Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: Sacrificial Ceremony

"Sacrificial ceremony..." Red Lotus frowned first, then nodded and said, "No problem. It's suitable to be a compensation."

The sacrificial ceremony of the Witch Palace was a very solemn and sacred ceremony, and not everyone was eligible to participate in it.

Almost all noble families in the Sky Sword God's Domain wanted to attend the sacrificial ceremony of the witches, but only very few of them could succeed.

Why were they so enthusiastic about this? Because the sacrificial ceremony was a special Prayer of the Witch Palace, the people who attend this ceremony could get some incredible experience, and even have a small chance to improve their talent.

Although the chance was slim, however, there were only a handful of ways in the endless god's domain could improve a person's talent, and the costs of most of them was so huge that very few people dared to try.

The sacrificial ceremony of the Witch Palace was one of the methods that you didn't need to pay a too huge price. So long as they took part in it, they would have 10% of the possibility to strengthen their talent.

Not only in the Sky Sword God's Domain, in the whole of the Eastern God's Domain and even the distant Western God's Domain, many famous families knew this. It was said that the sacrificial ceremonies of the several most famous witches in the next 100 years had all been reserved by these noble families.

Red Lotus and White Lotus just started to learn the sacrificial ceremony this year, and they succeeded in their practice not long ago.

The news hadn't been spread yet, otherwise, the Witch Palace wouldn't be so "quiet" now.

The sacrificial ceremony was a Prayer and a way of practice for witches. The sacrificial ceremony could only be performed once a month and would last about three days.

There were various taboos in the sacrificial ceremony, and once the sacrificial ceremony started, no one could stop it. Otherwise, the witches who held the sacrificial ceremony would get hurt, including vomiting blood and even being cursed.

Because of this, the sacrificial ceremony was a ceremony that all witches should keep practicing throughout their lives, and the assistants who could participate in it must be strictly selected.

Most of the time, witches weren't willing to let any outsiders attend the sacrificial ceremony, especially the young witches who had just learned how to perform the sacrificial ceremony. In order to keep their mind clean, they were not allowed to be disturbed by anything.

However, Red Lotus didn't mind letting Mei take part in the ceremony, because she wasn't alone, her sister White Lotus would help her in the ceremony.

White Lotus was naturally good at all kinds of magic arts. Even the defense system of the Witch Palace had been revised by her and increased its power by 30%.

Unlike Red Lotus who was good at fighting, White Lotus was known for her wisdom and understanding about magic arts.

Because White Lotus had such a great talent, so that they could be qualified to hold the sacrificial ceremony at this young age.

This was the highest level of spiritual practice of the Witch Palace. Even after reaching the legend rank, it wouldn't be antiquated.

In fact, in the sacrificial ceremony, White Lotus herself was the one who held the ceremony, and Red Lotus was just White Lotus' assistant.

"..." Mei (Star Snow) looked at White Lotus with curiosity. Her head slightly cocked.

"It will take three days to prepare the ceremony. You are recognized by Master Casina, therefore, in return for her, I have to let you know what the sacrificial ceremony means, so that you can get the greatest benefit." Red Lotus and White Lotus walked together in the garden of the Witch Palace. White Lotus held Mei's hand and Red lotus explained what the sacrificial ceremony was for Mei.

"The sacrificial ceremony is a top-level secret skill of god witches."

"From ancient times, our witches used it to communicate with the creatures that didn't exist in our world."

"Sacrificial ceremony, literally, this is a way to present sacrifices to the gods."

"However, we can't make sure who the god is. Most of the time, we can summon a good, kind god, but sometimes, some horrible creatures would also respond to the sacrificial ceremony."

"Good gods will bless us."

"Unknown, horrible creatures will bring curses."

"Occasionally, some neutral creatures would also respond to the ceremony, trading with us."

"After being improved by witches from generation to generation, the chances of being cursed have been greatly reduced. Most creatures who respond to our summons are friendly gods or fantastic creatures."

"Improving the participators talent is one of the side effects of the sacrificial ceremony. If the god or creature appeared on the sacrificial altar has the same type of energy as you, you will have the opportunity to absorb a part of their auras to enhance your own talent."

"The probability is about 10% and works for all hero ranked beings."

Invite the god, then send the god away, this was the special ability of the witches, and the way to communicate with many creatures in other worlds was the top secret of the witches in the endless god's domain.

The Witch Palace in the White Lotus Sword Domain was just a small branch of the god witches in the endless god's domains. The history of the god witches was said to be even longer than the establishment of the endless god's domains. It was an ancient force that existed before the first Star Bridge was built.

"Sister, have you decided what god you want to summon this time?" Holding her prince's hand, White Lotus looked calm, but her fast heartbeat had exposed her true mood.

The prince's hand is so warm.

"Well, like last time, I want to summon a fire-type god or fantastic creature." Actually, Red Lotus wasn't good at the sacrificial ceremony. She was only responsible for offering her spiritual power for White Lotus in the ceremony.

Nobody knows how many super beings exist in the endless god's domains, just as nobody knows the margin of the starry world.

In the endless worlds, there were endless gods.

The existence they could summon depended on the rank of the sacrifices, which was one of the reasons why witches had to let noble families take part in the ceremony.

After all, the sacrifices that could entertain a god wouldn't be cheap!

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