Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 443

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Chapter 443: Descend With the True Body

In the Mechanus God's Domain, in the satellite colony used to monitor the Alpha Starfield for meteors.

"The Solar Wing Arrays from the 1st to the 13th array! Open up!"

"The targets are the receivers of the Planet Quadrant Computers!"

In the satellites, the engineers that operated the Solar Wings, all complained.

"What are the big shots thinking? They just sent the red alert and now they’ve ordered us to launch the Solar Wing Arrays. Aren't they the weapons used to destroy meteorites?"

"I heard that it was a coup!"

"What? Coup?! Which family did it?"

To the ordinary people of the Mechanus God's Domain, they were used to the changes of the representatives of the noble families. Anyway, no matter who the new representatives were, they were all from the few families.

"No, no, it's different this time! I heard that it was a force called 'Elf Party'!" Although their team leader heard some rumors from his secret channel, he only had half-baked knowledge about the coup. It wasn't just a change of the political parties, but a reform of the entire Mechanus God's Domain.

It was the new “highest’s” order, so the Solar Wing Arrays were launched.

One light column after another reflected on the Planet Computers by the Solar Wing Arrays, offering extra energy for the computers which were already working at full power.

The wings of destruction, which were built for breaking meteorites up, now became new extra power supplying devices.

Only Cyber Elf Alpha could accomplish this in the entire god's domain!

In the God Crystal, Alpha took a deep breath and started her last self-test.

"Launch all Planet Quadrant Computers at full capability!"

"Launch all Solar Wing Arrays!"

"Inject coolant liquids!"

"All set!"

Infinite light flows flowed to the God Crystal at great speed from all directions of the domain, wrapping around the girl's body.

Basking in the infinite flows of electrons, neutrons, and the quantum, the girl looked as if she came from a dream. Every second, there would be countless data flows flashing through her translucent pupils.

Gradually, translucent crystallizations appeared behind her, and every crystallization was prismatic; gradually, they formed a pair of wings which looked like the material of the God Crystal.

It was Alpha's avatar form, it meant that Alpha was ready to do her best.

In the front of her, there was a door, which would lead her to the God Tower, the world that was beyond the realm of reality and dream, connecting endless worlds by infinite star bridges.

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, all Star Go players entered the mystery world using the projections of their souls. Yun Xi used Teacher Casina's projection, Orfina used her own projection, and the three goddesses shared the same projection of Norn the God of Wisdom.

However, Alpha had a unique ability of her own.

As the cyber god, she could naturally transform her body between substance and information.

At this moment, what she was doing was to enter the world of towers using her real body.

She was going to the mystery world of the Starry Sky Chessboard using her true body!

Even Orfina and Norn couldn't do it, and didn't dare to do it. But now, Alpha would accomplish it.

Why? What does it mean? Even Alpha herself didn't quite understand her decision. She just wanted to do it, then did it.

Maybe this was the first thing she wanted to do after obtaining her freedom, "be wayward", even just for once!

On the Starry Sky Chessboard, Yun Xi looked at Cyber Elf Alpha in confusion. She had stopped moving for over 5 minutes, however, she still did nothing.

Not only so, Yun Xi felt that he could barely feel her existence, as if her soul had left the chessboard suddenly.



Light electric currents jumped, a vague figure gradually appeared behind Alpha.

It seemed that something was being transmitted into this world.

Yun Xi's ears listened to the sounds, the sounds of a newborn god, the sounds of a strong-minded young girl.

"I have died in the past, who will know my name and life story?"

The first thing he saw was her metallic antennas.

"I was lost in the unknown, who will know my place?"

Then the crystallization appeared, which stood for the highest authority of the Planet Computers.

"My heart has gone to nirvana, who can seek for its trace?"

Her translucent silver long hair flopped over the metallic crystallizations, and her beautiful face also gradually condensed in the air.

"My disappearance is already doomed, but I shall never stop."

Her snow-white bare feet stepped in the void above the Starry Sky Chessboard.

"The disaster hasn't been ended, and will last forever in eternity."

On her clothes patterned with endless electronic lines, countless quantum threads stretched out, connecting her with the computers in the remote Mechanus God's Domain.

"My fear, my tear, my heart are empty."

The girl lightly opened her mouth and whispered.

"I'm nothing, I'm void, I'm ash, I'm desolation."

She put down her hands and pinched the corners of her dress, her whole body had been all exposed in the air.

"The gods have died, the twilight is coming. As the light is still shining on the ground, I return from eternity!"

Under the lights of stars, Alpha's skin looked soft and smooth, reflecting milky lights.

"Hello, I'm Alpha."

Yun Xi looked at the cyber god. His mouth opened wide, but he couldn't find any words.

Everything had shown a clear truth which he didn't expect before.

The strongest opponent he thought, the only 7 star points chess player he had seen was just a little girl!

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