such a decadent look, her body still naturally emitted a seductive charm.

"Hot..." After drinking another glass of poisonous wine, it seemed that Casina had also reached a critical point of her drinking capacity.

She stabbed her sword, "the Sands of Time" into the ground, Casina shook her head and was going to take off her clothes to dissipate heat.

Anyway, they were in Hydra's secret wine store, apart from her and Ouroboros, there were no other people.

"Ah!" Yun Xi stared at Teacher Casina skillfully taking off her clothes.

Why are you so skillful?!

Compared with Ouroboros' morbid state, Casina's skin showed a different beauty, healthy and flexible, moreover, she had a pair of long legs that could make anyone envy.

Looking at the snow-white skin and brown skin, the world in Yun Xi's eyes suddenly became blurred, and he vaguely heard a slight laugh from nowhere.

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