Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 419

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Chapter 419: The Inevitable Conclusion

The first aura was passionate and bold, just like scorching lava. It contained the feeling of tyranny and a trace of dark sense.

The second aura was warm and soft, as intoxicating as the fragrance from the new flowers under the sun.

The third aura was vibrant and curious, it was afraid, but also wanted to get close.

No, they were not just three distinct auras, they were approaching him!

The phenomena reflected onto the chessboard, making the situation on the star map became more chaotic. Yun Xi felt as if Norn's chess pieces had vanished. They all became a part of his chess pieces!

He is strong! No wonder that Norn the God of Wisdom had 6 star points!

Yun Xi was lost in wonder. He started to imagine how strong the 7 star points, 8 star points, and 9 star points chess players were.

However, the Starry Sky Chessboard seemed to have a newbie protection mechanism, otherwise, he wouldn't meet so many 1 star point, 2 star points and 3 star points chess players. If this mechanism still worked, he still stood a chance to obtain 100 victories in a row.

Even if I can't achieve it this time, I will figure it out the next time. Maybe this is what Teacher Casina wanted to teach me. Don't be complacent after winning, don't be discouraged after being defeated. Even though Star Go is just a simple game, I must be serious.

Well, from the situation on the chessboard, I have the upper hand. Tengen is the key. If I didn't put my first chess piece onto tengen, the Mimic Go would be really difficult to deal with.

If I didn't win the game of guessing odd and even, maybe I would’ve lost this time.

"Pa!" Yun Xi thought and put down another chess piece.

"Ah!" Urd shook with an incredible look on her face. Only she herself knew if it was shyness or relief.

"..." Verdandi ground her teeth and lowered her head. She didn't want to let anyone see her emotions this moment.

"Whoa! Evildoer! Villain!" Only Skuld hadn't conceded. She was still trying to resist.

Amongst the three goddesses, she was the most aggressive one with a winning mentality.

Just like newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, she was also afraid of nothing.

Urd gave up resistance. Her eyes blankly stared into the air, letting the wave of pain and joy sweep across her soul.

Verdandi couldn't speak anything, although she still tried to support Skuld, she had no strength to move.

In fact, the truth that she still maintained silence facing the shock in her soul had proved that she had a kind, upright and pure heart.

Silence itself was the last support she could offer her younger sister, Skuld.

"I do not concede! I do not concede! I do not concede!" Although she was crying and her hands uncontrollably put the chess pieces onto the chessboard, she still didn't give up.

Even if the world had been covered by darkness, she still tried to be the last light to protect her sisters.

"Pa!" Yun Xi's 60th chess piece pushed into the souls of the three goddesses, although he himself didn't know it.

"Whoa! Scoundrel! Don't bully my sisters!" Skuld stretched out her hands, trying to stop the evil soul shock.

Unfortunately, in the face of the "ko" of the entire star map, her resistance was negligible.

The result of the war had been doomed from the moment the three goddesses cheated on the chessboard using their abilities.

They could see the threads of fate, they would be tangled by the web made of the threads of fate. It was the rule of the balance of all things.

Skuld's resistance finally failed at the 64th round. The stronger she resisted, the heavier the punishment would become.

On the chessboard, her last move became the last straw that broke the camel's back.

"Hum?" Yun Xi suddenly realized that he had won.

The chess pieces of Norn the God of Wisdom suddenly collapsed into itself as if an invisible hand just wiped them off from the chessboard.

Yun Xi didn't even form any "ko" such as the Sanctuary of Wind or the Sanctuary of Fire, he had won.

Originally, the God of Wisdom was the strongest opponent he had seen, but he was defeated so quickly and inexplicably.

"I will never play Star Go with this person!" Finally, Urd woke up from the shock in her soul. She pressed the button that stood for conceding.

"..." Verdandi still kept silent, because she was afraid that once she opened her mouth, she would groan uncontrollably.

"We lose! Bad person! He is bullying my sisters! He is our enemy!" Skuld cried.

It was a crushing defeat that was even worse than the game with Cyber Elf Alpha. At the least, Alpha didn't really defeat them. They just ran out of time.

Maybe they didn't just lose the game, but lost more things than could be described by words.

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