Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 552

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Chapter 552: Expulsion

Holding Yun Xi (who was totally flabbergasted) in her arms, Lilibet held the Sword of Order and walked to Golden Crow Princess, gently pointing the sword tip on her forehead.

"Go back to where you come from."

"Forget the things that happened today, little Sun Princess."

The next second, everything began to rush, as if lost time was suddenly released from its cage, countless visible fragments exploded and blasted around Golden Crow Princess!

"I'll be back!" She made a terrifying roar, and her whole body was absorbed by the fragments and disappeared little by little from the battlefield of gods.

This was "expulsion". Her body was returning to where she came from under the guidance of Lilibet's power.

This was also the last step in the sacrificial ceremony, "sending the god away". However, the performer was replaced by Lilibet.

Golden Crow Princess couldn't resist the rules of the sacrificial ceremony, so that Lilibet could drive her away by a brandish of her sword.

In the face of the guardian of the Sky Tower, the young Golden Crow Princess finally paid the price and was taught a lesson.

Lilibet used her method to tell her that "power" wasn't everything. There was a great distance between them in the use of their own powers.

"Thank you. We should leave now also."

"I'm afraid that our little princess will make a tremendous row after returning to the Kunlun God's Domain." The two fantastic creatures who also came from the Kunlun God's Domain, Yinglong and Bifang stopped hiding and appeared in front of Lilibet. They bowed to her and then disappeared from the battlefield of gods again.

As the guardian of the Sky Tower, Lilibet protected the orders of the Sky Sword God's Domain from the age of the Twilight of the Gods. She deserved their salute.

Her age was even older than most of the fantastic creatures in the Kunlun God's Domain, and she had begun to guard the Sky Tower before the Sky Sword God's Domain was formed.

If it wasn't because she had to follow an unknown rule, protecting the Sky Tower and the Sky Sword God's Domain, she would have been able to become a real god long, long ago.

Amongst all Sky Swords, she was probably the most special one. She never interfered in the daily life of the Sky Sword God's Domain. But once anyone dared to break the order in the Sky Sword God's Domain, she would appear and prevent the worst situation from happening.

"Go back."

"Here... It's not a place you should come now..."

"You can come back after you reach the legend rank." After expelling Golden Crow Princess back to the Kunlun God's Domain, Lilibet lowered her head and looked down at Yun Xi.

"Um... Thank you... Lilibet..." Yun Xi really didn't know what he should say now.

Being held tightly in her arms, Yun Xi could even clearly feel the arc and softness of her breasts.

To Yun Xi's surprise, her body wasn't as cold as her ice-blue sword at all, but very soft and comfortable, as if he had returned to his mother's embrace.

He had never had this feeling from any girls of the Starwing Knights.

In the face of the girls of the Starwing Knights, he always had a feeling that he needed to protect them.

But in the face of Lilibet, he longed for her protection.

And she did have that power for protection.

Yun Xi didn't understand how she could freeze time in the battlefield of gods before.

Maybe that was the power of order? The power to balance everything and turn everything around?

"To you... you still have a long life..."

"Your life... has just begun..."

"Don't worry... I'll protect you..." Rarely, did she say a lot of words, except for this time. After that, she let go of Yun Xi and gave him a gentle push.

The next moment, Yun Xi was surrounded by countless silver-blue particles.

It's so warm. The silver-blue particles weren't cold at all. Yun Xi watched his body falling toward the earth, but he was not afraid of that at all.

Because Lilibet's power was still protecting him.

Under her protection, even if an attack that could destroy the world came, it couldn't harm him.

That was the "order" she held, the gentle and kind power. Under her cold appearance, her will was more firm and powerful than anyone else,

For what reason, do you keep guarding this world?

What is this world in your eyes?

Why do you have to stay in that silent world, silently looking at the aggregation of the Sky Sword God's Domain?

Lilibet, what a nice name.

It was so great to meet you in the dream.

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