Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 546

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Chapter 546: Opportunities for Reaching the Hero Rank

A large amount of thick blood flowed out from the wounds on Red Stone's body, in terms of volume, the volume of the blood had long surpassed the volume that a normal human’s body could have.

If it was any other hero ranked being, he should have died. The hero rank could indeed grant its owner extraordinary powers, but only very few hero ranked beings could have an immortal body at this stage.

"Cough... Cough... " Red Stone twisted his neck and took a deep breath. Suddenly, the muscles all over his body twisted and contracted.

Then he staggered to his feet and slowly made a strange position in front of all the astonished people.

He stood with his feet and raised his hands, as if he was lifting an invisible iron ball. But from his face, he looked confident.

Then he fell into complete silence.

"Oh... this is the legendary... Vigorous Posture." Red Lotus watched Red Stone, who had stopped moving after making this posture.

"Well, that's the Vigorous Posture." This was also the first time for White Lotus to see this famous posture of the masters of the Red Steel Genre.

Whenever the masters of the Red Steel Genre suffered serious injuries or was even dying, their bodies would naturally activate this posture.

It was said that this posture could let them absorb the ubiquitous energy between heaven and earth to recover their wounds.

As long as they could step on the earth and raise their hands to the sky, no matter how seriously the damage they had suffered, they wouldn't die immediately.

Even if their hearts were penetrated through, as long as their heads hadn't been destroyed, then the Vigorous Posture could maintain their lives.

Of course, if the injury was too serious or it was a curse, it could even take them many years to recover.

According to history books, the longest record was 300 years.

A master of the Red Steel Genre was hit by a curse of a god weapon. He jumped into the sea to escape in a hurry and then launched a Vigorous Posture on the seabed in order to resist the erosion of the curse.

As a result, three hundred years had passed and the body of this master had turned into a nest of coral reefs and fish, and the assassin who cursed him had died many years ago before he finally woke up from keeping this posture.

Of course, there was no curse on the blade of Xiao Cao's sword. The wounds on Red Stone's skin looked lethal and the amount of blood he had bled could scare anyone. But judging from the healing speed of the wounds on his body, he could recover and wake up a few days later.

Looking at Red Stone, who looked like a perfect statue at this moment, Xiao Cao put away her sword Gladiolus and merged it into her body.

This was the advantage of having an exclusive god weapon. As the original creator of Gladiolus, the adaptability between Xiao Cao and Gladiolus was 100% from the beginning. She didn't need to cultivate the tacit understanding between her and her sword like other people who inherited ancient god weapons.

Although as a god weapon, Gladiolus didn't have any special ability, Xiao Cao could exert all the power that Gladiolus had, which was already a realm that many people couldn't reach.

"Here you are."

Xiao Cao jumped directly from the stage and walked towards Yun Xi.

Yun Xi looked at Xiao Cao in surprise. After entering the hero rank, the freckles on her face disappeared completely, which made her look more pretty. He still remembered when he first saw Xiao Cao, she was just a common, thin girl who looked somewhat malnourished.

Now, Xiao Cao's height had increased a little, and her hands and feet not only became more powerful, but also became more beautiful. The flexibility of her body had also increased significantly.

Looking back on the girls of the Starwing Knights, this change seemed to happen not only to Xiao Cao, but to all the girls of the Starwing Knights.

"Congratulations, that 'swallow' just now was beautiful!" Yun Xi's admiration was sincere. That inconspicuous "little grass" finally transformed into a “beautiful flower” today.

The great road that belonged to Xiao Cao finally opened. Although Yun Xi had known it would happen soon or later after he first saw Xiao Cao's seed. Even without his seed, it was only a matter of time for Xiao Cao.

The Mortal Sword and the Great Road... who was the god who had a partiality for Xiao Cao?

"Mei... I will still work hard." Xiao Cao looked at the twin witches and Golden Crown Princess dispassionately. Her eyes were as quiet as a pool of clear water.

"Yes, it's a good thing to be stronger. The battle just now was wonderful." As a Casina the Battle God's admirer, Red Lotus appreciated Xiao Cao's performance on the stage just now.

If it wasn't because of their special identities, Red Lotus would have stepped onto the stage, fighting with endless opponents from different god's domains like what Xiao Cao did before.

If it wasn't because of the tradition of the witches, she and White Lotus would have already left the White Lotus Sword Domain, creating their own legends in the endless god's domains.

"Thanks... I still have a lot of shortcomings..." Xiao Cao shook her head and didn't seem to be proud of her achievement.

After all, she knew how strong Hua Huo was.

With Hua Huo as a reference object, Xiao Cao didn't think that she could feel satisfied at all.

Not just Xiao Cao, but all the girls of the Starwing Knights thought so after seeing Hua Huo's terrible power.

"How does it feel to enter the hero rank?" Yun Xi was curious about what kind of scenery she saw when she stepped into the realm of the hero rank.

"It was a little hot and numb, as if I was being electrified."

"That feeling... Mei, it was like when you touched my body..." Xiao Cao said frankly.

The next moment, Yun Xi felt that the temperature around his body had suddenly rise by tens of degrees.

"Mei... did you touch her?" Golden Crow Princess scowled darkly at Yun Xi.

"This... well... in fact..." Sweat streamed down Yun Xi's face. It wasn't something that a child like her should know!.

"Did Mei touch you or not?" Golden Crow Princess turned around and asked Xiao Cao.

"Yes, she touched me... many times... very comfortable..." Xiao Cao answered honestly.

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