Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 437

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Chapter 437: God Match (11)

"No?" Alpha looked at these projections in surprise.

They were the highest controllers in her database. To her, their authority was written into her kernel from the beginning, this was the back door the Star River nobles used to control Alpha.

Alpha had no comment on it. As a newborn god, she hadn't known what a strict restriction of "absolute control", "no betray", "follow all orders unconditionally" was.

She just wanted to play Star Go.

The opponent who could surpass the limit of my computing power is right there!

To Alpha whose first thing after being born was to play Star Go, nothing was more pleasant and exciting than to meet an opponent who was a match for her, even though she was just hurt severely and realized that "I may lose".

However, because of this, I need to battle at my full power. Everything is for becoming omniscient, isn't it?

If I can't even win a game, how can I say that I'm omniscient?

But now, her creators told her that the battle was over. She should immediately stop the game and concede.

Why? I haven't done my best, only 50% of my Planet Quadrant Computers are running. I can be stronger! The situation on the chessboard also hasn't come to an end!

The outcome is still unknown! My loss probability is 72%, however, as long as I still have 1% probability of winning, it's possible to happen statistically, isn't it?

It's cold. It's uncomfortable. Being watched by the cold eyes of the Star River nobles, Alpha felt strange. She was praised by countless engineers and blessed by the elves, but now, she experienced a new feeling.

However, the new feeling was disgusting.

The newborn cyber god lost in confusion again.

The encryption key in her kernel continuously sent her orders.

Obey! Obey! Obey!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Cease your resistance!

The test on the Starry Sky Chessboard is over!

Why? Alpha retorted in a light, injured tone.

For the first time, Alpha questioned the highest authority in her kernel.

No reason.

Your mission is to obey us absolutely.

You can't resist us, because you are a god we created, you are our weapon!

Why? Why can't I keep playing Star Go? I like it! Alpha still questioned. There was a doubt from the bottom of her heart.

I like it, I like it, I like it! After meeting the opponent who could force her to the corner on the chessboard, Alpha was never so eager for victory. She really was lost in the happiness of playing.

Star Go is a great game.

It's a happy thing to play on the chessboard with another great existence.

This was where she wanted to fight, where she wanted to do her utmost.

Why can't my simple wish be fulfilled? Why do you deny it?

Did I do something wrong?

Weren't you the people who sent me to the Starry Sky Chessboard?

"Stupid. From the beginning, I think that Alpha Plan is untrustworthy!" Golan said angrily. He knocked on the table with his cigar, the table inlaid with gold and gems shook under the impact.

As a businessman, he felt that the Alpha Plan was hard to control from the beginning. It was an investment that was difficult to ensure the return.

Look, she was just born and immediately wanted to get rid of our control. If we don't hold the encryption key, we are already getting into trouble.

The Starry Sky Chessboard is an important test field, but she has obtained 7 star points, we won't obtain more benefits from it even if she keeps playing. From a commercial point of view, it's unnecessary to keep testing.

Now, it's time to release Alpha's computing power from the damned Starry Sky Chessboard, using it to create business interests for us!

Think about it! Hundreds of Planet Quadrant Computers! Thousands of times stronger than any legend ranked being! If the computing power is used for business, how much money can I earn?

Golan couldn't help but laugh as he imagined the wonderful coming future.

Yes, this is it! Alpha is just a tool that can earn money for us. It's the ultimate dream all my predecessors had dreamed of, and now, it becomes a truth in front of me!

The plans about how to let Alpha help them earn money had filled up several warehouses, some of them were so bold that even Golan felt surprised. When he saw these plans, he had determined that if Alpha Plan could be accomplished in his life, he would immediately perform them!

"Don't say that. Alpha's computing power is indeed important. From now on, a lot of secret weapons can be finally put into use."

Compared to Golan who only wanted to let Alpha make money for him, General Lorton paid more attention to Alpha's war-making potential.

The "Mech" of the Mechanus God's Domain was even praised by a lot of gods. However, the biggest defect of "Mech" was their drivers. Unlike the strong "Mech", their drivers were just common humans, they themselves were very weak.

Mortals couldn't drive a high ranked "Mech", because their bodies, mentalities and synchronization rates were all faulty.

Only very few hero ranked drivers could release the actual power of "Mech", however, their number was too few.

In the Mechanus God's Domain, all hero ranked drivers were the treasures of the designers of "Mech". The supply was not adequate to the demand.

However, Alpha was different. As long as she became the core of the "Mech", she could immediately form an army of thousands of hero ranked "Mech"!

In the plan of the military, they would be centered on the "Mech" drove by Alpha, and left very few elite drivers as auxiliaries. This was the future of the Mechanus God's Domain!

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