Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 494

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Chapter 494: The Witch Palace

"Sure, what bet?" Red Lotus couldn't wait to hear it.

As long as it could stop her sister's fantasy about the non-existent prince, she was willing to accept ten bets!

"The bet is very simple, that is, you will fall in love with the prince." White Lotus said with a bright smile on her face.

"So, as long as I don't like that prince, you'll give up that bastard?" The corners of Red Lotus' mouth raised.

I have a 100% possibility to win! How would I like a prince that doesn't exist?

Even if the prince White Lotus fantasized about really existed, she would find him and kill him before White Lotus saw him!

Her Red Lotus Holy Sword had long been hungry and thirsty for the prince's blood!

If the prince appeared in front of her, she would reward him with a bloody end without saying anything at all!

"Yes, because I like the prince, so will you."

"Just as the sun rises from the horizon every day, my sister, you will like the same person I like." White Lotus's eyes were smiling, as if she had seen the final result.

"Well, I accept this bet!!" Red lotus quickly agreed.

Prince, you must die!

Whether it was a prince in fantasy or a prince in the real world, as long as she saw him, she would kill him!


White Lotus stretched out her right hand, while Red Lotus stretched out her left hand with a bright smile.

It was a ritual between them, and it would only be used for the most important things.

"In the name of White Lotus (Red Lotus)."

"Pinky, pinky, bow-bell. Whoever tells a lie will sink down to a bad place and never rise up again."

"The violator will swallow a thousand needles!"

Two little fingers entwined together and pulled together forcefully.

Red Lotus laughed happily.

My sister finally figured it out. The prince doesn’t exist, how will I lose this bet?

White Lotus also had a mysterious and gentle smile on her face.

Sister, in that case, no matter where we go, we will not be separated.

Our fates is indeed to be connected together with the prince.

In the White Lotus Sword Palace, on the roof of the Witch Palace.

Mei (Star Snow) comfortably stretched out herself, different from matured Star Thunder and energetic Star Fire, Star Snow preferred to stay in quiet places, if it wasn't necessary, she wouldn't take the initiative to come in contact with other people.

After listening to the courses according to Mei'er's arrangement, she easily got into the Witch Palace, where she should never be found by outsiders, and found the most suitable place for sunshine.

She was ready for a good sleep here.

She didn't behave like a dog at all but was more like a cat.

Unfortunately, the owner of the Witch Palace soon discovered her!

"Who is it?" Red Lotus looked at her and almost burst with anger.

What's this place?

The Witch Palace, the core of the whole White Lotus Sword Domain, the place where the White Lotus Secret Treasure is hid.

The defence system here was even stronger than the main peak where the White Lotus Sword Master lived. Even a mosquito shouldn't have the possibility to fly into this forbidden area.

But what did she see? Someone actually got onto the roof of the shrine of the Witch Palace! And it looked like she had come here for a long time because she had fallen asleep.

How absurd!

Why can she pass through the defence ward of the Witch Palace?

An enemy had come in, why didn't the entire defense system send an alarm?!

Is it a bug? The Witch Palace spent thousands of years building the perfect defense system, and now it had actually broken down without warning?

"..." Mei (Star Snow) looked at Red Lotus in confusion, then she saw the figure in a white witch's dress next to Red Lotus. With a smile on her face, she jumped down from the roof lightly.

"It's you!" Red Lotus looked at her in surprise.

Apparently, she was the core of the Starwing Knights, Mei.

How did she get through the defense system of the Witch Palace? Even for Hua Huo, it isn't possible for her to accomplish this!

"..." White Lotus gently covered her mouth, trying not to let herself make a happy voice.

Prince, have you come to see me?

"..." Mei (Star Snow) trotted all the way to White Lotus. Then she smelled White Lotus' body all around.

She smelled the unique odor of her master, Yun Xi.

Exactly speaking, it was part of Yun Xi's smell contained in the Star and Moon Ring.


Mei (Star Snow) looked at White Lotus, smiling like an angel.

"Hey..." Looking at Mei's innocent face, although White Lotus covered her mouth, she could not help but laugh out.

"White Lotus, when did you have such a good relationship with this maid?" Looking at White Lotus' smile, which she seldom saw, Red Lotus, as her sister, was jealous.

White Lotus rarely smiled. In fact, she often practiced her secret skill, the Great Circulation all day, even as her sister, Red Lotus had only a few hours a day that she could talk with White Lotus.

For Red Lotus, White Lotus' smile was more precious than anything!

Because of the prince in her dream, they had a quarrel and she had less and less chance to see White Lotus' smile.

She was like a fish that left the water and a plant that couldn't bask in the sun, if she couldn't see White Lotus' smile, she would lose the meaning of her life!

That damn prince! It's all your fault!

If White Lotus had that strange dream again, she would drive into her dream, pull out her sword and kill him a hundred times!


White lotus murmured the pseudonym the prince was using now. Even such a simple action could let her feel happy.

He was the fire of her life, the miracle she yearned for, the light of hope she had after praying thousands of times.

Today, you come to me.

It's really a lucky day.

You are the sun, glorious and sacred.

You are the moon, mysterious and gentle.

You are a star, bright and shining.

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