Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Confession

This time, he could never wash himself clean!

Looking at White Lotus's persistent eyes, Yun Xi found that she was serious. She really thought that he was her dreamed prince.

The power of the stars was too fantastic. They could actually draw unrelated people in their trial and cause this misunderstanding.

However, he absolutely couldn't tell her the existence of the stars.

"Nice to meet you. I'm a witch from the sharp end area of the White Lotus Sword Domain, the titled Holy Virgin of the White Lotus Sword Domain."

"Sister and I are a pair of doomed twins. I'm White Lotus, my sister is Red Lotus." White Lotus politely greeted Yun Xi. Her etiquette was so gentle, it's hard to imagine that she was a girl who could wake Yun Xi up with such a fierce kiss.

"Prince, what's your name?" "Yun Xi. Yun means cloud and Xi meaning silent." Yun Xi didn't know what to do in the face of White Lotus's good manners.

She was a Holy Virgin of the White Lotus Sword Domain and was one of the twin witches, a real Hero Ranked female warrior!

Moreover, she had another hidden identity - she was an apostle candidate of an overlord (his ex-girlfriend).

According to Mei'er's explanation, not everyone was entitled to be an apostle alternate of his ex-girlfriends.

Talent, strength, potential, and even beauty were all there. If you were at the 7th Rank, but were ugly, you still wouldn't qualify to be their candidate.

Anyone who could become an "apostle" of the four overlords was obviously a special person, a genius above geniuses, a special presence who was far stronger than any person at the same rank.

Now, as a dangerous presence to Yun Xi, the unknown apostle who was searching for him in the Sky Sword God's Domain was an apostle of the 7th Rank.

According to Mei'er's judgment, as the weakest among all the apostles, she should have obtained her position not long ago.

Well, less powerful when compared to some more old and stronger apostles. At any rate, a 7th Rank was a horrible presence, it wouldn't be difficult for them to destroy the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

Even if all the 1st Rank like Yun Xi together reached a billion or tens of billions, in the face of a 7th Rank, they were nothing but just a number.

The presence of a 7th Rank had already reached the level of a master in the starry sky. If it was a small realm, it wouldn't even survive a full attack of someone of this rank.

For the small village, a 3rd-ranked girl like Hua Huo was already the strongest person. As for the twin witches who were at the Hero Rank, they were legendary people!

Now, one of them - White Lotus, was smiling sweetly and shyly in front of him. Her big black eyes were filled with love.

In the end, what went wrong?

"Yun Xi, what a nice name."

"In the end, my prince is beside me, at the place I'm supposed to be at."

"Ah, What a fantastic destiny! Thank fate, it guided me to meet with you."

"So, when can we talk about our wedding?" White Lotus looked at Yun Xi in ecstasy.

No, it wasn't fate! It was the stars' fault! Yun Xi wanted to tell her the truth, but he forced himself to stop.

Weird. It was too weird. He had never met such a girl like White Lotus.

She was so innocent, enthusiastic, and pure, as if she was a princess that came out from a fairy tale.

It seemed that all the darkness and dirty stuff in the world didn't exist in her eyes. She was like the most beautiful flower that bloomed in a greenhouse: snow white and spotless.

How did such a girl grow up?

Didn't she know that the world had a lot of bad, dirty, and dark stuff?

It was just a kiss in a dream, and she'd thought that he was her dreamed prince. She even started to design their wedding!

The process was too fast.

"Cough... Your Honorable Holy Virgin, please stop mocking me. I'm not a guy who deserves your love."

Yun Xi said the truth seriously and nervously.

"Why?" White Lotus looked at Yun Xi with a puzzled and doubtful look.

"Because I'm just a baker, and you're the Holy Virgin of the White Lotus Sword Domain!" Yun Xi tried to point out the differences between their identities by using a simple method.

"Anything wrong?" White Lotus cocked her face with an expression of ‘I don't know what you are talking about!’

"It means that the gap between our identities is too wide. We can't live together." Yun Xi looked at the innocent White Lotus, trying to weep.

What was she taught? Wasn't she taken care of too well?

"What's the matter? I like prince and prince just needs to marry me." White Lotus didn't understand because she never needed to understand these kinds of things before.

Since her childhood, she could almost get everything she wanted.

Her sister and she were born as the best witches in the White Lotus Sword Domain. From her childhood, she didn't need to worry about food or clothes and everyone took good care of her.

Her fate made her focus on reading books, deduce, and to be her sister's supplementary. She was already the perfect White Lotus Holy Virgin in other people's eyes.

She didn't understand because her life was so perfect.

Under her sister Red Lotus's protection, she grew up innocent and pure. She believed the fantastic fairy tale stories and dreamed of a dreamy love.

In reality, due to her sister Red Lotus, no man dared to reach their hands toward the twin witches.

Because her sister Red Lotus had a slight case of androphobia, she never allowed others to get close to them casually.

Until that day…. her sister and her had the same dream.

It was a fantastic dream, just like her favorite fairy tale story said: 'The prince came from a far away kingdom, broke through brambles and thorns to find the princess who was sleeping in the dark forest, and woke her up with a kiss.'

In the dream, her sister and her were awake the whole time. She even vaguely felt that the prince tore the brambles away from them and finally met with her.

That kiss was the first kiss for White Lotus and Red Lotus both.

Love at first sight, it must be like that. When she opened her eyes, for the first time she stayed in the same body with her sister, she saw her prince.

At that time, she'd understood that this was the so-called destiny.

She finally encountered her prince, as dramatic as the fairy tale stories.

Prince! Her prince!

"Identity, race, circumstances of birth, and strength aren't problems. I believe that we can overcome all difficulties to stay together!"

"My prince, trust me, my heart will link up together with yours forever. No matter whoever comes to stand in our way, my heart will never change."

"Even if that means that I have to fight against the whole world!"

"I love you. Please marry me, prince."

Oh, that was not the problem. Yun Xi wanted to cry.

You are an apostle candidate. You are my enemy, Your Honorable White Lotus Holy Virgin!

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