Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 340

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Chapter 340: Carry Them Out!

Undoubtedly, Zhou Zhen was a genius in the eyes of everyone.

Since three years of age, he had shown a great sword arts talent.

In the Sky Sword God's Domain, sword arts was the most eminent. Apart from the sword, nothing else was distinguished. Therefore, as a child who was born with great sword arts talent, he lived with praise and envy from everyone.

From childhood to present, he was always the compared and praised object when other children's parents scolded them.

Whatever it was, he could do everything perfectly and easily.

No matter whether it came to study or practicing his sword skill. He was always the best amongst the children of his age. He was even far better than the children who were older than him.

When he was 16 years old, he came to the Sword Palace and was already a 3rd ranked swordsman. It was a great achievement even amongst all the Sword Palace disciples, and he was only a step away from the top ten disciples.

The hero rank was like a reachless dream for ordinary people, and even for most of the Sword Palace disciples, but it wasn't a problem for him.

Several months ago, he had touched the edge of the hero rank, and vaguely realized what road he should step on.

He didn't try to enter the hero rank immediately, because he wanted to accumulate much more experience before that. He wanted to accomplish it perfectly.

He had the wild ambition and confidence that when he entered the hero rank, he could immediately rank into the list of top ten Sword Palace disciples and let everyone know his name.

For this, he kept suppressing his true strength and accumulated his experience when practicing, because he wanted to understand the road he would step on deeper.

He would become the number one amongst all 3rd ranked Sword Palace disciples. He believed in this firmly.

He never doubted that he was born for stepping onto a higher stage. He would walk out of the White Lotus Sword Domain and witness the prosperous high-level sword domains with his own eyes.

His goal was the White Lotus Secret Treasure. He thought if he could accomplish the dream of all disciples, obtaining this treasure, he would become a great legend just like Yun Hai the Sword Master.

"Bang!" A thud stopped Zhou Zhen's thinking. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the bloody figure on the ground indifferently.

"Carry him out! Who is next?" Hua Huo waved her hand as a sign, then the disciples around the ring quickly came up and carried the 13th loser out.

"She defeated Childe Tai Yuan. He is an elite disciple from a high-level sword domain!"

"She wasn't just boasting. Perhaps she is really the number one freshman."

"Did you see how she beat Childe Tai Yuan down?"

After he was carried out, a rumpus raised amongst the disciples around the ring.

Undoubtedly, the power Hua Huo just showed shocked everyone. They realized that this "number one freshman" wasn't simple.

The weakest disciple who challenged her was at the peak of the 2nd rank. Childe Tai Yuan was a real genius who had touched the peak of the 3rd rank, even so, he just held on for a few seconds when facing her.

For her, it was like breaking a dead branch from a tree when she beat them down! Till now, she had defeated 13 disciples who dared to challenge her, and everyone was facing the same result: being carried out laying on a stretcher made of door planks.

"It's my show time now." Zhou Zhen held his sword.

His sword was three feet long and called "Cold Moon", it was a top class spirit weapon his family found for him.

From 5 years old, this sword was always with him. The sword was literally growing up with him.

After he reached the hero rank, this sword would keep growing up with him until it became his god weapon.

He had a foreboding though. Today would become a very special day to him.

As the number one disciple of the previous term, in the face of the number one disciple of this term, his heart was itching for a fight.

It was an emotion called "excitement", because as a genius who often challenged the people that were far stronger than him, he saw his past self when looking at Hua Huo.

Oh, I'm her predecessor and the number one 3rd ranked disciple, should I teach her a lesson gently? Or show her the ruthlessness of the Rated Battles of the Sword Palace without mercy?

When he looked at her confident face, he knew she believed that she could defeat everyone here. He smiled. How similar she is with my past self when I first came to the Sword Palace!

Although he didn't challenge the entire Sword Palace in front of everyone, he did challenge all top ten disciples when he had just arrived.

Of course, his challenge ended after he was defeated ten times. The top ten disciples had all reached the hero rank, who had the chance to touch the projection of the secret treasure, and he had just reached the 3rd rank at that time. Defeating him was as easy as blowing off dust to them.

Only after reaching the hero rank, one would have the chance to enter the list of the top ten disciples. Thousands of years ago, it had almost become an iron rule of the White Lotus Sword Palace. And only the disciples in the list of the top ten would have a chance to touch the projection of the secret treasure and try to be recognized by it.

The top ten disciples now were all Zhou Zhen's challenging goals. He had decided to challenge them again after he reached the hero rank.

Now, he looked at her as if she was his innocent past self.

There were two ways to graduate from the White Lotus Sword Palace.

First, reach the peak of the 3rd rank within five years. After that, the disciple would officially graduate as an ordinary disciple of the Sword Palace.

Second, become a top ten disciple and gain acceptance from the projection of the secret treasure. After that, the disciple will be recognized as an authentic disciple of the Sword Palace and be invited to enter a "higher world".

Apparently, there was a world of difference between the two ways of graduating. All geniuses who had confidence in themselves would feel ashamed to graduate in the first way.

Only the people who gain recognition from the projection of the White Lotus Secret Treasure were the authentic disciples of the Sword Palace, and all the other people were losers. They only got a certificate of graduation from the Sword Palace with nothing more.

As for the disciples who didn't reach the peak of the 3rd rank within 5 years? They wouldn't even obtain the certificate of graduation!

When graduating, the disciples who obtained the White Lotus Badge were the official graduates.

However, only the disciples who wore the Ice Lotus Badge on their chests at that time, were the authentic disciples of the Sword Palace!

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