Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Lancers

The first was the newbie iron sword. The iron sword was the weapon Yun Xi was most comfortable with. And now it was brand new, shining cold light from its sword handle to the point of the blade.

Undoubtedly, its weight and center didn't change, but it was more comfortable and flexible to hold it in his hands.

If there was a specific way to describe it, the newbie sword has enhanced Yun Xi's combat power by over 150%.

The next was the newbie cloth armor. After engraving three grooves on it, it supported Yun Xi by defending his vulnerable body parts better. At least, he wouldn't be cut so easily again.

As for the last one, the newbie wooden shield, it improved in stability and anti-impact ability; which also meant that Yun Xi needed to master higher skills to use it.

After experiencing violent battles, wandering between death and life, Yun Xi was keenly aware of the importance of good weapons and equipment on the battlefield.

If he had these three pieces of equipment at that time, perhaps he would only die a hundred times and pass through the first test perfectly.

This was also the reason as to why he enhanced all his equipment without any hesitation after getting the fragments of green crystal.

Because of the horror of death, it made him feel the value of life more clearly.

Humans shouldn't get used to death. Yun Xi didn't become numb to the frequent deaths but only valued his own life more carefully.

He knew that people died if they were killed. In the real world, there was no bonfire that could revive him without limit.

"My strength improved by about... 10%?" At the end of the first stage of the trial, Yun Xi absorbed all the souls of the stone soldier army.

The souls of every single stone soldier only offered Yun Xi a few improvements. Even after he had absorbed the last three stone soldiers' souls, they couldn't match up with the green hippo's soul at all.

The energy in the souls of the stone soldier army was more than the energy of the green hippo's soul by about 1.5 times, but to kill them was far more difficult than to kill the green hippo. Yun Xi even missed the stupid green hippo a little from the newbie trial.

The green hippo's soul let Yun Xi become a 1st-ranked swordsman and the green hippo's seed let Yun Xi level up to 2nd rank after his Limit Practice.

Well, though the hippo was supposed to be killed, but it would be regarded as a pretty good novice package. It would be better if Ashen summoned more hippos at that time.

"The next step, is to choose the route." Standing in the empty palace, Yun Xi looked at the doors leading to two different areas.

Behind the two doors, there were wide bridges and both bridges had several stone soldiers wandering on them.

The door on the left led to the volcanic area, where gathered countless flames - It was the location of the young heroine, who was going to fight the evil dragon.

The door on the right led to the great tower - At the end of the coastline waited the imprisoned princess.

Now, Yun Xi had to make his choice.

Should he do the branch quest first, meeting with his childhood sweetheart and fighting against the evil dragon in the volcanic area with her, or directly finish the main quest, going to the great tower to save the princess of the twin witches?

"By the way, do they really need my help?" Yun Xi stood in the middle of the fork with a helpless expression on his face.

The road to the left led to his childhood sweetheart Hua Huo. His strongest ability was obtained from her seed. Did such an awesome childhood sweetheart really need him to fight side by side with her?

The road to the right led to the twin witches, Red Lotus and White Lotus. Hey, hey, hey! Is there even anyone in the village that’s able to imprison you? You are two Hero ranked warriors who can even fly!

Thinking about it, Yun Xi felt that the world was so ridiculous.

"Sure enough, I should go meet with Hua Huo." Though in the hot spring White Lotus showed her love to him, but in Yun Xi's heart, Hua Huo was the most important one.

After all, they were childhood sweethearts who lived together for ten years. Besides, she was also his first love; he knew her quite well.

Since he had made the decision, Yun Xi didn't hesitate anymore. He directly rushed out of the palace.

"Ka La! Ka La!" In the hallway, a stone soldier holding a lance in its hand leaped into the air. It brandished its lance and locked onto Yun Xi's position.

3rd rank! It was a strong stone soldier at the 3rd rank! Was its class Lancer?

The attack of a 3rd rank was far more powerful than the attack of a 2nd rank. Anyone who was at the 3rd rank was certain to have mastered a method to improve his power and could break out with a power that Mortals could never imagine.

They were the strongest presences amongst all Mortals. Each one of them could be regarded as a valiant general who could fight one against thousands of enemies.

"Ding!" The wooden shield he had just enhanced played a role at this crucial moment. It helped Yun Xi block the mortal blow from the sky.

Quicksilver Motion and Flying Swallow Sword! His combat instinct waking up immediately, Yun Xi struck back.

"Chi! Chi! Chi!" The sharp lance danced like a violent storm in the air, breaking through Yun Xi's Flying Swallow Sword from the center and thrusting into Yun Xi's chest.

The enhanced newbie cloth armor worked again. It helped Yun Xi block the unknown 3rd-ranked strong person's thrust.

"Cough!" Yun Xi vomited out blood from his mouth as he quickly stepped back.

The enemy was too strong. He was more powerful than the 3rd-ranked enemies Yun Xi had met before. Even the green hippo wasn't at the same level with him.

He was apparently a veteran of many wars. His lance never drew back, he was really a violent general-like man. And his lance skill was also a military style, it had no extra skills except the killing techniques themselves.

"Hoo!" He didn't give Yun Xi the chance to adjust himself. After the thrusting, the violent general-like man swept Yun Xi to the sky with his shield.

"Too bad, I lost my balance!" Yun Xi heard harsh howling. It was the fatal announcement of death.

"Just fight!" Yun Xi threw away the newbie wooden shield. He struck an unnatural pose and brandished his sword nine times in the air.

It was the secret sword skill he used to kill the owner of the Snake Bones Soft Sword, a skill that could only be used after mastering Flying Swallow Skill, killing his enemy by brandishing his sword nine times from different angles and directions.

"Uh?" With a surprised voice, the lance struck back nine times on the nine sword waves, breaking Yun Xi's unique skill from the center again.

He was too strong. What to do? Yun Xi turned around in the air, standing on the stone pillar of the bridge. For the first time, he looked his opponent up and down.

Yun Xi surprisingly found that he wasn't a Childe of a noble family, but a real general wearing military armor.

He even knew the general very well. When he was still young, the general and his army had passed by the small village more than once.

"Why is it him?" Yun Xi was dumbfounded. After all, he was a former general of the White Lotus Sword Domain, an army chief who had the title as "Battle Deity"!

When he was young, the general was the idol of many boys in the village and was the only 3rd-ranked person who emerged from the small village.

As far as Yun Xi knew, he was over forty-years-old this year.

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