Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: The Gravel of Time

The Sands of Time was the only known sky sword about the rules of "time". It was inherited in Casina's desert tribe from generation to generation, which was said that it could reverse time.

After becoming the sixth Sky Sword, Casina inherited it from the previous clan elder, however, she never used it in battle.

Many people doubted if Casina could really use the real power inside of this god weapon, after all, the rules of time were mysterious, it was a realm that even gods couldn't easily set foot in.

However, as long as any people saw this scene, they would understand that Casina was the sword's veritable master. Undoubtedly, the gravel-like lights were the power of the Sands of Time.

Stepping her bare feet onto Yun Xi's body, Casina checked his changes after practicing. "Hum... his physique was improved 3%, the flexibility of his body was improved 5%, and his bone and nerves were improved by 1%."

If scholars saw this data, they would go crazy. Theoretically, humans couldn't improve their bodies so much after just practicing for a night. It was a miracle!

In fact, Yun Xi's body had reached the peak of the third rank in the Water God's world. He just couldn't be compared to the "monsters" like Hua Huo, but was far better than ordinary people.

The three styles Casina taught him helped him increase the speed to surpass the limit of flesh and blood.

"The Sands of Time, tell me the lifetime of my disciple," Casina ordered her sky sword in a casual tone.

One of the abilities of her sky sword, the Sands of Time was to predict the lifetime of any target in front of it.

Of course, it just judged the lifetime of the target from the target's current life force. If the target was killed or died by disease in the future, it wouldn't be able to predict these accidents.

Before reaching the hero rank, mortals could only live about 100 years. Very few people could live 150 years even if their genes were very excellent, but their lifetimes couldn’t be higher.

After reaching the hero rank, the number would become different from person to person. According to their conditions when entering the hero rank and the practicing roads they had chosen, the highest record of a lifetime was ten thousands of years, and the shortest was three years.

The person whose lifetime was ten thousands of years was because of his bloodline. One of the person's ancestors was a long lived creature.

The person who could only live three years was because he used a very special method to break through the barrier between the mortal rank and the hero rank, which caused an untreatable sequela inside of his body.

Most people who used forbidden methods to enter the hero rank knew the cost they would pay very well. But sometimes, for some purposes, they didn't mind to paying with the cost of their lives.

The gravel on Yun Xi's body started trembling. Casina never saw such a weird scene before.

Why is it so difficult to predict my disciple's lifetime? Casina looked at Yun Xi in confusion. Generally, it wouldn't take the sword a second to give her the answer.

One minute... two minutes... five minutes later, the sands on the ground arranged and formed a number, which really shocked Casina.

"Three months... you must be kidding me..." Casina lightly kicked Yun Xi's body. She didn't feel any wound, illness or curse in or on his body. He was just exhausted because of excessive fatigue, but… at any rate, it wouldn't shorten his life to only three months!

While Casina doubted, the gravel moved on the ground again. This time, the chaos was longer. After ten minutes, they formed a new number.

"One, two, three, four..." It was such a large number that Casina didn't believe her eyes. The entire history of the endless god's domains was like nothing compared to that number. How could that be a mortal's life?!

"Hey, what does this mean? Even the so-called immortal gods can't have such a long life!" Casina didn't believe it at all.

"Shuffle!" Finally, the gravel on the ground stopped moving and became lifeless again.

"Oh, my sword is so unreliable." Casina rubbed her forehead. It seemed that it made a mistake again.

She didn't use the Sands of Time in battle, because she knew how unreliable the power of time was.

Only the people who really knew the rules of time understood how hard it was to use this power.

It seemed powerful to predict future, stop or accelerate time, but once they made any mistake, the result would be disastrous.

The things living beings could see through the river of time weren't something that human brains could understand.

For example, Ouroboros could see the future from the river of time, but it couldn't gauge the correct time.

Maybe it was a thing that would happen a year later, but it could also happen after one hundred thousand years.

Ordinary people could only live about 100 years. Even if they knew a thing that would happen one hundred thousand years later, what could they do? Even if they recorded it, they wouldn't know the people after one hundred thousand years would see it.

"Three months, or longer than the history of the endless god's domains..." Casina was speechless.

What a strange disciple!

Maybe it was because Hydra had found it a long time ago, so she chose him to be her bride?

Otherwise, it was hard to explain why a god would have partiality for a common human young boy.

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