Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 318

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Chapter 318: The White Emperor's Fighting Stance

Above the sky of the Caelian City, one sailing jellyfish after another appeared, setting up the energy shields around the stage.

As the highest ranking fantasy creatures in the Water God's world, they stood for "life", therefore, the shields made by them was the safest protection in this world.

The noises around them gradually quieted down, it was the additional effect of the shield, Shielding Voices.

This was what Yun Xi told the sailing jellyfishes to do. He didn't want any accident to happen and affect their battle.

He and Hua Huo.

The White Emperor and the challenger.

Although they were surrounded by over a million people, this was still their own "two person world".

"Let my Little Xi come back, otherwise, I will tear you into pieces!"

Hua Huo said in a threatening manner.

"If I say no, what can you do?" Yun Xi smiled bitterly. Where could he find another himself returning to Hua Huo?

The White Emperor was Yun Xi!

Even though he had put on the mask and was called another name by all people, he was still himself, he didn't become another person. Even he himself felt that this reality was too unreal.

It was all the fault of Yun Que's "Expansion Plan of A Million Brides"!

Yun Que left this world so carefreely, but he had never thought what would happen to him.

No wonder that Hua Huo doubted that I'm not my own. What a big misunderstanding!

"Hey hey... it seems that you are still trying to pretend..." Hua Huo turned more hostile.

He can't be Yun Xi.

My Little Xi won't speak to me in this tone.

Since he is not my Little Xi, but just a body that is possessed by the evil mask, then all the mistakes this body made, weren't my Little Xi's fault.

It's all this cursed mask's fault!

The so called White Emperor isn't my Little Xi, but this mask is!

She finally understood why she didn't know it was her Little Xi when she first saw this man.

It wasn't simply because he was wearing the mask and his body became more mature, it was because of his temperament. It was just an evil soul that was controlling Little Xi's body!

Looking at Hua Huo's serious face, Yun Xi had finally figured it out.

This is an inevitable battle.

The "Little Xi" in Hua Huo's heart is me, but also not me.

Perhaps in Hua Huo's heart, the "White Emperor" who married a million girls was a heinous bastard.

But it wasn't the truth, unfortunately, Yun Xi couldn't explain it.

Because the "White Emperor" was indeed himself.

Yun Xi wanted to deny it, but he knew he had to come back to the real world. This was not a dream anymore, but the reality.

Therefore, he was indeed the "White Emperor" who would accept Hua Huo's challenge.

For the first time, he and Hua Huo stood on the same stage looking at each other.

He was also curious about how strong he was now, and what a graceful bearing Hua Huo would show in the battle.

Oh, I'm really am a bad man.

Just because I want to see my cute childhood sweetheart's most excellent side, I chose to fight against her. If other people knew my idea, they would undoubtedly laugh at me.

Hua Huo, do you know that?

I still love you so much that I cannot extricate myself from the White Emperor!

Countless mists gushed towards the Caelian City from all directions. Although Yun Xi had lost his one million brides' power, however, the realm he once experienced was still living in his brains.

His body firmly remembered that realm and used the power that belonged to the realm naturally.

"Fight for me, my brides!" Yun Xi murmured and summoned the three High Priestesses' Mist Souls. Both of his words and movement made Hua Huo's anger rise to the sky.

The Wonder - Water God's Opera House appeared behind Yun Xi, the three High Priestesses' Mist Souls stood on the three stages.

Since he had decided to fight against his powerful childhood sweetheart, he would show his strongest side too.

The three Mist Souls looked at each other and started to sing at the same time.

It was a song and a prayer, the will of the entire world contained in their voices. It was the blessing the world granted to Yun Xi.

Along with the song, nine crimson ribbons spread out from Yun Xi's crown. Although they were not the nine snake tails that appeared when he fought against Shaya Longnis, they were also made by Hydra's god power.

The nine ribbons stood for Hydra's nine lives, it was the White Emperor's Fighting Stance.

Now, Yun Xi was wearing the white Sailing Jellyfish's Robe, the silver White Emperor Mask, and the Water God's Crown. He used the three artifacts from the beginning, because he didn't dare to let Hua Huo have any chance of attacking first.

Hua Huo who hadn't reached the hero rank, could even beat down his Mist Soul Army as a mortal. Nothing was impossible for her, and it would be too inadvisable to preserve his strength in front of her.

"Arrrghhhh! You are not my Little Xi! You are not!"

Compared to Yun Xi's three gorgeous artifacts, Hua Huo only paid her attention to the three beautiful figures on the stages behind Yun Xi.

Her eyes almost burned with jealousy when she looked at the three singers behind Yun Xi.

They are all casting loving eyes at my Little Xi, singing and praying for him... what an unpleasant feeling!

You are just a mask that possessed my Little Xi's body, how could you make these horrid mistakes using his body!

Even if Yun Xi could wake up from this nightmare, he will still be entangled by these women! Look at what a trouble you have brought to him, the White Emperor!

Your hideous crime is deserving of the harshest punishment!

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