Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Hopeless Situation

"Boom!" Huge water waves jumped to the sky from under Yun Xi's feet. It was a fully automatic countermeasure released by his Sailing Jellyfish's Robe, it was one of the ultimate protections Yun Xi pre prepared for himself.

Under the White Emperor Mask, Yun Xi's face was pale and hard.

Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword was even stronger than his imagination.

Now, he was protected by three artifacts: The Sailing Jellyfish's Robe, the White Emperor Mask and the Water God's Crown.

From his head to his toes, the trinitarian defensive measure was perfect. Even so, Hua Huo's sword still broke his defence easily and cut Yun Xi's face through the White Emperor Mask.

Although Yun Xi's face wasn't really being cut by the sword tip but being cut by the winds caused by the sword, however, it still left a horrible wound from his chin to his ear.

"This is... her sword..." Condensing nine ice lotuses in the air, Yun Xi stepped on the waves. He touched the wound on his face vigilantly.

If he wasn't wearing the three artifacts, he would’ve been killed. And till now, he still didn't know how Hua Huo's sword could do that.

Although he had concentrated his attention on the sword, he even felt that time itself was becoming slower and slower, however, he still couldn't see and understand how Hua Huo's sword moved.

"Humph, you lucky bastard..."

Hua Huo took a deep breath. Blood coloured air raised from her body to the sky like steam, turning into a pattern of two wings, which Yun Xi didn't understand at all.

Oh, this is the feeling, this is the anger and persistence, this is the sense of freedom.

I can break and tear open everything.

No one could disobey the will of the Sky Flying Bloodline!

The blood boiled in her body, and her sweat would be evaporated instantly after appearing on her skin.

Her heartbeat was 20 times faster than usual. If she was an ordinary person, her heart would’ve broken into pieces.

Her right wrist was painful, and the blood in and around her lungs rushed to the pulmonary alveolus. The pain went through her whole body, it was the result of burning her life using her non hero ranked body.

It doesn't matter, the pain is nothing, my body can adjust to it naturally, and turn my will to a real power, reversing everything in my body.

Put off! Put off! Put off! Dispel all side effects!

Step forward again!

The translucent haloes appeared under her feet again. Her will started to erode and reform her body, exceeding the limit of flesh and blood!

In her body, the massive blood power turned into one imprinting after another and overlapped together.

Her bones, flesh, and blood groaned, because her body constitution wasn't strong enough to suffer the reformation of her power and started to crash.

An unknown thing which was sealed in her body had been released and input a great amount of bioactive factors into her blood. The temperature in her body was beyond the limit that ordinary people could suffer.

She felt like she could ignite a sea with her blood, her Sky Flying Bloodline was releasing a surprising amount of heat like an erupting volcano.

"Ahya!" Her sword dropped from the sky. The ice lotuses, which could still block the sword just now all smashed under this attack, turning into countless silver ice particles flying in the air.

Take this, and feel fear. This is my Sky Flying Sword, the godlike sword skill only I can use!

The pain on her body was getting worse, the surprising heat was pushing its way into her body like crazy.

She had never entered this realm. If she was an ordinary person, she would have died due to spontaneous combustion from this heat.

She had broken through the tipping point!

Crimson air raised from her body. At this moment, Hua Huo was even stronger than the master of this world, the White Emperor!

Although Yun Xi's weapons were better, in the face of Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword, his will and spirit were all being suppressed.

To Yun Xi, it was just a matter of time before defeat.

The nine ribbons spread in the air, Yun Xi clenched his fists tightly.

Is this Hua Huo's real power after she gets serious?

She was just one person, but she could even surpass the White Emperor who had the help from an entire world.

Fight against a whole world, she did it.

Exceeding the will of a world, she did it.

What can't she do?

What can I do to reach the same level she’s at?

"It's simple, you will find the answer after releasing your real power too." Standing outside the life energy shields, Casina smiled.

Only a godlike skill can fight another godlike skill.

Remember the treasure I engraved in your body and soul.

It's your reward for saving this world!

"Gee?!" Suddenly, Yun Xi noticed that his body made a position against his will.

It doesn't make any sense. Before his mind realized it, when facing the coming Sky Flying Sword, Yun Xi's body independently made the reaction.

His left hand raised to the sky and his right hand dropped to the ground.

One hand stood for the heaven and the other hand stood for the earth, his body became a bridge connecting the sky and the ground.

Yun Xi felt as if his body was out of his will's control, it had become a part of this world and resonated with the rhythm of the entire world.

In the face of Hua Huo's sword, the most valuable treasure Casina left in his body was activated.

Synchronization is completed.

His body had been "synchronized" with this world!

This was the Water God's world, the world the White Emperor saved.

Infinite energy gushed towards Yun Xi from all directions, from the sky and earth, gathering together under Yun Xi's feet automatically.

Only a godlike skill can fight another godlike skill.

What's the godlike skill Yun Xi knew? There was only one answer.

The Battle God Genre: The Magnificence of Sky Dance!

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