Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: Announcement

Flying was forever a dream of all mankind. Because humans weren't born with wings, they could only live on the ground and look at the winged beings with envy.

Mankind was given a scorned word for a name from the winged ones, "Landworm". People were angry about it, but couldn’t retort.

Only when the humans who had reached the hero rank could surpass the limit of flesh and blood and fly in the air, however, it was just a privilege that belonged to very few humans.

Even amongst a hundred hero ranked beings, it was hard to find one person who could fly freely like winged beings. Even the Lamia Queen, the Mermaid Queen, and the Caelian Queen couldn't do it.

It was too difficult to accomplish the dream of flying for the races who had no wings.

Fortunately, Yun Xi was one of the few people who had the experience of flying.

Stepping on the Crane Wings Twin Swords, he could overcome the pull of gravity and fly in the air momentarily.

However, it wasn't a "fall" he was experiencing now.

The pull of gravity, the hollow feeling after losing any supporting point, and the sensation of asphyxia due to falling, all proved that Yun Xi was still a mortal who couldn't fly.

Compared to him, she looked more comfortable. Although she had no wings, she was indeed enjoying the pleasant sensation of falling.

Yun Xi was clearly sure that it was her true feelings.

Unlike ordinary humans, she could be considered as another being. The falling to your death, was just a simple and interesting game to her.

She was born with a super power and flying was like an instinct of her body. If he didn’t know she really didn't have wings, he would think that she was an angel in the tales of Western God's Domain.

Dropping to the ground from 1000 meters height would only take a few seconds, but with his sensations, he felt as if he had spent a whole life with Hua Huo.

From life to death, they held each other's hand, working together toward a far away world.

He almost subconsciously put on the White Emperor Mask and summoned the Water Mist Field to support himself and stop in the air.

He never expected that she would do this. It was unusual.

He felt as if she was acting rashly because she felt wronged. In his memory, he only saw her like this once, when his sword skill teacher tried to teach him something that wasn't in any textbook in her room.

Is she being jealous? A vague idea, which was close to the right answer appeared in his mind.

"Boom!" When they were about ten meters away from the ground and could see the frightened tutors' pale faces clearly, a transparent light halo appeared under her feet.

The dream of all mankind, the miracle of a lifetime, the barrier even to hero ranked beings was broken by Hua Huo at this moment.

Flying! The power of the Sky Flying Bloodline!

She stepped on the light halo, suspended in the air. She could go to any place she wanted using this method.

As the light halo broke down into sparkles and disappeared, Hua Huo held Yun Xi's hand, nimbly jumping to the ground.

The tutor’s started shouting, "What?"

"How can this be possible?"

"What is happening?"

To the people who hadn't witnessed Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword, even if they were hero ranked people, they couldn't understand how she did it.

"I'm coming, the White Lotus Sword Palace!" Hua Huo announced to the entire Sword Palace proudly.

No one could stop her footsteps!

She would bring victory!

No matter if it was the White Lotus Secret Treasure or Yun Xi, she was confident enough to have them all.

From now on, she wouldn't hide her power, she wouldn't hide her light!

After her experiences in the Water God's world, she realized that she suppressed her power too much in the past.

She wouldn't suffer another such failure again!

"Look, she is my maid, "Mei". She is my private property, none of you can have any designs on her!" Lifting up Yun Xi's hand, Hua Huo triumphantly announced her ownership of this beautiful black-haired maid in front of everyone.


On the floating ship "The Sands of Time", Casina rocked with laughter after hearing Hua Huo's surprising announcement.

"Ha ha ha ha, this is too dramatic. She deserves to have that bloodline!"

"The Sword Palace will become hustle and bustle soon."

"How big a storm will she bring to the entire Sword Palace?"

On the floor, the Starwing Knights girls looked at the girl who just announced her ownership of their "Mei" with a strange look.

"Hua Huo..." Hua Yue clenched her White Golden Crossed Sword tightly. Her shivering golden hair showed how agitated her heart was.

"She is the strongest genius..." Xiao Cao gazed at Hua Huo with a burning will in her eyes.

"No! Mei belongs to us all!" Ling Ling raised her hand and protested. It is too much to take away our "Mei" in this manner!

"Strange... why..." Mei Lan pressed her hand to her chest, looking at "Mei" with a puzzled expression.

"..." Lu Lu took a deep breath. The will in her eyes became firmer as her rabbit ears hung down.

"Enemy... strong enemy..." White Lotus stared at Hua Huo with a serious look. Her fingers counted, trying to calculate and find a method to defeat this strong enemy.

Quickly, "Enemy? Where?" Red Lotus looked at her sister in confusion. They were at the White Lotus Sword Palace, their home field! Where did the enemy come from?

"Sister... you don't understand..."

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