Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 393

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Chapter 393: The Tutorial of Starry Sky Chessboard

The appearance of the Starry Sky Chessboard was random. This time, it only opened in the Sky Tower, the God Tower and the Dragon Tower.

Rarely, people swarmed toward it in the three towers. They strived to step onto the stair from different star altars.

The rule of the Starry Sky Chessboard was to play a game called "Star Go", which was recognized as the highest crystallization of wisdom in the endless god domain world.

Its prototype was an old game called "Go", which was a game played with black and white pieces on a board of 361 crosses. However, "Star Go" was far more complicated than "Go", its chess pieces were "stars", and the players needed to play in the chessboard which would change continuously.

It referred to the knowledge of astronomy, geography and divination. Arguably, it was so complicated that even gods couldn't predict the result.

It was a game that only belonged to the wisest legend ranked beings in the universe, mortals wouldn't even be able to understand the rules of the Star Go.

In the mystery world of the Starry Sky Chessboard, "power" was meaningless, because only the people who could calculate quickly and understand the rules of stars had the opportunity to win this game.

"Stars" were the chess pieces and "star map" was the chessboard. From the first day this game was invented, there weren't any chessboards that were the same.

The star map would change continuously, even the appearing of the changes was such that no one expected. This was the mystery of the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Even if a person wasn't eager for the reward after achieving 100 successive victories, to play chess here was already a great opportunity for improving oneself. Therefore, every time the Starry Sky Chessboard appeared, people would strive to enter into it like a flock of ducks.

However, the Starry Sky Chessboard didn't open to everyone. Only the smartest people could step on the stair leading to this mystery world, and this was just the beginning.

Before formally starting the game, there was still a hard test to pass.


"The grading game? It’s used to test the player’s Star Go strength and explain the basic rules of Star Go?"

Looking at the huge chessboard in front of him, Yun Xi was annoyed.

Oh, I never heard about Star Go before, how can I achieve 100 successive victories?

Maybe the Star Go is very easy, and I will meet a lot of rookies, as long as I can understand the rules, I can win 100 times easily?

Is Teacher Casina a master-hand of Star Go? If so, it explains why she was so confident that I can win the final reward, the Soul Jade.

Yes, that must be the truth! After all, Teacher Casina is the sixth Sky Sword, it isn't surprising to know that she is good at the Star Go!

Yun Xi quickly accepted the explanation and started to learn the rules of Star Go.

Of course, if he was in the mystery world called "Battle God's Championship Contest", he would find that he had been armed with golden, sparkling legend ranked weapons to the teeth.

Most people would be scared to death and lose 90% of their combat power after seeing Casina's projection in the mystery world called "Battle God's Championship Contest".

After all, Casina was the absolute overlord of the Battle God's Championship Contest.

Because she had won so many times, the rewards she had obtained were already innumerable, after wearing the equipment she had, her defense power and attack power would be ten times stronger than anyone.

Even if it was a legend ranked being who wasn't inferior to Casina in the real world, after seeing her equipment in the "Battle God's Championship Contest", they would immediately turn away and concede.

If Yun Xi was in the "Battle God's Championship Contest", to achieve 100 successive victories would be as easy as traveling to the nearby town.

Of course, since he had entered the mystery world of "Starry Sky Chessboard", he wouldn't be able to know it now.

He had started to learn the rules of the Star Go with confidence.

"Um-hum, oh, it's pretty easy!" Yun Xi read the rules of the Star Go.

The players just needed to put chess pieces on the chessboard called "star map", occupying the territory on the star map, the one who obtained the absolute advantage on the star map would be the winner.

The rules were similar to the mortal's game, "Go", but the chess pieces were different.

Each of the chess piece of the Star Go had their own nature. Some of them were fire type, just like the planet full of lava in the real world; some of them were water type, just like the ice-covered planet in the real world.

The nature of the chess piece stood for different planets in the real world.

Similarly, the chessboard called "star map" was the same. It was the simulation of the real starry sky.

Before the game started, both sides of the players wouldn't know what the star map was and what kinds of chess pieces they would obtain. It was a great challenge to their computing power and understanding about the rules of the stars.

Now, in front of Yun Xi, it was the most basic star map, a simulation of a very small galaxy with nine slots.

In the box beside of his hand, there were 18 chess pieces waiting for his picking.

"Nine Chess Pieces Go" was the basic of the Star Go, it was used to test the handfeel of the player.

Theoretically, all the 18 chess pieces could be put into the 9 slots, but the natures of the chess pieces and the natures of the slots were different.

Based on the slots the chess pieces were put in, the power the chess pieces could release would be various.

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