Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 475

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Chapter 475: Obsession

"Shuffle!" Mei easily guided the two secretaries of the Starwing Knights to her broad bed.

This big bed had been specially modified by Mei'er. It was big enough for four girls to lie on it together, and it was a little exaggerated for Mei's figure. Usually, even with Star Thunder, Star Fire and Star Snow on the bed, it was still too large.

Now, it seemed that Mei'er had a pretty good forward-looking thought because at this moment, there were “three” beautiful girls on the bed.

On the far left was a black-haired maid.

In the middle was a beautiful secretary who wore a pair of black-framed glasses, with a stupefied look on her face.

On the right was Miss Mascot whose face was red and the mountains on her chest were heaving alarmingly.

It was a too beautiful scene of three beautiful girls laying on the same bed.

However, distinct from this harmonious scene, the psychological activities of the three people were quite different.

Well, the hand feel is good!

She's good, and she's good too. Sure enough, it's better to sleep with others. That was Mei's idea (Star Thunder's idea).

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?

I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away!

It's time for a decisive battle, and if I run away, I'll regret it all my life. That was Mei Lan's idea.

Whoa, today's Mei is really strange!

I'm caught again, my chest felt strange and hot, as if my body doesn't belong to myself.

This is the heart voice of Ling Ling, who unfortunately fell into the hands of Mei again.

"..." According to her habit of taking care of her sisters, Mei constantly adjusted Mei Lan and Ling Ling's positions, playing with their bodies.

To Star Thunder, the big sister of the three sisters, it was a natural thing to take care of her sisters sleeping beside her.

To Mei Lan and Ling Ling, it was a major issue of life to be played with by Mei.

"Ling Ling... I wronged you..." Very rare, Mei Lan, the secretary of the Starwing Knights, the person who always thought that Ling Ling was too stupid, apologized to Ling Ling.

Mei is not just strange today. She is behaving very, very weird!

The Mei she knew wouldn't have such physical intimacy easily. Let alone sleeping in the same bed, she didn't even take a bath together with any other girls!

What's going on now?

Did Ling Ling accidentally give Mei something strange? Considering Ling Ling's silly head, the possibility was very great!

"Ooo... ooo... I told you... Mei is strange today..."

"Now, we are both not going to get married!" Looking at Mei taking off her clothes skillfully, Ling Ling looked at Mei Lan with tears in her eyes, showing a look of looking for help.

"..." Mei smiled and gently pressed her hand on Ling Ling's chest, stretching out her little tongue just like what she did in the daytime, licking the snow-white peaks.

Soon afterward, an attractive fragrance spread around in the room, and Ling Ling had almost buried her head in the pillow.

Why? Why did it happen? I haven't got married yet, why, why is there such a thing in my breasts?

"Whoa... This is..." Mei Lan also saw the secret of Ling Ling. She was so surprised that she could hardly close her mouth.

She was 100% sure that Ling Ling, like herself and other members of the Starwing Knights, was a pure virgin.

But how could any adolescence girl in this world have so much delicious snow-white milk in her body?!

Is it because of her physique? Is it because of the difference of physique?

Is it because of the intimacy with Mei, her breasts naturally secreted this milk?!

"Don't look at me! Don't look at me! I can't get married, I can't get married at all!" In Mei's room, the wailing voice of a young girl echoed.

After having absorbed the nutrients supplied from Ling Ling's breasts, Mei raised her head satisfactorily. She soothed Ling Ling who was in a convulsion and sobbing, giving her a passionate kiss.

Well, as the big sister of the three sisters, it wasn't strange at all, was it?

Not only that, but she also had the habit of licking her sisters' bodies from top to bottom before going to bed, which was her duty in place of her mother.

"Whoa! Mei bullied me again!"

"Mei Lan, help me!"

Ling Ling raised her arms in surrender. She gasped and her clothes were ragged, just like what she looked like in the secret garden of the Starwing Knights during the day.

Unfortunately, instead of extending a helping hand, Mei Lan's face turned red with envy.

Seemingly Mei noticed Mei Lan's expectant look, she smiled and helped her take off her glasses, then stretched out her tongue and gently licked the corners of her eyes.

"I... can die now without anything to regret!" Mei Lan looked more weak and helpless than usual after her glasses were removed. She didn't look like the strong woman she always showed in front of everyone at all.

Her clear big black eyes, scattered braids, slender hands and legs, making her look like an orchid in the valley with an unspeakable glamour.

Especially her cute and shy appearance, it was hard to believe that she was the secretary of the Starwing Knights, Mei Lan, who always looked strong in the eyes of the public.

In the final analysis, the so-called "temperament" was just a disguise for gaining advantages. In front of her god, the person she loved, Mei Lan was just an ordinary girl when her glasses were taken off from her eyes.

In front of Mei, and they were on the same bed together, she could no longer hide her feelings in the deepest side of her heart, falling into Mei's arms.

Closing her eyes, she felt the warm touch on her cheeks, as if she had come to heaven.

No, it’s not just “as if”, this is heaven! The world of bliss!

Thank God, thank the Starwing Knights, thank Ling Ling!

It's really a good thing to have taken part in the entrance exam of the Sword Palace at that time!

"..." Mei looked at Mei Lan and smiled.

Naughty Ling Ling, and shy Mei Lan, they looked really like her two sisters.

Moreover, master's body seems to be very, very accustomed to such intimate movements, coupled with the fact that she is already used to spoiling her sisters before going to bed, isn't the whole thing naturally going to develop at this point?

So, let us be more intimate!

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