Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: Elf Illness

"'Kingfisher' is my name." Kingfisher noticed Yun Xi's confusion. He said and walked to him leisurely.

His body wasn't as delicate as Black Moon's but was very tall.

His appearance and body had suppressed the boundary of gender. When he stood in front of Yun Xi, he looked sparkling.

"When I was born in the Flower of Life, a beautiful kingfisher sang beside the flower, so I was called 'Kingfisher' in the elf forest." Kingfisher smiled and explained.

At that time, he was a quiet elf who only loved arts. The corolla he made was very popular in the elf forest.

If the Demons hadn't come, he would probably become the best of the numbered Corolla Producers in the forest.

"Oh... hello, Kingfisher..." Yun Xi felt more confused. He felt that he knew the elf, but it couldn't be his memory but an impulse from the maid uniform he was wearing. Because of this, he stopped and greeted to the elf just now.

"Well... if you don't want to drink, how about having a walk?" Kingfisher said without any displeasure of being refused.

It was also a fresh experience to be refused by someone to him.

As a rare Demon Slayer, the hero of the Demon War, rarely there were people who would refuse him, no matter where he was.

If he asked, even the master of the elf race, the holder of the Life Tree Crown, the Elf Queen would consider seriously, not to mention the common kings and emperors of the mortal world.

When he decided to recruit partners, the families of the human world would be scrambling to recommend the best children of their families.

When young boys and girls looked at him, their eyes were always full of longing and adoration, and they would think every word of his words was the truth of the universe.

Some people even recorded his words when they left the team and made it become their family instructions.

Hundreds of years had passed, and he had had hundreds of partners, but no one dared to say "no" to him.

"Williams, I find that there really are differences amongst different people." Kite half squatted down on the ground like a loser dog and his face was covered with tears.

"You just knew it? There are surely differences amongst different people!" Williams also cried with him.

This must be the so-called "pain of youth".

He heard that Kite's ancestors also had the same illness just like his ancestors.

He finally knew what the unspoken words on the record of his family were.

However, it was too late to find the truth.

They were already helpless!

"Oh... ok..." Compared to the knight and the mage, Yun Xi didn't feel too much from the elf, because he had had the dark elf girl.

Only an "elf" could heal the illness called "elf". Kite and Williams didn't have the Mist Soul Army, naturally, they couldn't summon Mist Souls just like Yun Xi.

In the entire universe, only Yun Xi could do this. When all was quiet at dead of night, he would put on the White Emperor Mask and summoned the Dark Elf's Mist Soul, asking it to dance for him.

Of course, apart from his star spirit Mei'er, no one knew about this.

Speaking of Mei'er, Yun Xi looked around and found that it disappeared.

After he accomplished the trial on the Water God's Fantasy Island, Mei'er obtained much more power and that could let it leave Yun Xi for a period of time. It seemed that it found something just now and ran to a corner on the street.

"Master, I just found something good!" When Yun Xi started to worry about Mei'er, its sound appeared inside his mind.

"What is it?" Yun Xi said and walked to Kingfisher, strolling around the street under the jealous eyes of Kite, Williams and the girls on the street.

"It's... whoa! No, something is wrong!" Mei'er suddenly cried, which giving Yun Xi a shiver.

No, is she getting in trouble?

"These ice-type pine nuts taste cold but are very delicious. They are imported goods from the Dragon God's Domain, do you want to have a try?" Kingfisher peeled the pin nuts and handed them over to Yun Xi.

"Oh... thanks." Yun Xi took over the pine nuts from his hands.

Compared to human's hands, the elf's hands were soft. Only the favourite of nature could be born with such a pair of hands.

"Williams, does Kingfisher like maids?" Kite gazed at them and clenched his fists.

"Don't think too much. Just what the proverb in this god's domain says, enduring for a while, you shall appease the dispute; retreating a step, you will get a broadened mind." As a mage, Williams was as knowledgeable as his ancestors.

"I think my mind is not right. I must be ill." Kite pressed his hand on his forehead. He finally realized how happy it was to be an ignorant young warrior who only knew to fight.

Eat and drink all day, never retreat when facing enemies. He was the steel shield of the whole team. Apart from battle, he never needed to worry about anything else.

This was the tradition of Kite's family. A lot of well-known Holy Knights were from his family. He was always proud of his knight ancestors and swore that he would become an excellent knight too.

But now...

Williams heavily patted him on his shoulders.

"Kite, you are not alone."

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