Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: The Witness

To legend ranked beings, their nature of life had changed, becoming a form that was close to some rules in the universe. Generally, they were called "fantasy creatures".

The sailing jellyfishes and the butterflies of death were natural fantasy creatures. They were born with the rule of life and death that could be regarded as the lowest legend rank.

They were still at the lowest legend rank, because they didn't have wisdom. Even so, they were not some creatures that could be defeated by any hero ranked being. They were inherently stronger than most beings in the countless god's domains.

Hydra gestated them and helped them develop their own power of rule. This could prove that Hydra had entered the "realm" of "gods".

Shaya Longnis was slightly inferior to Hydra, because she was still a step away from this "realm". She could be called a real god.

Of course, as the child of slimes, it wasn't a difficult thing to go across that "realm" to Shaya, she just needed more time to let quantitative change lead to qualitative change.

Otherwise, she couldn't fight against Casina for such a long while.

In fact, Casina also looked forward to it. The handfeel when she punched Shaya's body was very good, she was content with it.

To Casina, Shaya Longnis was a very competent "sandbag", although Shaya was still a bit naive now, it wasn't a big problem.

When Shaya really grew up, becoming a monster above all monsters, it would really be an excellent experience to beat her down!

"Well, I think I need to say 'thank you' to that little boy." After woolgathering for a long while, Casina finally walked down the throne in front of the public, walking to the highest seat on the left of the Water God's temple with her naked feet.

Today, she would be a witness, recognizing the Water God as a new member of Sky Sword God's Domain.

Having the sixth Sky Sword as its witness, the Water God's Fantasy Island's status was even slightly higher than White Lotus Sword Domain.

After all, it was a kingdom building on a real god's body, having a god and two fantasy creatures as its protectors, how could the small White Lotus Sword Domain be compared with it?

If it wasn't because Hydra's real body was still sleeping in the Eye of the Storm, it wasn't up to White Lotus Sword Domain to accommodate the Water God's Fantasy Island.

Predictably, once the news of the Water God's world spread in the god's domains, the status of White Lotus Sword Domain would also rise due to that.

In fact, many masters of god's domain had been startled due to this news, and it could perfectly explain the abnormal transformation of stars before.

Hydra's recovery, a real god's resurrection, could change the stars, although the change was still too big.

Now, only Casina had arrived at the Water God's world, but soon afterward, one big shot after another would come to visit this world.

It was a world that was protected by a real god! Even in Western God's Domain, it could be called "a fantastic sacred land". Perhaps even in the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, only the Great Xia, the oldest Sword Domain, could compare favourably with this world.

Hydra wasn't a nobody, because she became a god, she was already a famous fantasy creature overlord.

Before she became a god, she was eulogized as the best genius amongst all fantasy creatures. After disappearing for thousands of years, her name appeared in front of the public again and she was a god now.

After hearing this news, Hydra's old friends, the strong fantasy creature ladies would undoubtedly come to this world one after another, making this world a paradise of fantasy creatures.

Thinking of it, Casina looked at the boy that was nervously standing on the stage. He really had a bright future!

Perhaps he hadn't understood what it meant to be a god's bride and how lucky he was.


Why do I feel she is looking at me?

Yun Xi nervously looked at Casina, who was sitting on the highest seat and looked at him up and down with curiosity.

Undoubtedly, the sixth Sky Sword was the strongest being Yun Xi had ever met apart from Hydra and Shaya Longnis.

He experienced the strong power of her martial arts using his own body. Even the Slime Sky Sword, Shaya Longnis was punched her teeth through the back of her skull by Casina.

Her godlike martial arts, "The Magnificence of Sky Dance" was Yun Xi's last trump card to save this world. Without it, even if Yun Xi could defeat Shaya Longnis, this world would be destroyed.

Compared to Yun Xi’s nervous behavior, the Caelian Queen behaved more generous and perfect.

After Yun Xi exposed the secret of the Mist Tide and saved this world, the Caelian Queen had nothing to worry about.

At this moment, the sailing jellyfishes were flying in the sky, and the butterflies of death were dancing in the mist, forming the circulation of life and death of this world.

The Lamia Queen shook her tail and moved to Yun Xi's left, just like what she did when Yun Xi proposed to his one million brides.

Her long screw tail rolled up onto Yun Xi's waist, standing for her unshakable love.

It was a love that would never be shaken no matter how many brides Yun Xi had married.

On Yun Xi's left side, the Mermaid Queen glanced at the Lamia Queen and showed a mysterious smile on the corners of her mouth. She was humming a ditty the Mermaid girls knew.

The Mermaid girls under the stage heard the ditty from their Queen, their spirits raised high and their mood became excited.

"As expected... our Queen... whoo hoo hoo."

"This time, the White Emperor, the Lamia Queen, and the Caelian Queen..."

"There is no stage that is larger than this... that's really enviable..."

Looking at the excited Mermaid girls, the Caelian Queen let out a sigh involuntarily.

What a group of naughty young girls!

Even though the youngest Lamia was still older than her, the Caelian Queen still thought that they were too childish.

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