Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: The Same Tengen

"Tengen is really useful!"

Looking at Tao Quan Zi, Yun Xi felt a strong emotion in his heart, though couldn’t see his face.

In order to launch the Disaster of Sky and Earth, Yun Xi needed to meet a lot of preconditions. Anyone wanting to accomplish this needed to master the star map on the chessboard, so it was necessary to put the first chess piece onto tengen.

In the changing star map, only Tengen was always stable. It was the core of the entire star map.

"It's really a rewarding trip! The Disaster of Sky and Earth really exists! Thank you!" Looking at A Cloud in the Sky, Tao Quan Zi sighed.

He wasn't ashamed to be defeated by the Disaster of Sky and Earth.

"After this, come to Heaven Road Palace. Then we could play for three days and nights!"

Yun Xi now had 10 victories in a row.

The light above Yun Xi's head flashed. In a second, the star lights around him became brighter.

It meant that he had just formally become a chess player who had 1 star point. This identity was already sufficient to become a honored guest of all forces in the endless god domains world.

Because of Norn the God of Wisdom, it was a trend to play Star Go in the high society of the endless god's domains.

Many legend ranked beings were learning Star Go, but couldn't even step into the Starry Sky Chessboard. Any chess player who had obtained a star point, even just 1 star point, could be the tutor of these exalted legend ranked beings.

Even if Yun Xi left the Sky Tower now, his identity of 1 star point chess player was already able to let him live comfortably.

10 successive victories, it was already a shocking achievement amongst newbies.

However, this time, compared to Yun Xi, there was a more terrible "monster" around.

The 4 star points chess player, Black Mage's 13th round game.

Black Mage unluckily met Norn the God of Wisdom at his second round and was defeated. Apart from this, his play was smooth and he had achieved 10 successive victories.

It wasn't a bad thing to meet Norn at the second round.

Based on the unwritten rules of Star Go, for a long time, he wouldn't meet Norn again, which meant that it was perfectly possible to achieve a series of victories.

If he was lucky, he could achieve 20, no, 30, no, even 40 successive victories, as long as he didn't meet Orfina the Ruby Dragon quickly.

Moreover, he still stood a chance to defeat Orfina even if he met her.

His style was weird when he played Star Go, his attack was often abrupt and unexpected. Norn's style was stable, he wouldn't be affected by Black Mage's tricks, but his style restrained Orfina's style.

He was one of the few 4 star points chess players who could break even with Orfina.

If I'm really lucky, It’s even possible to achieve 60 successive victories!

Maybe I can become a 6 star points chess player after this game, just like Norn the God of Wisdom?

With such a joyful idea, Black Mage started his 13th round of the game.

In the game, not everyone's round of the game was the same. Based on the time they defeated their opponent or was defeated by their opponent, the rounds they had played were different.

When Black Mage played with Norn the God of Wisdom, the battle between them lasted for a long while. The gap between 4 star points and 6 star points wasn't wide enough to let Norn defeat him quickly.

Even Norn was defeated after his 60 successive victories the last time. He was defeated by Orfina, Duck Rome, and even him, Black Mage almost defeated Norn once.

Black Mage tested out Norn's Star Go Strength this time just now. He had to admit that he wasn't likely to defeat Norn this time in the game.

However, it's not a shame. Norn was the only 6 star points chess player, everyone was defeated by him more than once.

"3 star points... Cyber Elf Alpha..." Black Mage casually took a glance at his opponent's code name and star point. Suddenly, he froze.

Cyber Elf Alpha... isn't she one of the four newbies? How can it be possible that she already obtained 3 star points?

3 star points meant that she had achieved 30 successive victories, but... she was just a newbie!

If it's true, when I have just played 13 rounds of the game, she has won 30 rounds?

No, it can't be true! Star Go will drain large amounts of mental strength. It's not surprising to play several hours in a round of the game.

I did waste too much time when I played with Norn, but, 30 rounds? Are you kidding me?

"Pa!" Before Black Mage reacted, Cyber Elf Alpha had put down her first chess piece.

"Do you look down on me? How dare you give up your upper hand advantage?" Black Mage sneered when he saw the place of Cyber Elf Alpha's first chess piece.

Humph, I don't know who you are, you are probably a legend rank elf, it doesn't matter. The bloodline of "pointy ears" is indeed special.

However, I'm not a mortal either. I'm a dark mage who has activated my bloodline, the uncrowned king of ten god's domains!

In order to practice Star Go, I even made a real star map in the real world, using real stars as my chess pieces!

As a newbie, how dare you put the first chess piece in the center of the chessboard, where the tengen is?

Very well, I will teach you the cruel law of the jungle of Star Go!

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