Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 398

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Chapter 398: The Secret of Tengen

"Well, as expected, Star Go is pretty easy!" This was Yun Xi's feeling about his first game.

"The monk made a lot of mistakes!" As a star spirit, Mei'er easily found over ten mistakes the Sacred Monk Maha made.

In fact, Maha's line of thinking wasn't wrong, but from his second round, the natures of the chess pieces he put down had very few differences with the areas on the star map.

No, he didn't make everything wrong, it was just a very subtle, inconspicuous mistake. The nature of the area his chess pieces occupied were changing, he shouldn't launch any fierce attack in this situation.

Star Go was different from Go, although a few of the rules of the two games were similar, however, the chessboard of Star Go was a changing star map. The chess pieces on the star map would effect the star map and the star map would affect the chess pieces too.

Maha's biggest mistake was that he thought that Yun Xi was a newbie, so he let down his guard and launched an imprudent attack.

Even if his opponent was a "4 star points" chess piece, his opponent would be careful about his attack. Apart from Orfina who would definitely strike back immediately, other people would stand firmly and fight steadily in the face of his attack.

However, Yun Xi's style was different from any other chess player. In his eyes, Maha's fierce attack was equal to bringing about his own destruction!

When Yun Xi's chess pieces formed the first "ko", he had dominated the chessboard. Even in theory, Maha didn't have any chance to win, that was the reason his three incarnations sighed together.

No, it wasn't because Maha was weak. He created the Buddha dharma "Maha Mystery" and obtained the pictures of Mandala, his computing power was actually in the top three list.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Yun Xi, the "newbie" who didn't need to calculate and only played chess on his feelings.

At the same time, on another star map.

The top ten chess player last time, the wise man whose code name was "Duck Rome" stared at his remaining chess pieces in fear.

What happened? Am I defeated? How could it be true?

Is she really a newbie?

Her strong computing power and terrible sense of pressure... he never saw anyone like her before!

Maybe even Norn the God of Wisdom couldn't win against her when it came to computing power!

Her computing power was far stronger than any human, no, even gods were no match for her. She forced him to the corner within 30 rounds, how weird her Star Go style was!

"I concede!" Duck Rome threw down his remaining chess pieces.

It couldn't be called a "competition", the gap between them was so wide that he couldn't keep playing with her.

He had a feeling that she would really become a "dark horse" of this term of Star Go Competition.

Her computing power and deductive ability were even stronger than any god he had seen. He couldn't imagine "what" he was facing.

"Cyber Elf Alpha", looking at her code name, he sighed for the countless mysteries in the world of Star Go again.

"Monsters" really exist!

In the Kunlun God's Domain, on the altar in the Sky Tower.

A group of monks looked at the record the Starry Sky Chessboard showed.

"How can it be possible?"

"Maha was defeated in the first game?"

"He created 'Maha Mystery'! Who can defeat him so easily?"

"'A Cloud in the Sky', who is he?"

They were really shocked, because they knew although this was the first time Maha came into the Starry Sky Chessboard, but in the tests they did before, after borrowing powers from Manjusri Bodhisattva, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva and Maitreya Buddha, his Star Go Strength could be enhanced to 5 star points!

If he burned the pictures of Mandala, his Star Go Strength could even be increased to 6 star points, at the same level with Norn, the God of Wisdom!

How could he be defeated by an unknown newbie in the first game?

Who the hell is the 'A Cloud in the Sky'?

Yun Xi, the tenth game.

His opponent had 3 star points, whose code name was "Tao Quan Zi", was one of the elders of the Heaven Road's Palace and the master of the Plough Palace.

"Hey hey, young boy, the future belongs to you young people, but now, it's still our era!" Looking at Yun Xi, Tao Quan Zi smiled.

Oh, he is undoubtedly a newbie!

When did I see a newbie put the first chess piece in the center of the chessboard last time? He just gave up his first round of the game! (Maha: yes, I thought so before too!)

"Well... umm, yes, nice to meet you." Yun Xi touched his head in confusion.

Why didn't everyone see it? Putting the first chess piece in the center of the chessboard, the place called "tengen" is the basic of Star Go!

In his view, "tengen" was the most stable point in the entire star map.

If describing it use the mathematical term he just learned, it was the "initial point" of everything.

As long as he put the first chess piece at "tengen", he could "perceive" the trend and change of the entire star map.

When his chess piece occupied the "tengen", he could see all the natures of chess pieces and areas on the star maps.

Why didn't everyone put their chess piece at "tengen"? Yun Xi felt strange. Why did they give up their chance to obtain this upper hand?

When Yun Xi was on the offensive, he would always put his first chess piece at "tengen", even if he was on the defensive, he would put his chess piece at "tengen" as soon as possible.

As long as he put his chess piece at "tengen", he had won half of the game.

No wonder that Teacher Casina thought that I could obtain 100 successive victories easily.

Because it's really easy!

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