Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 405

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Chapter 405: Identity Is Exposed?

"Isn't he a strange man?" Yun Xi remembered the chess player called Black Mage, who gave up playing after seeing Yun Xi's Sanctuary of Wind.

After 11 games, Yun Xi gradually learned to conjecture the strength of his opponent from the star points above their heads.

So far, Black Mage was the strongest, because he had 4 star points, his moves were skillful and his tricks were also very interesting.

However, in Yun Xi's mind, Maha Mystery's Star Go Strength was slightly stronger than Black Mage.

"My opponents will be stronger and stronger. 4 star points chess player is already so strong, how about 7 star points chess player or even 9 star points chess player? Their Star Go Strength must be as strong as a monster!" Yun Xi clenched his fists. Star Go was really easy, and Teacher Casina thought that he could achieve 100 successive victories easily, however, he wasn't going to let down his guard.

Referred to the game of Go in the mortal world, he himself should be just a beginner, a 4 star points chess player should be an average player, a 6 star points chess player should be a real expert, and a 9 star points chess player should be a high mountain that wasn't possible to climb now.

He shouldn't meet 8 star points or 9 star points players too early. The strongest opponent was the 4 star points chess player, Black Mage, perhaps it was the protection mechanism of the Starry Sky Chessboard to newbies.

If he only needed to play with other newbies, he was confident to achieve 100 victories in a row!

"Master, is Star Go interesting?" Looking at Yun Xi's face, even Mei'er could see his confidence.

"Yes, it's interesting! It's an easy and interesting game, I can't wait for the next turn!"

"The star maps are beautiful, when I put down chess pieces, I felt as if I was touching the real stars. It's fantastic!"

"Thank you, Teacher Casina. Thank you for recommending me to the Starry Sky Chessboard!"

Mei'er looked around and murmured, "Master, this game isn't as simple as you think."

"But, it doesn't matter, as long as you enjoy it!"

At the same time, Cyber Elf Alpha defeated another 4 star points chess player.

"No, impossible... what happened?" The 4 star points chess player, "Maple Teeth" supported his hands on the chessboard and gazed at his remaining chess pieces fixedly.

He was really shocked by Cyber Elf Alpha's computing power!

"What are you?" Everyone who had played with Alpha had this doubt in their minds.

The gap of computing power couldn't be so wide amongst legend ranked beings. Everyone was shocked by Alpha's overwhelming computing power.

After defeating "Maple Teeth", Cyber Elf Alpha had achieved 40 victories in a row.

When other people had only played a dozen turns, Cyber Elf Alpha had achieved 40 successive victories and obtained 4 star points.

Her computing power was far beyond anyone's imagination.

From the beginning, none of them could take any advantages in the face of her, most chess players were defeated by her within 50 rounds. Black Mage was a rare exception that could set and launch his "ko".

In some sense, Black Mage's "Sea of Chaos" was the only Star Go Style that made a few troubles to Alpha. In order to find the rules amongst the chaos Black Mage created on the chessboard, she had to increase her computing power tenfold.

When playing with Black Mage, Cyber Elf Alpha had rarely requested support, asking for increasing the number of planet computers.

After defeating Black Mage, the next 9 turns of game didn't make any trouble for Alpha.

Now, there were only two opponents that were still blocking her way from becoming the strongest Star Go player.

The well-known strongest attack, Orfina the Ruby Dragon.

The well-known strongest defense, Norn the God of Wisdom, the only 6 star points chess player.

They didn't make Alpha wait too long.

As the biggest black horse, Cyber Elf Alpha finally met Norn the God of Wisdom at her 41st turn of the game!

When the list appeared, it instantly attracted the eyes of all the legend ranked beings who were looking at the Starry Sky Chessboard.

The biggest black horse, the supernova star of Star Go, Cyber Elf Alpha.

The strongest chess player, the number one wise man in the endless god's domains, Norn the God of Wisdom.

Who is the strongest? Who will be the new king of Star Go? Countless people looked at the "tower", waiting for the result.

Cyber Elf Alpha played 40 rounds and achieved 40 victories in a row.

Norn the God of Wisdom played 27 rounds and achieved 27 successive victories.

No matter who was the final winner, everyone was sure that this turn of the game would become a masterpiece throughout the ages. Many people were waiting for the record of this Star Go game after they decided who was the winner.

At the same time, Yun Xi just started his 15th turn of the game.

"Hum? This smell... Hey, Casina, is it you?!" Orfina the Ruby Dragon looked at "A Cloud in the Sky" in surprise.

Even though the figure of "A Cloud in the Sky" was covered with starlights, however, Casina was Orfina's best friend! How could she mistake the unique smell of her best friend?

"No, I'm not Casina the Battle God!"

Yun Xi retorted guiltily. He was just a fake, he didn't want to expose his identity now!

"Humph, liar. How will I mistake your smell? Don't forget the past we slept in the same bed!"

Orfina licked her lips, remembering Casina's alluring body scent, slender legs, warm lips, and the aroma of the wine.

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