Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 472

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Chapter 472: Mei Lan's Sorrow


In the empty classroom, Mei touched her black framed glasses (no diopter actually) and emitted an irresistible sigh.

Compared to the history class, this class was even more unpopular: Military Logistics.

When other girls of Starwing Knights chose the courses of various sword skills, only she chose this course, which had zero relationships with a swordsman.

Almost all the students here were servants of noble disciples, none of them had even reached the 2nd rank. As a 3rd ranked female swordsman, she was like a crane standing among chickens here. Even the tutor of this lesson tried to persuade her that she didn't need to take this lesson, which of course couldn't help her increase her sword skill.

However, she still chose it.

Because she was the secretary of the Starwing Knights.

She was the person who was in charge of the supplies for the Knights!

Don't compare me with Ling Ling, who has big breasts and has no brains! I'm more important than her!

From examining and verifying new members of the Starwing Knights, to buying clothes and makeup for all girls of the Knights, she was supporting the cause of the Knights.

If Hua Yue, their leader temporarily left, the Starwing Knights could still run; if Xiao Cao, their deputy leader left, the Starwing Knights could still run; as for Ling Ling, that "mascot" of the Knights, she was even more negligible. However, if Mei Lan left even just one day, there would be trouble within the Starwing Knights.

Thinking about it, the Starwing Knights was just an organization casually formed by a group of female swordsmen. It wasn't easy to build the structure and make it actually run.

Regardless of the temporary state on the deserted island. After they returned to the human world, from the moment they stepped onto the boards of Master Casina's floating ship Sands of Time, Mei Lan had started to exert all her strength and wisdom for maintaining the Knights.

Their leader, Hua Yue, was an aristocratic miss of the White Golden Rose family, her appearance, body shape and prestige were all perfect, even Mei Lan admitted that she was the best choice for their leader, at least for now.

Their deputy leader, Xiao Cao, the strongest civilian female swordsman amongst all of them, was the core of the civilian girls' camp.

All girls, no matter whether they were nobles or civilians, all united together under their leadership. It seemed that the Starwing Knights had unlimited potential, but in actuality, there were a lot of problems behind it.

Even the small contradictions between the noble girls' camp and the civilian girls' camp were sufficient to let Mei Lan have no sleep for one or two nights.

The different views of life, the world, and the values amongst the girls had caused a lot of disputes since the day they left the Water God's Fantasy Island.

When they were on the deserted island, they had no choice and had to cooperate with each other. It was the best time of the Starwing Knights.

In order to survive, both noble girls' camp and civilian girls' camp positively resolved conflicts and controlled themselves, and used the ranking battle of bread to set everyone's mind at rest.

During that period, the ranking of girls naturally formed.

Hua Yue and Xiao Cao were in the first level.

Ling Ling and Mei Lan were in the second level.

Then noble girls occupied the most numbers of the top 10 list, after that was the place of civilian girls.

It was a truth that no one could deny, that they all received Mei's black hair, however, there was still a difference between different people. The talents of noble girls were far better than civilian girls.

In some sense, this gap could be filled through hard work, however, another gap was too desperate for most civilian girls.

Even if they cultivated three times harder than the noble girls, the gap was still as wide as an insurmountable natural moat.

"It's a problem... a big problem..." Mei Lan ground the pen-holder in her mouth, looking at the staggering data on the paper.

On the paper, there were 38 names, however, most marks behind the names of civilian girls were:

N cup (normal cup).

N cup.

N cup.

Even N+ cup was as rare as the hair of a phoenix.

Mei Lan herself was just an R cup (rare cup).

As for the marks behind the names of noble girls, they were all:

SR cup (super rare cup).

SR cup.

SR cup.

There were even two "monsters" whose cup sizes were even greater than SR, which even made other noble girls feel jealous.

SSR (superior super rare)!

Mei Lan even specially marked the two names with her golden pen.

The leader of the Starwing Knights: Hua Yue.

The other secretary of the Starwing Knights: Ling Ling.

They were the source of Mei Lan's feeling of pressure, and the two impassable mountains in front of the civilian girls. They could close the gap of strength by cultivating harder, however, even Mei Lan felt desperate in this regard.

Therefore, they created that whimsical plan.

It wasn't just a dream of the Starwing Knights. Most girls who knew that "information" and had that "regret" had dreamed of it.

In contrast to others, the girls of the Starwing Knights really performed the plan. For this, they could do whatever it took.

The medicinal field where Lulu cultivated the Dragon Plants was the first step of the plan.

"A single spark... can start a prairie fire..." Mei Lan started to work out the plan.

For this purpose, she even willingly chose the lesson of Military Logistics, learning the knowledge of running an organization.

It wouldn't work if she only learned the knowledge from the library, she must learn it step by step, from theory to practice.

Today, Mei Lan was also studying hard for the great plan of the Starwing Knights.

She believed that she could become a pillar of the Starwing Knights, making a contribution to the happy future of everyone.

That night, Mei Lan held a lot of books in her arms and left the library with a tired look.

After listening to the lesson today, she had a new idea for the plan, and had a clearer perception of the future of the Starwing Knights.

"Shuffle!" After throwing the books on her desk, Mei Lan wiped her glasses with a piece of smooth cloth. She took out her note pad and started to modify the plan.

"N... N... N... R..." No matter how many times she saw these marks, these marks made Mei Lan feel pain in her heart.

There was a gap between different girls!

"SR... SR... SR... SSR..."

Envy and jealousy echoed in her heart.

Apparently, it was a one-sided war between the civilian girls' camp and the noble girls' camp.

If it wasn't because of the existence of the multi-headed demon dragon, the situation could be much more desperate.

Even though it was as difficult as climbing up to the sky to hunt the cunning demon dragon, at least, it left all females in the universe a glimmer of hope.

Even though the hope was really too slender, it still became the last hope of endless people.

Compared to this, the gap between the strength of the civilian girls' camp and the noble girls' camp was not that important.

"3rd rank... 3rd rank... 3rd rank..."

"3rd rank... 3rd rank... 2nd rank..."

Hua Yue and Xiao Cao were still the strongest when it came to the comparison of strength.

There weren't too many differences among others.

"Of course, everyone has obtained the power of the miracle..." She had recorded the data of all members of the Starwing Knights and drew a table. From the table, it was easy to see the cutting point.

Since that day, everyone's fate went in a different direction.

"Luck... no, it's a miracle..." Mei Lan didn't believe that it was due to luck, she preferred to regard it as a miracle.

The person who created the miracle couldn't be Hua Yue nor Xiao Cao, not to mention that "bimbo" Ling Ling.

"Mei... you are our miracle."

"No, our god!"

This was the thing no one said but everyone believed.

At first, they only treated it as a tale. Just like mortals would pray to virtual gods, they thought that her beautiful black hair a lucky charm.

No one expected that it would be the start of the miracle.

After obtaining Mei's black hair, they all noticed the remarkable changes.

Mei Lan was sure that before she obtained Mei's black hair, she had zero chance to satisfy the entrance requirement of the Sword Palace.

Other people may think that they were just in a super good shape, only Mei Lan knew that it wasn't the reason.

The sword skill she learned was strict, every movement must be 100% correct.

The advantage of the sword skill was that she could easily find every meager progress for herself. Only after countless practices, could she become stronger. There was no "spurt of progress".

She couldn't even expect a higher level for herself.

The 2nd rank. She would reach her limit even before reaching the peak of the 2nd rank.

There wasn't a wide world that was waiting for her. No matter how hard she tried, the limit of her sword skill was the 2nd rank. After that, there was no where she could go.

Not everyone had great potentials such as Xiao Cao and Hua Yue. They just needed an opportunity before they put on a spurt.

The hard practice couldn't let her improve. If she practiced too hard, her body would even suffer internal injuries and move backward toward the 1st rank.

It was sad, but it was the reality. It was the abyss Mei Lan once faced and the nightmare countless civilian swordsmen were still facing.

Most people didn't have great talent. Even if they did their best, it wasn't possible for them to reach the 3rd rank. They had no way to reach the world of higher ranks.

However, noble people were facing a different situation. With the support of their family, at least, they could reach the peak of the 2nd rank, then upgraded to the 3rd rank using rare herbs or pills.

Unfortunately, Mei Lan was just a civilian.

She thought that it was already the end of her cultivation, until that day, she met her god.

The black-haired god who presented them with her long black hair.

Hua Yue was the leader and Xiao Cao was the deputy leader, however, she was the only soul of the Starwing Knights.

She was the one everyone loved, and the reason for the existence of the Starwing Knights.

"Mei..." Mei Lan murmured the name with a sweet smile.

"Whoa! Mei Lan! What should I do?" Suddenly, the door of her room was knocked open and Ling Ling ran into her room with a crying look.

"Ling Ling! I told you to knock on the door first before you come in!" Mei Lan was really infuriated.

Why can you be so carefree? You just look cute and have a well-oiled disposition. Miss SSR!

I hate you! You are the final boss of my life!

Ling Ling!

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