Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 532

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Chapter 532: How the Robin Died

Four different scenes, four different futures.

In the first future, the girl with a huge sword was wildly chopping off the stars. With each brandish of her sword, tens of millions of stars would fall down.

In the second future, the golden sword turned into a sparkle covering the world, opening up a chaotic world.

Light and darkness, sky and earth were separated by this sword, with a golden crown on her head, the girl looked like an invincible god.

In the third future, a giant divine tree spread through the endless stars.

Golden branches, jade leaves and blood stamens were all parts of this divine tree. Countless spirits crowded around this divine tree, singing and praising it.

With the Crown of Elf, a girl was sitting on the tree.

In the fourth future, a tidal wave of steel was moving forward. Black anti-cross flags were floating in the air, spirits lodging in crystals and a blond-haired girl were ravaging the entire sky.

Behind them were endless huge dark shadows. Numerous gods fell at their feet, witnessing the arrival of a new era.

Why? It's supposed to be just a common love divination. Why do I see such terrible futures!

Any occurrence of these four futures would become an event that could shock the entire endless god's domains.

And these four futures were connected with the black-haired maid in front of Robin.

Who are your childhood sweethearts? What kind of monsters are they?!

Robin's face turned pale. She looked at Yun Xi and wanted to say something, but suddenly, more and more terrible scenes flooded into her eyes.

On the snow-covered land, a girl was leading a powerful legend ranked knight regiment, fighting against the army of the demons.

Walking on the battlefield, a god of war was killing.

In the endless darkness, a princess ignited the lamp of hope.

A rabbit-eared pharmacist was saving the world with various drugs.

A singing girl was bringing hope to the depleted land by using her song.

A dragon girl was standing on the top of a dragon's nest, and behind her was a huge group of dragons.

It was hard to believe that these futures were all connected with the maid in front of her.

She herself was like the center of a network, connecting countless futures.

Each of the futures was a miracle, a legend.

The vast net didn't just cover a sword domain nor a god's domains, but the endless stars!

"Stop... Stop..."

"I... can't look at these..." The more she saw, the more uneasy Robin became.

Why can I see such things?

Why is this love divination involved with so many terrible futures?

It was not something she, a hero ranked augur could withstand!

Even for a legend ranked augur, it wasn't possible for them to see these futures in a love divination.

No, not that she saw the future, but that she was entangled in it!

Why am I?

Is today the last day of my life?

To see so many futures, the price she would pay could only be with her life and even her soul.

The people who peeped into destiny would pay the price of violating the rules. The more detailed and realistic the future was, the more expensive the price the peeper would pay.

Am I dying?

I just wanted to do a simple love divination!

"Master, she's dying." Mei'er's voice sounded quietly in Yun Xi's ear, which really frightened him.

"Gee? Why?" Yun Xi looked at the mysterious augur's pale face.

He didn't know why, but he could feel that her vitality was declining rapidly, it seemed that she was dying.

"It was the price of predicting your future. She has overdrawn her life."

"She has already reached a certain critical point, and she still tried to predict your future. She is just looking for her own way of death. Tsk-tsk." Mei'er looked at Robin and shook her head.

How dare you to predict the future of the Starchild!

Even Ouroboros couldn't do it, you are just murdering yourself.

This was only a simple love divination. If you went further and really saw master's four ex-girlfriends, even your soul would immediately turn into ashes.

"What can I do?" Looking at this unfortunate augur, Yun Xi felt guilty.

He himself didn't expect that predicting his future would make the augur pay the price with her life.

"It's very easy. Give her one of your seeds, master. At least, it can keep her alive." Mei'er secretly laughed. The reason why she did not stop the foolish augur predicting for her master was that she was waiting for this moment.

Although her appearance wasn't too excellent, she could see a part of the Starchild's futures, which meant that she was really a genius of divination.

Just in time too, the Starwing Knights needed an augur.

"Ok, let me use it." Yun Xi didn't doubt Mei'er's words. He directly activated a seed and planted it into her body through his hand that was held by Robin's hand.

"Ga!" Robin's body quivered slightly and found that her cold body was rapidly warming up.

Just at that moment, she thought she had stepped into the netherworld and she had even seen countless flowers blooming in the netherworld.

They were the flowers that only the dead could see, the flowers bloomed in the garden where she first met with the robins.

That was to say, she died again just now.

Why did she say "again"?

Because she had actually died once a long time ago. It was the robins who brought her back from the netherworld, and after that, she could never be separated from these birds.

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