Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: The Caelian Queen's Whisper

Wearing the crown which stood for the highest wisdom and right of humans, the Caelian Queen lowered her head and half knelt in front of Yun Xi. Silver ribbons blew in the wind on her back.

The Caelian Queen clearly knew her mission at this moment.

Her existence, even the birth of the first Queen Elizabeth was for this man, this moment.

The god's lover is their lover.

In the circle of life, the name "Elizabeth" was inherited from generation to generation, when the old Elizabeth died, the new Elizabeth would take over this mission.

She was celebrating that she was the first Elizabeth who could accomplish this mission. She hesitated and rebelled against her mission in the past, but finally understood her responsibility in the face of the cruel fate.

Humans had two most important days in their lives.

The first was their birthday. It was the beginning of everything, the day the small life opened its eyes, looked at this world and emitted its first cry.

The second was the day they suddenly understood the meaning of their lives and how to keep going on the road of their lives.

When Elizabeth was still a little girl, she hesitated, wandered, rebelled and lost.

Till she inherited the mission of her family and became the Caelian Queen, she finally vaguely realized what the Elizabeths were waiting for from generation to generation.

"Today is a special day." Holding the Water God's Scepter in her hand and listened to the euphonious tinkles of bells on the scepter, the Caelian Queen looked straight at Yun Xi's eyes under the mask and said lightly, "Maybe you are still hesitating. Do you still feel this world is just a pipe dream?"

Yun Xi was shocked. He looked at the Caelian Queen in surprise.

Has she found out?

Amongst all the people in the Water God's world, only she had looked through Yun Xi's mind.

Yes, to Yun Xi, even though he had stood on the highest stage of this world and achieved the highest achievement of saving this world, but in his heart, he still thought that this was just a fantastic dream.

He couldn't force himself to consider this a real world, including himself in this world.

The exalted White Emperor, the man that was beloved by the god, the master of this world. Compared to the identity of a common baker, these identities were too far fetched.

Everyone naturally regarded him as the favourite of this world and the highest Apostle.

Only Yun Xi knew these "good things" came too fast and sudden. He was at a loss for what to do.

He wasn't prepared to be the "White Emperor".

When he challenged the invincible Sky Sword at all costs, he didn't prepare to return and be the "White Emperor".

They were the things he saw and experienced in this world letting him perform his decision.

It wasn't for glory or legend, nor rather to be the master of this world. It was really a simple reason that drove him to challenge Shaya Longnis.

I want to protect this world and save the living beings in it. I don't want to see this world destroyed.

He never imagined that he would become this world's master.

Till the last moment, he finally understood this world wasn't fake but really existed... Well, it was really a huge mess!

"If you still feel uneasy, look at me." The Caelian Queen smiled gently after seeing through Yun Xi's thought.

He is the hero who saved this world, he is the only Emperor of this world, but now, he behaved so childishly, it was both funny and cute.

Yun Xi looked at the Caelian Queen. Under the protection of the Water God's god power, time left no trace on the beautiful queen's face.

Today, Elizabeth was just like her ancestors, beautiful and attractive, bright and sacred.

Yun Xi instantly remembered her white, jade like beautiful body. Under the bell of blessing, her cute body was as tender as a bamboo shoot, her every slightest movement could let him feel the most wonderful handfeel of her warm skin.

In the hot spring, her slender legs shook in the air, her white toes were as cute as shells.

In the room of the temple, when the sunlight dropped in the morning, shining on her beautiful body that was half covered by her priceless robe, she looked like she was walking out of a painting.

In the last several days in the Water God's world, she had left too many wonderful memories for Yun Xi.

"Do you understand it now?" The Caelian Queen said, as if she had guessed what Yun Xi was thinking, then blushed.

Even though she had learned very hard and could almost recite the prohibited book "The Shameless Demon and His One Thousand Daughters", when they entered the "actual combat", she still felt too shy, so that they could do nothing actively.

Maybe this was a kind of talent. Apparently, she couldn't open her heart and do whatever she likes at any time, just like the Mermaid Queen and the Lamia Queen.

However, she still understood a thing, which could be the most useful knowledge she learned from the prohibited book.

When you don't know what to do, listen to your lover's words!

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