Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: God Match(2)

Yun Xi was the final opponent she needed to defeat. After that, she would achieve a total victory on the Starry Sky Chessboard. This was what Cyber Elf Alpha judged.

For this purpose, the computing power she used now was beyond the limit of when she played with Norn the God of Wisdom. Apart from that, three more Planet Quadrant Computers were supporting her in the Mechanus God's Domain.

The resource expenditure of the Planet Computers was costly. Although they could draw the necessary energy of the planets themselves to maintain their running, once they entered full force calculation mode, they would draw extra energies from the core of the planets, which could cause damage to the environment of the planets.

Even though only one-fifth of machine sets were running, the energies they consumed were still massive, the coolant liquids they were using could even fill up a ocean.

These coolant liquids were not the products of the planets themselves, but the special products of the Mechanus God's Domain. They were specially made for these Planet Computers.

The rule of equivalent exchange was valid in all worlds. Alpha's amazing computing power was building on these planet level consumption of materials.

Cyber Elf Alpha didn't look down on Yun Xi at all. She treated him more seriously than even when she played with Norn the God of Wisdom.

However, after 10 rounds, Alpha found that some rare logical errors appeared in her counter circuits.

It was a really strange and incredible problem to Alpha.

For the first time, Cyber Elf Alpha realized that there were bugs in her calculating programs!

Code name: Cloud.

Model 1 of calculating the winning rate: over 90%. He has made three big mistakes till now, which has greatly raised his possibility of failure to 99%.

Prediction: I can defeat him after 50 rounds with a great advantage.

Model 2 of calculating the winning rate: unknown. I can't predict his next move. His style doesn't meet any models in my database.

Prediction: Before I make an advanced prediction, I must update my calculation programs and upgrade the mathematical models.

The first model was based on Alpha's experience, which was easy to be inferred by all Star Go players.

Yun Xi's style was easy-to-understand, it wasn't complicated at all. He didn't use any formalized series of moves or tricks, because no one taught him about these.

At first glance, he was just a common newbie. With the amazing analytical ability of her supercomputers, Alpha easily found that he hadn't even understood all the rules of Star Go.

Even Alpha would use formalized series of moves to reduce the cost of computing power. However, Yun Xi knew nothing about them, he just put down his chess pieces by following his feelings.

Most experienced Star Go players, for example. Black Mage would give a wee smile in the face of such a newbie, then crush his chess pieces on the chessboard using the most fierce attack without mercy.

Of course, Black Mage had been taught a painful lesson. He didn't dare to hold such an idea anymore.

After calculating, Cyber Elf Alpha also drew a similar conclusion.

In the final analysis, her experience was just a combination of data sets, which could be summed up after calculating.

The formalized series of moves of Star Go was a similar thing, it was the basics, the trick, the method that was used to save the player's computing power.

Each formalized series of moves was a valuable experience and wealth, it was the weapon saved in Alpha's database. No one was stronger than Alpha when using formalized series of moves, she could crush anyone on the chessboard if anyone wanted to compete with her.

Her computing power was so terrible that even Orfina's instinct and Norn's prophecy were inferior to her.

No matter what formalized series of moves her opponent was using, Alpha could even predict her opponent's next 10 steps. However, Yun Xi didn't understand anything about formalized series of moves, therefore, she could find no method to deal with him from her massive database.

Moreover, there was no record about the battle around tengen in any formalized series of moves! Therefore, errors occurred in her calculation.

Her logical loop formed two distinct judgments.

The first was that her opponent was just a newbie, victory was already waving its hands at her.

The second was distinct. Because there was no record in her database, she could find no method to analyze Yun Xi's style and predict his next move.

The "unknown" has appeared.

The two distinct judgments put Alpha into a tight spot.

It was an overwhelmingly weird phenomenon.

If it was a Planet Computer, it would calculate over and over again in loops, pursuing a result which could never be calculated, because the corresponding data hadn't been inputted into its database.

However, Cyber Elf Alpha wasn't just a cold machine.

She was a god born from the God Crystal, the highest wisdom that was controlling all the Planet Computers.

In the face of the unknown logical loop, she chose to pause the game, updating her database first.

After the 10 rounds, Cyber Elf Alpha first stopped playing and started self-checking.

In the Mechanus God's Domain, engineers held their breaths, looking at their god slowly opening her eyes.

"Five minutes... update all data sets... build a new folder specifically for the game style around tengen..." An emotion named "seriousness" was burned inside this newborn god's crystal-like clear eyes.

At that moment, all people felt a special aura, just like the wind sweeping through a tower heralds a rising storm in the mountains!

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