Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 408

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Chapter 408: The Golden Red Light

Orfina's wonderful future was already close enough to touch!

They were both at the legend rank and had great talents, and now, they even started to like the same game. From the bottom of her heart, Orfina thought that Casina was the other half of her life.

When she was still a child who longed for her father just like her younger sister, Mumu Salabert, she asked what the feeling was to fall in love.

"Love is an impulse from the bottom of your heart. When you look at your lover, you will naturally realize that he is the right person."

"No matter how many opponents I will have, I will be the final winner."

"No matter how much I will pay, I will let him become my possession."

"Never give up, never fall back, even if the entire world is against me, I will be honest to my heart."

"If you meet such a person one day, just do what you want."

"We dragons never concede!"

When Orfina was bigger, she knew what the terrible mistake her father had made was. She felt confused.

"Mom, my father is so indecisive and frivolous, why do you like him?"

The great dragon god opened her black wings, covering countless stars. She answered her confused little daughter, "So what?"

"Hum? But... isn't love a resonance between two lovers?"

"Yes, I'm also doing my best, but I still can't kill those 'three'..." The dragon god swung her tail, knapping three newborn stars.

"Why don't they just quit without affectation? I'm the only one who loves him in this world!"

"If I caught him at that time... I shouldn't be deceived by him and agree for him to build these star bridges!"


Orfina's great mom's answer really shocked her young heart. For the first time, she realized that her mom wasn't omnipotent, at least, her father once deceived her mom.

After that, Orfina started to study the star bridges and towers. Relying on her familiarity to stars, she finally came to the Starry Sky Chessboard.

When she first saw the star map on the Starry Sky Chessboard, her heart was captured. She believed that this was her holy land, her battlefield.

In this world, she could show herself, proving the value of her life.

Just like the Battle God's Championship Contest was Casina's highest stage, this was her highest stage too.

At this time, at this place, she would defeat Casina and obtain the highest glory in this mystery world, just like what Casina obtained in the Battle God's Championship Contest!

It would be the best celebration after proposing!

Therefore, I will do my best.

Calculating! Calculating! Calculating! I will win after 7 rounds! Orfina gave her whole attention to the golden red chessboard.

Her chess pieces and Casina's had captured all the main points on the chessboard, however, her chess pieces had dominated most of the areas on the chessboard. Casina's chess pieces were divided into two corners, looking like a pair of wings that had been torn open.

Anyone who knew the basic rules of Star Go could see that Orfina had occupied the absolute advantage.

"Casina, don't concede quickly, I have something to say after this game." Orfina took a deep breath with a serious look.

"Hum? Concede?" Yun Xi looked at the chessboard in confusion. Everything just went smooth, the pair of wings were already going to form. Is there something I don't see?

"Yes, I'm sorry because I will let you face a crushing defeat, but, keep your chin up! As a rookie, you are doing well."

"I didn't suspect that you would also play Star Go someday." Orfina said honestly, praising "Casina", the most perfect dream lover in her heart.

Gender won't be a problem.

Race won't be a problem.

As long as we love each other, it's enough!

Casina and I can pass through all tests and couple up happily!

We can drink and chat, and do this thing and that thing every day. This was heaven in Orfina's heart.

Now, she was only 6 rounds away from heaven.

In fact, Casina was still too naive in Orfina's heart. Her Star Go Strength was just at the beginner level. When she put her first chess piece onto tengen, her failure was already doomed.

"Well... it's easy to understand." Yun Xi glanced at the chessboard again, making sure that he didn't make any mistake.






Every sound of putting down the chess pieces was the sweet countdown leading to heaven.

The fifth round from the end of the game, the figure of Rathalos had vaguely appeared. The fierce dragon was going to wake up.

The fourth round from the end of the game, hum? Something isn't right. But it doesn't matter, my victory is already mine.

The third round from the end of the game, victory is close at hand.

Orfina started to prepare the words she would say after a while.

"I love you. We must’ve been lovers in our past lives, so we can meet each other in this life."

"You and your Sands of Time are the forever colors in my mind."

"You are the brightest star in the Battle God's Championship Contest, and I will pick off the crown of the Starry Sky Chessboard, presenting it to you."

"In my eyes, you are so bright and beautiful today. My honey, my gem, you are my unique flower in the world."

The second round from the end of the game, Orfina put down the chess piece which stood for her hope and future.

"Casina, marry me."

1 round. After 1 round, I can win and marry you!

"Ok, it's over..." Yun Xi put down his chess piece in the center of Orfina's chess pieces, in the place where the heart of the fierce fire dragon was.

The next second, a gorgeous figure with a pair of golden red wings shot up from the chessboard, flying above the entire star map with infinite golden red flames!

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