Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: Dragon Plant

Tumbling out of Hua Yue's room, Yun Xi ran to the garden of the cortile.

The floor area of the girl's dorm was large, one after another small but florid building formed a garden like beautiful scene.

The cortile connected all the buildings. It was a veritable large garden.

One after another big tree surrounded the garden like guardians of the dorm.

Under the morning sunlight, the cortile looked vibrant. Pigeons clucked on the trees and woodpeckers pecked the trunks. A lizard scrambled through a pile of leaves, making murmurous noises.

Suddenly, a gust of wind came from the field and went across the trees, shaking the leaves with shuffling sounds.

The warm sunlight shined on the stone tables and stone benches under the trees, and under the surface of the sparkling water, several small fish were swimming in the pool leisurely.

Everything looked beautiful and peaceful.

"Puff... puff... puff..." Pressing his hand on the trunk of a ten metres tall tree, Yun Xi tried to clear his mind.

If he stayed in the room longer, he didn't know what he would do! The image of Hua Yue's full breasts still haunted him in his mind, which was so hard to forget.

"Are they the reason she was chosen to be the leader of the Starwing Knights?" He didn't understand the judging criteria of girls, but he guessed that Hua Yue's full breasts must be a huge plus when the girls chose her to be their leader.

If the size of breasts could be converted into combat power, apart from Ling Ling, other girls would be beating down instantly.

What did she eat to be so well nourished at this age?

The Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen had lived thousands of years, so their bodies could be so perfect. How can a 16 year old human girl defeat them in this respect? It must be a kind of talent!

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" When he sighed, he heard a sound of something pounding, which sounded rhythmical and euphonious.

In the air, he vaguely smelled a fragrance which made his lungs feel fresh.

Walking in the direction from where the sound came, he walked to a patch of ground that was surrounded by a hedge. He could see that the hedge was just made, because there were still leaves remaining on the hedge.

Looking through the hedge, he saw several girls. Coincidently, he knew them all.

Lu Lu was holding a pickaxe and was loosening the soil.

Xiao Cao was practicing her sword skill on the land beside Lu Lu. She brandished her sword following a special breathing rhythm.

Mei Lan, the clerk of the Starwing Knights was looking at them.

And the other girls were also the members of the Starwing Knights. They were the elites of the civilian girls' camp.

There were two camps in the Starwing Knights: the "noble girls' camp" took Hua Yue as their leader, and the "civilian girls' camp" took Xiao Cao as their leader. Judging from their combat power, the civilian girls' camp was slightly stronger and their members were many more than the noble girls' camp.

At other times, the two camps were competing. Most of the time was for obtaining more of Yun Xi's bread.

"Hey! Ha! Ha!" After a while, Lu Lu stopped and put down the pickaxe, looking at the land with satisfaction.

She loosened the soil for planting herbs. Don't waste any open space, and the best solution is to plant something - it was a tradition of civilians in the entire Eastern God's Domain.

"Are you done?" Mei Lan asked Lu Lu with expectation.

"The soil here is good. I think... 50% of the herbs will be still alive in the fall." Lu Lu said in a hesitant tone.

"50%... not enough..." Xiao Cao stopped brandishing her sword and shaking her head.

"50%... indeed, it's not enough." Other girls also bit their fingers with a grudging look.

"What are you trying to plant?" Yun Xi asked the girls who looked disappointed.

He had shared Lu Lu's pharmacist talent through her seed, so he understood how good the soil here was. He didn't think that it's hard to plant herbs here.

"Dragon Plant. I want to cultivate this herb." Lu Lu blushed, but still answered his question honestly.

Hum? Dragon Plant... I’ve heard about it... He remembered that he did hear some girls of the Starwing Knights talking about it before.

Dragon Plant could be used to lure dragons. It was said that dragons liked to drink the wine made from Dragon Plants.

In a tale, a hero used it to make a dragon drunk and successfully slayed the dragon.

Of course, it was just a tale. Most dragons' bodies were longer than ten metres. If the tale was true, the dragon must have drunk a ton of wine made of Dragon Plant before it got drunk. The Dragon Plants Lu Lu just cultivated was like a drop in the bucket compared to the unit of a "ton".

"Why do you want to cultivate it? You want to sell them?" Yun Xi remembered that Dragon Plant was very expensive, because they were hard to cultivate. Any change of air, water or soil would make them withered.

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