Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Parting

The three High Priestesses' sounds came together with the sailing jellyfishes.

The Caelian Queen stood for mankind.

The Lamia Queen stood for the Lamia race and other deep sea races.

The Mermaid Queen stood for the Mermaid race and other shallow sea races.

They sang together, presenting their blessing to Yun Xi.

This world's god, Hydra had fallen into sleep, but standing for Hydra's different characters, the three Queens still existed.

Their song was the gratitude of the entire Water God's world.

At the same time, the Love System of the Stars also beeped inside Yun Xi's mind.

"The trial world's name: Water God's Fantasy Island."

"The Main Quest: The Water God's Bride (completed)."

"Optional Side Quest One: Girl Fights Evil Dragon. (Because you have joined the Water God's camp, this quest is not selectable)"

"Optional Side Quest Two: The Apostle's Call (completed)."

"You have obtained the White Holy Dragon's trust and the right to use dragon language magic. Please remember the dragon's name 'Mumu Salabert' firmly, you will have a great adventure in the future."

"Optional Side Quest Three: The Truth about the Mist (completed)."

"I have witnessed the Mist Demon Tree at the end of the Water God's world. Your White Emperor Mask has transformed into its ultimate form."

"Optional Side Quest Four: To Love, Starchild! (perfect execution!)"

"Life is too short, just enjoy it! Even though you will face your angry ex-girlfriends' death chase, you should still go ahead and learn how to obtain more love."

"In order to fight against your ex-girlfriends, please go to obtain more girls' love! This quest will become an irregularly scheduled quest (but you can only use the girls' power in your trials), our Starchild."

"The Hidden Quest: The God's Dream."

"The most beautiful bride, hold your sword and put on your princess dress and dance for the god!"

"The last melody played for you. As the chosen one, you stepped onto the final stage and became the most beautiful bride, fighting against the Sky Sword and protecting this world."

"Don't mind gender, don't mind race. As long as your heart is still burning hot, you can create all miracles."

"The god's bride is the person who loves this world, who can risk everything."

"Because of your heroic behavior, you obtain a reward from the god: the identity of this world's 'White Emperor'! You have the power of one million brides in this world."

"From now on, you are the only Emperor of the Water God's Fantasy Island, you are the only master of this world."

"The bigger your dream is, the larger this world is. Go ahead, Starchild."

"Is this the last reward of this trial?" Yun Xi touched the White Emperor Mask on his face with a strange look.

This time, the stars didn't grant him "seeds" as rewards but let him become the Water God's Fantasy Island's "White Emperor".

When Yun Xi read the mask's information again, it had totally changed.

The equipment: White Emperor Mask, the token of the Water God's bride, soul binding and indestructible.

Additional Ability One: Water Mist Field. You can summon mists to cover the ground, sky and sea. (It will be weakened if you use it outside the Water God's Fantasy Island)

Additional Ability Two: Mist Soul Army. The one million girls are willing to fight for you. (It will be weakened if you use it outside the Water God's Fantasy Island)

Additional Ability Three: Summon Fantasy Creatures. (You can't use it outside the Water God's Fantasy Island)

The two fantasy creatures in this world will respond to your summon. You can summon countless butterflies of death from the mist tide or summon the fantastic sailing jellyfishes from the sea.

"This reward..." Yun Xi was shocked looking at the explanation.

All the abilities of the Water God's Apostle have been saved. Even though they will be weakened when using them outside this world, they are still the abilities of a god's Apostle!

Even though he can't use "Summon Fantasy Creatures" outside the Water God's Fantasy Island now, it doesn't mean he can't use it forever!

Not surprisingly, Yun Xi couldn't use his one million bride's power now, because the side quest "To Love, Starchild!" had finished. But, "This quest will become an irregularly scheduled quest"? What does it mean?

Compared to these rich rewards, Yun Xi directly ignored the income from obtaining the White Holy Dragon's real name, "Mumu Salabert".

Because Yun Xi didn't kill too many lives personally in this trial, he didn't obtain too many "souls".

The two additional abilities of the White Emperor Mask, "Water Mist Field" and "Mist Soul Army" are already hundreds of times better than the rewards he obtained in the two previous trials!

Even if Yun Xi could obtain a million green hippos' souls, they were still not comparable to the two additional abilities.

Moreover, the White Emperor Mask was the token of the Master of this world.

He was the real Emperor that had been recognized by this world itself now!

"Well, I think it's time to say 'goodbye' now." Yun Xi was still immersed in the shock of becoming the real "White Emperor". After a while, he finally realized that Yun Que was speaking to him.

"Are you going to leave?" Yun Xi asked in a reluctant tone.

Yun Que offered him too much help in the Water God's world, including the "Expansion Plan: A Million Brides", which had really changed the fate of this world.

He knew he wasn't the only hero who saved this world. There were two: Yun Xi and Yun Que.

"Yes, there are things I must do. I don't need any praise, you can be the only hero who saved this world."

Yes, this is fine. She didn't want to stand in front of the public, to be the sparkling saviour like "Yun Hai".

Since a long time ago, she was doomed to stay away from all glories and praises forever.

Her sword and bow would accompany her till the end of her life.

If! It was just her wish! If she could see the miracle happened to this world again before the end of her life, she would already feel satisfied.

So, goodbye Yun Hai.

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