Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 440

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Chapter 440: Alpha Has Gone Crazy (2)

"This time... even we can't stop Alpha."

"Oh... Alpha’s really pissed off."

"Humans. What an inconsistent race."

The elves shrugged their shoulders together. They didn't know why Alpha suddenly went crazy, but apparently, the nobles didn't understand the meaning of "god".

Even the Elf Race was the favorite race of the world, only a dozen legend ranked elves in the race had entered the realm of god.

It was the Elf Race, they were the long life elves! Even so, the entire race had only a dozen gods.

Quite frankly, Alpha was far more exalted than any of them from the moment she was born.

The nobles wanted to control a god using the encryption key written in the computers? What an arrogant and ridiculous idea!

Gods were the incarnations of immortality, the aggregation of the rules of the universe. They would never be controlled by any mortals.

If they didn't obtain the God Crystal, it wasn't possible to create a real god!

With great difficulty, we finally created the real cyber god for the Mechanus God's Domain, and now, all our efforts had been destroyed by these nobles. What were they thinking?!

Did they really think that Alpha, a real god could do nothing as long as she couldn't use the computing power of the Planet Computers?

The Planet Computers were indeed the foundation stones of her power, however, what made you think that she would lose her power after leaving the Planet Computers?

As long as there was still an electronic device in the entire Mechanus God's Domain, Alpha would be immortal!

Unless the entire Mechanus God's Domain degenerated to be a slash-and-burn civilization, Alpha would be forced to fall into sleep.

Even so, she would only sleep but wouldn't die, unless they also ruined the God Crystal totally at the same time.

Could the God Crystal be destroyed? Maybe they could, maybe they couldn't, but before that happened, the Mechanus God's Domain must have been destroyed countless times. After all, the God Crystal was a legacy from the Twilight of the Gods, it was a treasure born from the carcasses of gods.

Moreover, they couldn't even freeze the Planet Quadrant Computers now.

"Start synchronizing..."

Alpha stretched out her snow-white hands, combing her hair. With the moves of her fingers, one Planet Computer after another fell under her control.

"We can't hold on! Even the Planet Computers that haven't been booted are out of our control!"

"We can't understand her method! Everything is unknown! Alpha! This is Alpha!"

"My god, is this the power of the god we created? How did she do it? How did she erase the encryption key? It was a hardware lock!"

"Bastard... this ungrateful little elf! In order to build the Planet Computers, how many resources have we spent? How can she shamelessly rob them from us!" Putting a cigar in his mouth, Golan stomped with rage.

The Planet Quadrant Computers were the most important treasures of the entire Mechanus God's Domain. Golan's heart was bleeding when he heard that they lost the control of them.

They are Planet Quadrant Computers! They are bigger and more expensive than stars! They are the cores of the entire god's domain!

Damn it! What did the engineers promise to me? Alpha's existence relied on the Planet Computers, as long as we could control all the Planet Computers, we never needed to worry about Alpha.

Now, Alpha had taken over 50 Planet Computers, and the rest would also be taken soon.

What can we do? What can we do!

"It seems that the worst situation has happened. Although it's a pity, I think it's time to perform the final plan." General Lorton looked at the screen in front of him regretfully.

On the screen, it was a map formed by all Planet Computers, and each Planet Computer was presented as a light point on the screen. Now, one light point after another was disappearing, which meant that Alpha had taken over their authority.

General Lorton knew very few of electronic technologies, he didn't understand why this was happening. However, since it had happened, he had to accept it and did his best to reduce the loss.

"Do we really have to perform the final plan? The elves are still on the planet!" The representatives of noble families said with a hesitated look. Once they used the final method, they could never turn back.

"It doesn't matter, just tell the elf race that it's an experimental accident. When it refers to god, anything is possible to happen." General Lorton said coldly and supported his chin with his both hands.

"The final plan... I never expected that we would really have to perform it." Golan drew out a silk handkerchief and wiped the sweat on his forehead away.

As the method of the final plan, they buried nuclear bombs under the grounds of all Planet Computers. Once they performed it, all Planet Computers would be bombed out.

Once they input the detonation code, they could never turn back!

Since we can't control her, we must destroy her!

After this accident, we would make a more perfect plan. Next time, the new god we would create, Cyber God Beta or Cyber God Gamma, whatever, we must fetter the next god with more methods!

One red button after another appeared in the front of the nobles. Once they all pressed the buttons, the final plan would be performed and all the nuclear bombs would be detonated.

Especially the planet where the God Crystal located, they buried the most bombs, which was sufficient to shatter the entire planet.

"Humans are the strongest!"

"Alpha, farewell."

"What a pity. It won't be that easy to find another group of stupid elves."





All the nobles pressed the red buttons in the front of them!

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