Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 499

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Chapter 499: Sacrifice

The humans who take part in the sacrificial ceremony must present their blood as the price, otherwise, they wouldn't be able to absorb the god's aura in the ceremony and improve themselves.

The principle of equivalent exchange was a basic rule in any world. What you want is what you must pay for.

The sacrificial ceremony was already one of the safest methods to improve one's talent in the endless god's domains.

Although the success rate was only about one-tenth, most of the time, a failure will only cost a drop of blood, therefore, it was actually a highly profitable business.

Of course, there was also a probability in the world called "bad luck". The unfortunate witch who summoned the "nightmare" was a living negative example.

Red Lotus's blood fell on the Kryolite and emitted a red, fire like light, which is also the embodiment of her essence, the privilege of the Sun Witch.

White Lotus's blood was on the contrary. When her blood dripped onto the Kryolite, it immediately turned transparent and in an instant, it merged with the mist in the Kryolite.

As for Mei's blood, actually, Yun Xi's blood, it had undergone a very strange change when it dripped onto the Kryolite.

At first, it was a pale gold light floating in the Kryolite.

Then, the Kryolite became hotter and hotter, scorching the air.

After a long while, the transparent Kryolite, which was filled with mist, had become a beautiful golden-red gem. No one would believe that it was a Kryolite just a moment ago.

"This... it's not the same as last time!" Red Lotus murmured in a confused tone. She looked at the gem, whose color and even size had completely been changed.

If she hadn't witnessed the whole process, she wouldn't believe that a Kryolite could transform into a golden-red gem!

"It's normal, because it's Kryolite." White Lotus narrowed her eyes and told the lie with a straight face.

After absorbing my prince's blood, the Kryolite would naturally change. I would feel strange if it didn't change!

Anyway, my sister knows nothing about the sacrificial ceremony. No matter what I say, she won't doubt my words.

Moreover, it wasn't a lie. After all, I just said, "Because it's Kryolite!"

"So, is it the sacrifice this time?"

Red Lotus sensed a distinct aura from the golden-red gem. She could vaguely feel the power inside it, which was far superior to the power of that valuable fire-type ruby.

With it, we can summon a god that is far stronger than that fantastic creature last time!

"Yes, this is a sacrifice from Mei, and my sister and I."

"When we open the door tomorrow, which god will appear in front of us? I'm really looking forward to it!" White Lotus placed the golden-red gem in the center of the altar and prayed.

"The sacrifice has been delivered."

"After one day and one night, I look forward to your arrival."

"No matter where you come from, we welcome you."

"Good morning, good afternoon, and good night."

The golden-red gem suspended in the middle of the Altar of Deity, gradually became transparent. In about ten seconds, the gem completely disappeared from the Altar of Deity, which was a sign that the first stage of the sacrificial ceremony had succeeded.

"I'm exhausted. After this sacrificial ceremony, I must rest for several months!" After making sure the sacrifice had been offered smoothly, Red Lotus complained and moved her stiff right hand.

If she hadn't drew out her sword and cut Mei's fingertip, the sacrificial ceremony would have failed at that time.

Because her sister White Lotus was slightly anemic, the blood she bled was actually three times more than Red Lotus, so she was tired.

Fortunately, she was the Sun Witch, her natural vitality was several times more than White Lotus'. Therefore, she would recover quicker from the tiredness.

Compared with her own tiredness, she paid more attention to her sister. She clearly saw that after the sacrificial ceremony, White Lotus’ face was somewhat paler than usual.

Yes, she realized later that holding a high-level sacrificial ceremony was also a heavy burden on the witches themselves. Although there was no record that a Kryolite would attract any dangerous beings, it was always wise to play it safe!

This was only the second time White Lotus had held a sacrificial ceremony. Is it too risky to use Kryolite as a sacrifice?

"White Lotus, are you tired?" Red Lotus looked nervously at her sister White Lotus, whose face looked as pale as paper.

"Um... the spiritual power I consumed was much greater than I had expected..." White Lotus didn't tell the truth.

The burden of sacrificing this golden-red gem had almost drained her spiritual power!

The process of turning the golden-red gem into a sacrifice and sending it to the altar almost emptied her whole body.

There was no doubt that this was not the normal consumption for sacrificing a Kryolite.

Just as her sister Red Lotus, whose vitality was ten times more than any normal person, as the Moon Witch, her spiritual power was also ten times more than any others, which was sufficient enough to afford the consumption of her spiritual power sacrificing a Kryolite.

With such a high price, this time, what on earth will be summoned?

The prince's blood is indeed unusual!

"Let's go! Go to rest!" Looking at her sister's tired face, Red Lotus was panicked and hurried away with White Lotus from the Altar of Deity.

"..." Mei (Star Snow) looked at the altar and went out to bask in the sun happily.

Ah, basking in the sun is still the most comfortable thing to do!

After running back to the roof of the Witch Palace and laying down, Mei (Star Snow) was satisfied facing the sun.

Until the sun went down and the night screen had hung down, she reluctantly jumped off the roof of the Witch Palace and began to look for a place to stay overnight.

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