Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 454

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Chapter 454: Benefactor, You are Preordained to Join Buddhism!

"He wins!"

"He wins again!"

"Next please!"

In the Sky Tower, God Tower and Dragon Tower, more and more legend ranked beings gathered together.

Originally, the opening of the Starry Sky Chessboard was a once-in-a-thousand-year great event, this time, this game was destined to be a legend that would shock the all god's domains!

Cyber Elf Alpha! The unprecedented 7 star points! The unprecedented 70 victories in a row!

Four newbies created the strongest record of newbies in history.

Some Star Go players even swore that Alpha's Star Go strength was stronger than any chess player they had seen, her computing power was probably even beyond the legend rank.

When all people thought that Cyber Elf Alpha would become the new legend of Star Go, after achieving 70 victories in a row, she was defeated by "A Cloud in the Sky".

A total crushing defeat!

The power of Starburst could shock gods and ghosts. Even these legend ranked "big shots" couldn't imagine how it could be true. How deep an understanding about stars "A Cloud in the Sky" had? How could anyone make the stars self-destruct?

Just like when everyone was paying attention to Alpha's killing spree, everyone was paying attention to Yun Xi's battle record now.

His style wasn't as fierce as Alpha's style, he could always achieve victory easily, as if his opponents were all newbies who didn't understand any rule of Star Go.

However, after seeing his battle record, the game with Alpha, no one would think that his victories were just because of luck.

"His moves look simple, but have reached the realm of Tao."

"Yes, he is like the god of Star Go. We are not playing the same game!" Most chess players from the Eastern God's Domain had this feeling in their hearts.

"I thought that his weakness was attack, so he didn't dare to launch any attack proactively. How naive I was!"

"I calculated it. Alpha's computing power is probably hundreds of times stronger than mine, and when she played with me, she didn't even use one-tenth of her computing power. Now, she was defeated by A Cloud in the Sky! Just how strong is he?"

"Why? Why is there such a wide gap between us?"

Compared to the chess players from Eastern God's Domain, the chess players from Western God's Domain didn't understand what "Tao" was, but they had a more intuitive feeling to Alpha's Star Go strength.

It was easy to find the gap of computing power on the chessboard. When you put down your chess piece and your opponent had figured out your next 10 moves, the sense of pressure could be sensed by every experienced chess player.

Therefore, Alpha's crushing victory was so thrilling.

Compared to her, Yun Xi's style didn't give his opponents this feeling. They often thought "This is a newbie! I going to win this!".

Of course, now everyone knew it that it was just a delusion.

No one would still hold any illusion of winning after seeing the battle between Yun Xi and Alpha!

"His 47th victory. Another loser."

"He is going to reach the 5 star points. Can anyone stop him?"

"Impossible. Don't even think about it!"

"Cyber Elf Alpha achieved 20 successive victories again!"

"Norn the God of Wisdom and Orfina the Ruby Dragon are also reaping victories!"

"This session of Starry Sky Chessboard is really wonderful!"

While a lot of legend ranked chess players looked at Yun Xi in awe, Yun Xi easily achieved his 48th victory.

"Just now, I didn't see any 7 star points chess players, not to mention any of the higher star points players." Yun Xi felt confused.

In his imagination, 7 star points chess players were just common experts, 8 star points chess players could be called masters, and 9 star points chess players should be the strongest. However, since he didn't even see any of them.

Is the newbie protection mechanism still working?

Because he met the 7 star points Cyber Elf Alpha, who shouldn't appear in the newbie area, to compensate, the Starry Sky Chessboard only let him meet 1 star point, 2 star points and 3 star points chess players?

If so, it should be an accident to meet the 7 star points Cyber Elf Alpha in the newbie area, is my luck so bad?

Compared to his confusion, a lot of legend ranked beings held their breath and waited for the destined moment.

"50 victories in a row! He reached 5 star points now!"

"Tsk-tsk, can anyone stop him?"

"They are not at the same level."

"Wait! We are witnessing the birth of a brand new legend! The strongest Star Go player!"

Yun Xi's 57th game, he met an acquaintance.

Maha Mystery, this monk already had 3 star points now.

"Benefactor, you are preordained to join Buddhism!" Maha Mystery's eyes brightened up. The last time he just said it to Yun Xi habitually, this time, he said it honestly and even looked a bit impatient.

Such a wise man who can even defeat a monster like Cyber Elf Alpha... if he can't join Buddhism, then who is eligible?

He has great wisdom, which means great theurgy, and great theurgy means a great relationship with Buddha!

If "A Cloud in the Sky" agreed to join Buddhism because of his persuasion, it would become a great contribution of Maha Mystery in Buddhism!

"Amitabha! Join Buddhism and all your wishes can come true!"

"Err... thanks." Yun Xi felt both funny and annoyed. In front of him, Maha Mystery was emitting golden lights from his body, and his face looked as if he was going to write "I'm a great monk" on his forehead.

What is this? A new type of soft sale?

Yun Xi felt a bit interested.

"No, don't refuse! You are really preordained to join Buddhism!"

"The sea of bitterness has no bounds, repent and the shore is at hand! If you agree to join Buddhism, I promise you can learn all scriptures of Buddhism, obtain golden kasaya and eight god ranked weapons, be protected by 18 arhats, 33 Buddhist nuns, and 72 Buddha's warrior attendants..."

Maha Mystery spouted his eloquent speeches and didn't mind that even he himself hadn't obtained these yet.

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