Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 355

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Chapter 355: The Prideful Prince

It was a dog, a common dog wandering in the human world.

It was about 1 metre long and its weight was only about 15 kg, which was too slender compared to its length. However, as a stray dog who could only find food in trash bins, what else could it ask for?

Don't look down on its miserable appearance, because it was the only stray dog who had survived in the sword tip area for three years.

Unlike the stray cats who could enjoy a leisurely life on the street because they were cute in the eyes of humans. It didn't have a pretty appearance, and couldn't even clean its body well like cats. Stray dogs were often caught and eliminated by the patrols in the sword tip area.

Most stray dogs could survive a year in this area. The worst situation was to be killed on the second day coming to this area.

Even so, numerous hungry dogs still rushed into this area, because it was easy to find food here. Stray dogs, they didn't have smart brains, as long as they could find food, they would try their luck.

The feeling of hunger was too terrible. Even knowing they could probably be beaten to death, they couldn't stop their impulse to look for food here.

But it was the smartest and most unique stray dog.

Three years of life was actually a very long time for stray dogs. Most puppies couldn't even grow up, and the few lucky dogs left would die within two years because of bad nourishment.

It wasn't like the other losers, because it could always find food in this area.

Beginning with its birth, it naturally understood a lot of things which other dogs would only know after paying with their lives.

Humans were only lively in the daytime, the best time range to look for food was from 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock in the morning.

Some of the wall enclosed the houses of humans had cracks on them, where it could sneak into and find leftovers. It could eat as much as it wanted there, and the most important thing was the patrols would never enter the houses of other humans.

It didn't dare enter the houses which looked splendid, because there were protected by invisible dangers (now it knew the dangers were called magic circles).

With the knowledge it knew naturally, it could avoid most dangers in the sword tip area.

What made it feel confused was, although it ate a lot of food every day, it didn't become fat. Its poor brains couldn't figure out anything about this.

Till one day, countless lights dropped to the ground from the sky. One light entered its body and aroused the old bloodline

Although it looked like a miserable stray dog, it was actually a Black Demon Dog, the war machine of the Demons. Its bloodline was inherited from the highest ranking "King of the Black Demon Dogs".

Even though the bloodline had become so thin that could be negligible, it was still the bloodline of the King of the Black Demon Dogs. As long as there was any chance, it would wake up.

Most Black Demon Dogs aroused their bloodline on battlefields or in disaster areas, where they could find plenty of corpses. They would evolve into horrible monsters after eating sufficient flesh and blood.

However, it was different, because its bloodline was aroused by the White Lotus Secret Treasure, and it heard "nine sounds".

Due to this, its bloodline from the old King of Black Demons Dogs, the legendary Cerberus was activated!

When it heard the nine sounds, the energy it absorbed and stocked within the three years was released, and its body became big instantly.

Even it didn't know how much food it had eaten within the three years, but it must be able to be piled up like a mountain if it vomited them out.

Maybe it’s bloodline would never be awakened in its life, unless it came upon a battlefield or a disaster happened in it’s area.

Fortunately, the light from the White Lotus Secret Treasure offered it a great opportunity. Instantly, it obtained wisdom to understand its fate.

It was a prince, the future king of all Black Demon Dogs.

It wasn't a common dog, so it didn't have any interest in all the common female dogs it had ever seen.

Qumran! It decided to give itself a name, which was the name of a death star in the sky, the name of the prideful, great Black Demon Dog Prince!

It firmly believed that it would become an earth-shaking monster one day!

The dawn of horror is coming, the era of the great Qumran is coming!

"Hey, can you hear me?" When Qumran was lost in its imagination, a euphonious voice suddenly appeared beside its ears.

What a wonderful, clear voice! It immediately imprinted inside Qumran's mind, making its heart pound heavily.

Qumran slowly opened its eyes and saw its angel, the golden dog that was walking gently from the other side of the dim alley to it.

She is my light!

She is my sun!

She is the goddess of all good qualities!

In its three years of life, its heart was never moved by any female dog, but now, Qumran understood the meaning of "fall in love at first sight".

It's her! It's her!

Qumran's heart was filled with happiness and desire.

I want her! Only her, the golden princess deserves to be the wife of the strong, handsome, majestic, talented, unique future king of all Black Demon Dogs.

She is mine! I won't let anyone become my princess apart from her!

"Roar!" Its blood was boiling. Qumran stood up with its hind legs like a human and stretched out a paw to Mei'er, folding her into its arms.

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