Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 403

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Chapter 403: It's Impossible!

Cyber Elf Alpha's computing power was hundreds of times stronger than any legend ranked beings. Black Mage didn't believe that there would be another "monster" this time!

Therefore, when he saw Yun Xi put his first chess piece onto tengen, he forced a ferocious smile.

Do you really think that you are a monster like Cyber Elf Alpha? Newbie, I will teach you what a cruel world the Starry Sky Chessboard is!

"Pa!" "Pa!" "Pa!" Both of them put down their chess pieces quickly, and Black Mage smoothly brought the situation on the chessboard into chaos.

Very well, I will win!

Black Mage carefully observed the style of "A Cloud in the Sky", and he confirmed that his style of playing Star Go wasn't like Alpha's strange style at all.

His moves have shown that he is totally a newbie!

How did he successfully pass the entrance test? He is totally a beginner of Star Go! How did he achieve 10 victories in a row before?

Black Mage didn't find any trap on the chessboard and any strange moves of Yun Xi's chess pieces.

After being defeated by Cyber Elf Alpha, he needed such a game to rebuild his self confidence!

"Pa!" The 53rd round, Black Mage successfully summoned the Black Death Hexagram again.

The shadow of black cloak appeared behind Black Mage again. He sneered as cold as a god of death.

When his Black Death Hexagram launched, one fifth of Yun Xi's chess pieces were eaten.

"Ha ha ha!" Black Mage laughed in a creepy tone.

The newbie has been recorded on the list of the God of Death! He already has no chance to reverse the situation!

Even Orfina the Ruby Dragon was defeated by Black Mage's Black Death Hexagram once, how can this newbie escape from it?

Cyber Elf Alpha could win, because she had predicted the appearance of his Black Death Hexagram by using her terrible computing power. She summoned four hexagrams by using the power of his hexagram itself.

Unless this newbie's computing power was also hundreds of times stronger than his, otherwise, it wasn't possible to reproduce what Cyber Elf Alpha did before!

The deduction, prediction, tricks and plans in his game with Alpha was massive. If they wrote their calculation procedures on papers, Black Mage's calculation could cover the surface of a land and Cyber Elf Alpha's calculation could cover the entire surface of a world!

After learning from the game with Alpha, Black Mage became more careful.

Even though his opponent was just a newbie, he wouldn't give him any chance. Only "a thorough victory" could help him restore confidence.

"Hmm, it's time now." Looking at the "ko" Black Mage made, Yun Xi nodded.

Black Mage was probably the strongest chess player he had ever met. From the beginning, Black Mage was preparing for the appearance of the "ko".

This was Black Mage's style, Chaotic Trap, which he created after playing Star Go thousands of times in the "Sea of Chaos" he built in the real world.

Cyber Elf Alpha's style was building on the Planet Quadrant Computers and all kinds of affiliated satellites.

"Black Death Hexagram" was Black Mage's road of victory.

"Infinite Computing Power" was Cyber Elf Alpha's absolute advantage of winning.

Black Mage dragged his opponent into the sea of chaos, then defeated his opponent by using his rich experience.

Cyber Elf Alpha analyzed her opponent's advantage and made up her own disadvantage by her overwhelming computing power.

Their styles seemed to be different, but the nature was the same. Most chess players followed the same rule.

No matter what the style was, the basic was computing power.

Every chess player of Star Go was a real mathematician that had overwhelming, godlike computing power.

Till today, an unknown newbie broke into this world.

"Pa!" Yun Xi put down his chess piece.

"The wind rises."

This chess piece stood for "connection". After being put down, one third of the area on the chessboard became the Sanctuary of Wind.

"What?!" Black Mage opened his mouth wide.

How can this be possible? No, the Sanctuary of Wind, it not even possible for that to appear in that area! Moreover, it has occupied one third of the area of the chessboard!

Compared to Yun Xi's Sanctuary of Wind, his Black Death Hexagram was too small. They aren't at the same level!

Where am I? Who is playing with me? What happened?

Oh, right, when did he build the Sanctuary of Wind? That area doesn't meet any of the requirements for establishing the Sanctuary of Wind!

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