Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 373

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Chapter 373: The Third Godlike Talent

When Yun Xi was in the Water God's world, the threads between him and the girls' seeds became vague, and Mumu's seed even disappeared.

In the past, this only happened when the seeds were too far away from him, such as his several childhood sweethearts.

After he successfully proposed to the one million girls and found the girls of Starwing Knights, the threads of their seeds became clear again.

When he left the Water God's world, he still didn't know where Mumu was. Later, he heard that Mumu was being protected by the twin witches.

As for why the twin witches did protect Mumu and why did the thread of her seed disappear, he knew the reason now.

After appearing in front of him again, Mumu was not a weak little girl anymore.

When she was on the island, she wasn't even at the first rank. She was just a girl who came to the desert island to look for her father alone.

He gave her his seed at that time, because he wanted to confer this poor child his power to protect herself.

But now, she was different.

Perhaps she was still the shy girl who wouldn't even hurt a squirrel, but the information of her seed had totally changed.

Mumu's seed:

Rank: unknown.

Bloodline: unknown.

Natural born abilities: Diamond Body.

Yun Xi rubbed his eyes. Yes, she had the "Diamond Body", one of the strongest Rigid Bodies. Just like his perfect Soft Body, her "Diamond Body" was far stronger than common Rigid Bodies.

Special Ability One: Body of Diamond. Her body was harder than steel, and her attacks could smash the ground and shake the sky.

Special Ability Two: Heart of Diamond. Her mentality won't be influenced by anything. No evil magic can twist her holy will and bloodline.

Special Ability Three: The Song of Time. The girl's song resounds throughout the sky. She has the potential to be the favorite child of god.

Unknown God Weapon (broken): It contains a strong power of sealing.

Just like the tip of an iceberg emerged out of the water, Mumu finally exposed a part of her super talents.

Basing on his experience, since he didn't obtain Hua Huo's Sky Flying Bloodline through her seed, he knew that it wasn't likely to obtain Mumus's Diamond Body.

The seeds could only transfer the host's experience to him, they wouldn't rob other people's bloodline powers.

However, although Yun Xi didn't have Hua Huo's Sky Flying Bloodline, he could use the "godlike skill" which her bloodline conferred her.

Although he just knew some surface knowledge of the Sky Flying Sword, he could use it.

What does this mean? It meant that Yun Xi could learn a skill which required a corresponding power of bloodline.

Mumu's Diamond Body was one of the godlike talents Yun Xi was eager for. When he saw the information through her seed, he was so surprised that his mouth grinned from ear to ear.

What a big, exciting surprise!

Yun Xi had only seen familiar talents from three people: the twin witches and Hua Huo.

He tried to plant a seed into Casina's body, but he failed.

Apparently, he couldn't plant his seeds into the people who were far stronger than him. At least, it wasn't possible to plant his seeds in legend ranked creatures such as Casina and Hydra now.

Mumu's Diamond Body was the third godlike talent his seed system had found. And although he didn't know the reason, but compared to the twin witches' seed, which was too hard to merge, the affinity of Mumu's seed was the highest with him.

Although Hua Huo was standing beside him and Mumu was still hundreds of metres away from him, he was still amazed that the experience Mumu's seed sent to him was two times higher than Hua Huo's seed!

A large amount of information of Mumu's Diamond Body was sent to him across space, being absorbed by his body. It was an experience that wasn't inferior to when he first obtained Hua Huo's seed.

Naturally, his body was gradually obtaining the power of Diamond Body, although it was totally different from his Soft Body.

Perhaps even Mumu herself didn't know what the information was, because it was a natural talent of her body, which didn't need to be learned by her mind.

However, Yun Xi understood it.

If his Soft Body was a river, then Mumu's Diamond Body was a mountain.

His Soft Body could let him twist the rules of the sky and earth.

Mumu's Diamond Body could let her smash the sky and earth using her fists and legs.

Two ultimate powers, two godlike talents, now Yun Xi had them both. Even his teacher Casina couldn't expect this to happen.

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