Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 446

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Chapter 446: The Final Counterattack

Calculating! Calculating! Calculating!

He was using an unprecedented strategy.

However, it couldn't be an accident.

He must have prepared this trap from the beginning.

Even though the truth was harsh, Alpha had to admit that she was suffering a deadly blow.

Her body trembled like a tree in the wintry wind, and her eyes could see no light.

"Shuffle!" A weak flame was ignited, it was the only support she could find.

After the appearance of the first flame, soon, the second, the third...

Overlapping the computing power! Breaking the limit of 3000 times legend ranked computing power!


All the Planet Computers in the entire Mechanus God's Domain started running. Although they were built for the people's livelihoods, government systems, and financial systems, but, in order to help Alpha, they lent all the extra computing power they could to her.

Not only them, any electronic device, as long as it had a CPU and was connected to the quantum network, was taken over and brought under Alpha's control.

Especially the Planet Computer named "Star River" in the center of the domain.

After closing all unnecessary functions and overclocking, the computing power "Star River" could provide was equal to 1/3 of the computing power of the 100 Planet Computers in the Alpha Starfield!

This was Alpha's power, controlling all electronic devices in the entire Mechanus God's Domain.

3500 times!

3900 times!

4000 times!

5000 times!

With the support of all electronic devices in the entire domain, Alpha's computing power increased at a terrible speed again.

Finally, the computing power she obtained would shock any legend ranked being.

12000 times legend ranked beings computing power! This was the sum of the computing power of all electronic devices in the entire domain.

With such incredible computing power, Alpha even had the confidence to play with all Star Go players at the same time and crush them all.

However, only one person was the exception.

A Cloud in the Sky, who was crushing Alpha's self-confidence!

"Give up building any mathematical model, it's time to strike back!"

"Give up resisting, there is no way to stop him."

"Attack! Full attack!"

Yun Xi couldn't have expected that because of the game with Alpha, the entire Mechanus God's Domain was affected.

At the crossroads, because the traffic lights stopped running, countless cars jammed on the streets.

The planned military maneuver stopped, because the ports were all closed, they couldn't even let go of a small aircraft.

The "Mech" which were flying in the air suddenly found that they couldn't land, because all signal lights went out.

All robotics facilities stopped running, transmitting extra energies to the overclocked Planet Computers.

The Planet Computers in the Alpha Starfield opened their solar panels, receiving the electron beams from the Solar Wing Arrays.

The nuclear bombs, which were planned to be used to destroy the Planet Computers, now were being extracted out of their cases and their nuclear cores being used for extra energy.

In the darkness, the little sparks were kindling a great fire!

With 12000 times computing power, Alpha's Star Go Strength was far beyond the legend rank!

"94%" Alpha's correct rate was finally very close to 95%.

All the changes on the star map suddenly became clear and easy-to-understand, the apocalyptic scene also became predictable.

However, Alpha knew that there was a time limit.

If she kept overclocking the Planet Computers, the entire Mechanus God's Domain would be over! Even Planet Computers would be burned out after running out of coolant liquids.

12000 times legend ranked computing power, it was a miracle that no one had expected. After all, who would expect that Alpha would control all the Planet Computers one day?


"Strike back!"


Alpha's eyes sharpened to unparalleled levels, and were emitting lights!

She put down her chess pieces onto the place where they hadn't been involved in Yun Xi's Starburst. A vague figure was forming.

"No wonder that she is a 7 star points chess player..." Yun Xi praised her in his heart and kept his Starburst.

When he destroyed a new starfield, Alpha's counterattack also came!

It was a "ko" of the ultimate power of six elements, which was far stronger than the Black Death Hexagram.

In the starry sky, one fine thread after another appeared and connected all Alpha's stars together. According to Alpha's calculation, they had 0.0000000001% of possibility to appear.

36 stars formed a square, the power of earth, water, fire, wind, light, and darkness formed the "ko" named "World".

If Yun Xi's Starburst was pure destruction, then Alpha's "World" was the final hope in this hopeless situation, it was a seed that could breed anything!

In the slowly rotating square, a hot light point was forming.

It looked like a beautiful creature with seven colors.

"Do I succeed?" Alpha gazed at the creature in the square.

It was a god creature who was born great. It naturally had seven colors, the blessing of the universe and immortality.

It was as hot as the sun, and as mysterious as the moon. In was a legendary fantastic creature in the tales of the Western God's Domain, and was said to be one of the avatars of Ionia.

No one knew the true body of the seven colored creature, people only knew its code name, "God Phoenix".

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