Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 452

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Chapter 452: The Shock of Starburst

"Alpha, how terrible she is..." Looking at Alpha's body grudgingly vanishing on the other side of the Starry Sky Chessboard, Yun Xi wiped the sweat away from his forehead.

No doubt that she was the only 7 star chess player, her temperament and aura were distinct from any other chess players.

Of course, it didn't form a threat to him.

"Mei'er, was it true? Was I really playing with a god?" Remembering what Alpha said, Yun Xi doubted her true identity.

"Of course. If a person didn't have sufficient power, the person couldn't even step onto the Starry Sky Chessboard."

"Undoubtedly, she is a newborn god," Mei'er said in a certain tone.

"Don't look down on the body you are using. Casina the Battle God isn't a common Sky Sword."

"So... it means..." Yun Xi was reminded how great Teacher Casina was. If he didn't become her disciple due to luck, he probably couldn't enter the mystery world "Starry Sky Chessboard", and never understand the fun of Star Go.

"Are the people who were defeated by me also at the legend rank?"

"Do they also like to play Star Go?"

Although it was a bit late, Yun Xi finally realized what a valuable opportunity Teacher Casina gave him was.

Probably Teacher Casina had predicted that he would come to the Starry Sky Chessboard, so she lent me her identity. (Casina: No! I wanted you to go to the Battle God's Championship Contest!)

"Yes, this is the best place for your talent, master." Mei'er showed a mysterious smile on the corners of her mouth.

"Ha ha, I kind of like this play. Star Go is really interesting." Yun Xi indeed liked this game called Star Go.

"Yes, whatever makes you happy." Mei'er held a second of silence for the legend ranked "big shots" who were defeated by her master.

You tried to overcome the Starchild on the chessboard of stars? You are lifting a rock only to drop it on your own feet!

In fact, even if Mei'er didn't say it, all the people who were paying attention to the Starry Sky Chessboard had firmly remembered "A Cloud in the Sky" in their hearts.

The reason was simple. Because as a newbie, he even defeated the "monster", "Cyber Elf Alpha".

"Cyber Elf Alpha" achieved the unprecedented record of 70 victories in a row, and he defeated her!

"A Cloud in the Sky".

His style of Star Go wasn't aggressive at all, and his victories all based on the mistakes his opponents made.

Other chess players studied his style before his battle with Alpha, and they drew this conclusion in their short break time.

Until they saw Yun Xi's attack after Alpha was forced to give up the battle around tengen and opened a new battlefield.


The "ko" he created could let all stars collapse, annihilating all things in the starfield. He didn't only smash Alpha's counterattack, but also shocked all chess players who saw the record of their game.

"How can it be true? Can he make the stars to self destruct?" Norn the God of Wisdom, the three goddesses exclaimed when they watch the record.

"He controls the origin of stars," Urd, the goddess of the past said.

"He guides the orbits of stars," Verdandi, the goddess of the present said.

"He lets the stars entering the circulation of the universe," Skuld, the goddess of the future said.

"This is Starburst." Urd tightly held her arms and her legs trembled as if she had seen the fate of all stars falls.

"Unstoppable, unavoidable, unbeatable." Verdandi's delicate face looked shocked as if she had seen the end of the world.

"No, no, no! It can't be true! How can we beat down such an opponent?" Even though Skuld still refused to concede, her face looked puzzled.

Yun Xi's performance taught all Star Go players a lesson that everything was possible on the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Even if it was the doomsday of the fall of countless stars.

Starburst stood for the beauty of void, it was the fleeting fireworks in the night sky. Even though Norn the God of Wisdom, who had the ability of prophecy, didn't expect to see this shocking scene.

"Wow, it's awesome! Is she really the Casina I know?"

"When did my Casina obtain such a strong power?"

"Has she mastered the secret of the fall of stars?"

Staring at the scene of the fall of stars, Orfina the Ruby Dragon could feel more mystery from it, it was her star-type talent from her bloodline.

She vaguely realized that it was the most terrible and strongest side the stars contained. It was a realm beyond the legend rank.

Most legend ranked beings were the favorites of the world. Because they were blessed and protected by their worlds, or even merged with the wills of their worlds, so they could become forever legend rank, become the immortal god.

And this scene of the fall of all stars could be seen as the annihilation of countless legend ranked wills.

The legend rank could never stop this power!

All the chess players realized it, and all the legend ranked beings who were watching the Starry Sky Chessboard and understood the real meaning of Star Go realized it!

The Starburst showed Yun Xi's absolute combat power on the Starry Sky Chessboard using the most straightforward method!

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